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This next picture has specially highlighted areas at the levels when players receive a significant boost, between +5-6 points, to either their energy or cost. Sucks only 50 friends max but I guess that is 1k honor per day (5 summons) if utilized correctly. Jus a suggestion but when the energy jumps on a level up (like +5 ), if you could highlight those levels in a different color it'd make it easier for people to see what target levels to aim for (Like highlight the level the jump happens on eg lv25, then level 35 and so on). Also I may change the highlighted sections' colors from grey and instead match it with the color that it is apart of.
For one feature in the future, you run 3 teams using 2x your total cost, so having high cost can help. Like I told you in the last post… 3 MINUTES FOR EVERY ONE ENERGY INSTEAD OF 10 MINUTES WOOT WOOT!

Check out the new 6 star forms for these old school units from when the game first released!!! It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.
When the data for 133-150 is complete I will change it to reflect that by adding another column for 126-150. If there is demand for a version entirely in black and white (or other color schemes like white on black) I can do that but I figured using different colors to separate the different level ranges would make it easier on the eyes. When I originally did this in excel it was all black and white and just a total cluster of numbers. I used 120 gems and only had 2 and the lighting one is a guardian and seems good for him as his defends us lacking.

Plus, energy requirement usually means you run less than 50 a day ( unless you do start of adventure exclusively). Enjoy it for everyone who wants to power level there guys up (cause the success rate is up too)!

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