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Energy flows over your brain and spinal cord through your nerves (and other tissues) and back to the brain and spinal cord.
Surprisingly, some people who experience chronic fatigue often have enough energy but the energy is blocked, locked up, unbalanced and not flowing properly.
When chiropractors correct a mechanical misalignment in your body with a chiropractic spinal adjustment, nerve system energy is normalized.
All your body systems run on energy and when properly working will give you a wealth of the energy. Being fatigue is actually one of the earliest signs that something in our lives whether it be physical or emotional is not right. When a child complains that he or she is tired all the time or bored, we know that something is very wrong.

They can be organic conditions such as cardiovascular disorders and endocrine disorders or emotional stress such as depression, anxiety or trauma. A healthy spine and nervous system keep your flow of energy balanced, your immune system strong and your resistance to disease high.
When adults exhibit chronic tiredness or fatigue, we don’t get nearly as concerned as when a child does, and that is a big mistake. Chronic fatigue can be due to sleep deprivation, the adverse effects of prescribed over-the-counter or illegal drugs, or an unhealthy lifestyle that doesn’t permit you to “catch up” with your­self.
An unhealthy, unbalanced spine can interfere with the natural flow of energy through your body, creating blockages and imbalances that may cause physical and emotional fatigue. If you are fatigued, bored, depressed or just lacking enthusiasm you should give us a call at (845)342-0000 and book your complimentary consultation with one of our doctors, so we can help you get that vitality back!

It can range from awakening in the morning with chronic tired feeling to a severe physical and psychological depression characterized by a total lack of fulfillment. Some experts even feel that chronic fatigue may be a nutritional condition that can be corrected with improved diet.

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