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He Conducts Various Programs and Practical Workshops Since 1997, for various schools, Institutions, Corporates and Organizations. I also rectified my vastu problems with the help of sir , I got very good results with vastu rectifications.
After that all my relatives started visiting Om Counselling Centre & all of them got fantastic results.
Kriya that it is very liberal and does not impose any rules and restrictions on a practitioner.
For millenia, cultures around the world have experienced physical healing by balancing one or mores of the energy systems. October 7, 2013 By Melissa Blevins 2 Comments The American Cancer Society estimates that more than 23,000 Coloradans will be diagnosed with some form of cancer this year. Many of those people will become cancer patients a€“ seeking out medical care to combat the disease. At Memorial Hospital, patients can complement their treatment plan with non-traditional pain management techniques. Healing Touch is a bioenergy field therapy offered to Memorial patients through the volunteer services department.
These volunteers use gentle and deliberate hand placements to put patients in a deep state of relaxation and to balance their energy fields. In December Mauritson was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer, a rare and aggressive form of the disease.
Dubois discovered the practice more than 20 years ago through her daughtera€™s medical treatment.
Dubois started the years-long process to become certified in Healing Touch, completing her certification in 1998.
When her daughter required a second heart transplant in 2003, she said Healing Touch had a large role in the recovery process.

Dubois has volunteered at Memorial since 2005, performing Healing Touch on patients throughout the hospital. For pre-surgery patients, Dubois helps them face their treatment in a more relaxed state, which facilitates the healing process.
If you think a patient could benefit from Healing Touch, call the volunteer office at 5-5298.
If you know of someone who is interested in performing Healing Touch at the hospital as a volunteer, they will need to complete an electronic application (found online here).A  All volunteers are required to complete a Volunteer Services application and orientation.
He has his own Centre based in Pune, Maharashtra (India) and provides consultancy from his Centre. Research shows that touch, and even a persona€™s state of mind, can speed their recovery,a€? Disparti said. According to Bonnie Nixon, office supervisor for volunteer services at Memorial, the hospital has three volunteers who practice Healing Touch. Healing Touch sessions do not require physiciana€™s orders, and there is no cost to patients since the service is performed by volunteers. Unlike massage, Healing Touch uses a very light and gentle touch; some of the treatment includes sweeping movements near the body that dona€™t touch the patient.
She attends a one-hour Healing Touch session after her weekly physical therapy appointments. After a tumor was found in the bottom of his larynx, he was treated with radiation, chemotherapy, a thyroidectomyA and a laryngectomy.
Clarence Newland (above) receives Healing Touch from volunteer Healing Touch practitioner Kay Dubois. At first, she had a hard time with the a€?energy concepta€? and the idea that our bodies have energy fields and energy centers. Most of her sessions take place in the Memorial Medical Building, where there is a room dedicated to integrative therapies.

Volunteer Services will connect you with the Healing Touch volunteers to coordinate an appointment. And it often includes invasive or painful procedures such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy or surgery.
For many patients, the result is decreased stress, increased energy levels and a reduced sense of pain. In total, a€?baby Kendraa€? spent the first 10 months of her life in hospitals, awaiting or recovering from the procedure.
The immediate impact I started observing within a month's time, After installation of Crystals, we have been noticing major changes in our lives.
To this, I would say whatever I wanted (even though that desire was so deeply embedded that I dint reckon) started getting materialized. In the meantime, I learnt that problems surface, gets resolved and again resurface in one form or the other whatever you do, or not do which was really frustrating me. But most importantly, it gave me inner peace, got me closer to God to an extent that I felt presence of Him.
Somehow, from the start, with God's grace and by how Nirmal sir explained and taught, I had a firm belief in Kriya (as we call it).I made a commitment to myself that "I have to follow Kriya Path whatever happens". There were a lot of obstacles at start as your body (all bodies including astrals) start transforming and cleansing process begin.

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