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The following books were written by various writers and mostly dedicated to the development and effects of Tian Xian Liquid.
A FREE copy of "Cancer Terminator: Marvelous Effects of Tian Xian Liquid" is available online.
Cancer is a leading cause of disease death the world over; it affects nearly 1 in 3 people at some stage in their life, and many in the medical and scientific community are suggesting that will increase over the next few years. Once diagnosed, the typical options for treatment leave you incredibly ill and can disable you for months, or even years. Is it any wonder that so many cancer patients are turning to alternative medicine to help cure them of this deadly disease? Graviola extractsA haveA demonstrated anticancer properties in laboratory testing, but these extracts have not been properly studied in humans.
InA laboratory studies, graviola extracts can kill some types of liver and breast cancer cells that are resistant to particular chemotherapy drugs.
There are many claims that the fruit of the Graviola tree can kill cancer far better than chemotherapy, or can seek out and attack malignant cells.
Now, having said that, the author of this article urges much more in-depth, human study of potential benefits, and believes the answer indeed lies within our natural environments, but also cautions against our definitions of success. There are several sides to the argument as to whether Big Pharma suppresses certain treatments or cures. Big Pharma’s revolving door at the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) certainly shows interesting similarities in employment. So why is Big Pharma not trying to synthesize this extract from the graviola tree and reap windfall profits on it as a better alternative to chemotherapy for certain colon cancers? These are only a handful of the issues surrounding the use of the colon cancer chemo drugA Adriamycin, for which soursop is ten thousand times more effective at treating in initial laboratory studies.
It is also up to us to question decades-old practices, who stands to benefit, and why we are not using more natural extracts in our fight against cancer. Currently, I live in the Sedona area of Arizona and practice various healing arts, including hypnosis and the LIFE Quantum Biofeedback machine.
In 1989, after half a lifetime of interest in alternative medicine, I decided to combine my information presentation skills with my passion for alternative medicine. Pictures of my home and garden appear in some of the sections below to give you a better idea of who I am. Since the age of 16, I have used alternative health of one sort or another and it always seemed right. I collected such an extensive library of alternative health information that, in 1989, I started a business.
My interest in energetic healing and related technology eventually lead to the development of the Alternative Cancer Treatment Test kit. Since 1997, when this web site was called the Cancell Home page, hundreds of emails have been promptly answered and dozens of case histories have been tracked without any monetary support. If you feel that this web site is well organized, you can thank my 10 years of technical writing experience. My couch looks very inviting to me, but, of course, I spend most of my time in my office which at least looks out onto my garden. Books on sound therapy, color therapy, alternative treatment, natural treatments and alternative medicine.

Heart Smart Books: Heart Disease Information, Stroke Information, Heart Surgery Information and More.
This journal is a member of and subscribes to the principles of the Committee on Publication Ethics. A comprehensive survey of alternative cancer treatments, Options is especially useful for including not only information about herbal, nutritional and other holistic approaches, but also about maverick doctors and scientists, and experimental drug therapies.
Our Big Pharma culture deems it acceptable to bombard the human body with powerful chemotherapy, killing many cells indiscriminately, in hopes that the patient can survive this onslaught. Every week, there are new discoveries in natural, wholesome alternatives to Big Pharma, and cancer research is no different. A wholesome, clean diet is also of great advantage, but sometimes our environment hands us the cancer package anyway. Often times, the reader will find claims that the fruit is 10,000 times more effective than chemotherapy.
Because a compound is successful in vitro, or, in a petri dish full of cells, does not always translate into successA in the human body. A The only group of people known to be affected live on the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe and the problem presumably occurs with the excessive consumption of plants containing annonacin. It stands to reason that any successful corporation would seek to protect its profit margins, and it is very clear that the pharmaceutical industry makes billions upon billions of dollars every year by creating the newest and trendiest pills, treatments, and elixirs. With promise being shown in the laboratory, even for a few types of cancer, one could argue that cancer research funding would be well-spent studying this fruit more in-depth, especially as it relates to human studies. A Typically, it is the pharmaceutical industry itself, as well as medical establishments and our educational institutes that receive large sums of financial contributions from the pharmaceutical mega-corporations. Komen Foundation not running after it, throwing their $500 million yearly budget towards isolating this extract and proving or disproving its efficacy in the fight against breast cancer? I started publishing alternative health booklets and sold them through health magazines and local stores.
She was such a wonderful person that the largest church in town couldn't hold all the people of her memorial service. The addition of the Test Kit for sale in 2004 does not change the basic purpose of this web site, which is to provide extensive information regarding alternative cancer treatments in the most accessible manner possible, such as the Comparison Table.
I have not gone to any conventional medical school, all of which are known to promote the use of pharmaceutical drugs in the exclusion of treatments that are known to be better. These companies were started by criminals and now control the laws that govern their industry. I could not believe that an apparently effective (50%) cancer treatment was being suppressed. I have had health challenges, but I overcame them easily, and without the dangers of pharmaceutical drugs.
My garden is a great source for cut flowers which I use inside to distract guests from noticing the dust.
This is information that is hard to find in any form, and almost impossible to find in language that is accessible to the non-scientist. One can quickly see how this might influence drug approval processes, as well as bring the heavy axe of the FDA enforcement unit against rising competition, or perhaps even natural extracts that can not easily be patented or synthesized.
The Test Kit was needed because without the Test Kit ($48), people interested in this type of testing would would have to pay $800 for a set of samples that the Test Kit provides.

I have collected and read many books on cancer and kept up-to-date by reading articles and newsletters. But cancer researchers have gone even further by allowing misinformation, benificial to their industry, to remain uncorrected. In 2005, right before the realestate bubble burst, I sold my Sunnyvale California house and moved to Arizona where I rented a house. Although translated from medicalese, the book retains a slightly sterile tone, emphasizing the scientific validity of the various therapies.
Patients are dismissed from the record books as having survived their bout with cancer, even if they have suffered debilitating illness and hardship during those years, and the Pharmaceutical companies hail it as a victory. Experimental results demonstrated for the first time that the plant neurotoxin annonacin is responsible for this accumulation.
Therapeutic touch is a hands on energy healing technique that has been so successful that it is taught in nearly every nursing college in the USA. The technology I promote by presenting the Test Kit is a clear indication that I embrace new ideas especially if it creates a useful tool for health. On the left, I am rafting with a friend, I'm in back and at this point, she has crashed back into me.
189906687XWith three distinguished and authoritative workers in the field of oral cancer, this promised to be a work of some merit.
But if you've been diagnosed with cancer and want facts on alternative therapies, Options offers synopses of research, anecdotal accounts of treatment and analysis of how some medical treatments become standard, while others become quackery. On the right, is a picture of me going over the top of my backyard highbar (my feet are directly above my hands). Until this book, the most comprehensive text covering the subject was the text of the late Ian McGregor.
The editors claim this to be a 'complete compendium for the multidisciplinary management of oral cancer', and it most certainly is.Sensibly divided into three sections, the first covers pathology and biology of oral cancer in the broadest sense including a brief overview of tumours other than squamous carcinoma. The results on my own life were amazing enough to encourage a fifteen to twenty minute treatment for myself everyday for 12 years. The positive effect of this technique on my health stimulated a lot of alternative health exploration which I mostly accomplished through books and workshops. There is a clear concise chapter on radiotherapy which is interpretable for the non-oncologist. Additionally, a logically presented chapter on the important area of palliative care management completes this section.The third section covers outcomes and follow-up. Both intraoral and extraoral prosthetic restoration and rehabilitation are covered in a long chapter.
The final chapter deals with prevention of oral cancer.This is by far the most authoritative monograph to date covering the subject of oral cancer. This book will serve as a valuable reference work but should be read by all workers in the field of oral cancer regardless of specialty or seniority.

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