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Do you have no problems running in the colder conditions that will be arriving in a few months?
For a limited time only, sign up to Wiggle’s newsletter and receive a voucher to SAVE $15 off your first order! To determine the correct type of running shoe for your feet, use the tried and tested "wet foot test".
The brands of the adidas Group complement each other in a unique way to help athletes perform better, play better, feel better. With dynamic support and the stability you need, these adidas Energy Boost 2 Shoes will support you while you go the distance.
Adidas latest incarnation of the Energy Boost is presented here in a familiar EQT colourway featuring the now infamous Boost sole technology.
With a techfit® upper they are engineered for natural, flexible support and a seamless, sock-like fit.
Offering a fully range of features which ensure a comfortable, cushioned and supportive ride.

This men's neutral runner comes loaded with boost™ cushioning that keeps every step fully charged.
Dip your foot into water and then stand on a surface that will show your footprint - a towel or piece of paper or cardboard.
Just as a shoe is more than padding and foam, there is more to adidas than just the product.
Featuring flexibility and comfort, these sneakers are made from quality materials and will allow you to experience your workout like never before. The EVA midsole rim helps keep the foot in neutral plane and the grippy rubber outsole adds increased cushioning. The shape of your wet footprint indicates the amount of stability you might need in your shoe.
Everything adidas do is bound by one simple thought: strive to help you perform at your best. It provides more energy return than any other foam cushioning material in the running industry, combining soft comfort with responsive energy for the ultimate running experience.

If your footprint looks like the one on the right (with a very narrow band or no band at all between the forefoot and the heel) then you should choose shoes from the cushion category on this page Cushioned shoes generally have the softest midsoles and the least added stability. They're built on a semicurved or curved last to encourage foot motion, which is helpful for runners who have rigid, immobile feet (underpronators). You should buy these if you're an efficient runner whose feet don't roll inwards excessively (overpronate) when you run. Located through the sole of the shoe, the torsion system provides support for the foot and promotes natural movement.Designed to help your foot adjust to various different running surfaces, the Torsion system allows the forefoot and rearfoot to move independently to one another while supporting the midfoot.

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