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If you have more Prize cards left than your opponent, ignore all Energy necessary to use Rayquaza ex's Special Circuit and Sky-high Claws attacks.
Disney has acquired film rights to Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant , the first graphic novel by Tony Cliff. Once during your turn, after you flip any coins for an attack, you may ignore all effects of those coin flips and begin flipping those coins again. Whenever you attach a Energy card from your hand to Rocket's Raikou ex, you may choose 1 of the Defending Pokemon and switch it with 1 of your opponent's Benched Pokemon.

Once during your turn (before your attack), you may remove 4 damage counters from Ninetales and discard Ninetales from Vulpix. If you do, search your deck for Ninetales or Ninetales ex and put it onto Vulpix (this counts as evolving Vulpix). If you do not have that many basic Energy cards in your discard pile, put all of them in your hand. If you choose a Pokemon that has any Poke-Powers or Poke-Bodies, this attack does 50 damage instead.

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