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Authorities said the trio were homicide victims and have said the killings were not random. Therefore authorities have concluded the public has nothing to worry about while holistic doctors keep being found dead at an alarming rate. Forensics workers from the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s office and the state Justice Department continue to process the scene of three homicides, described as “horrific” by law enforcement. January 26, 2016 by Ann Adams Leave a Comment HMI has been partnering with the Grange Farm School in Willits, California to add more Holistic Management Programming into their curriculum and to provide Holistic Management training to local farmers and ranchers.
We wanted to let our network know that the Grange Farm School is now accepting applications (deadline is March 1st) for their  14-week residential Student Program starting in April or July, which offers you the tools and confidence to manage a successful agricultural enterprise, whether in farming, ranching, or related fields.
You will live and work on a beautiful 5,000 acre ranch with diverse vegetables, grains, fruit trees, and livestock.
Grange Farm School programs are designed for practical people who are ready to make a difference in the real world.
California's medical marijuana industry has enjoyed several years of fast growth, but legal crackdowns now threaten to wipe it out. The series of three 2-day workshops took place at the Grange Farm School in cooperation with the Ridgewood Ranch in Willits, California. The series of workshops included an Introduction to the Holistic Management framework for decision-making, Biological Monitoring, Planned Grazing, and Land Planning. In the Biological Monitoring class, participants learned a variety of monitoring techniques to determine whether planning decisions were moving them toward the future landscape described in their holistic goal.
In the Planned Grazing workshop, everyone learned comprehensive grazing planning and how to use the planning chart.  Animal days per acre was taught outdoors in a rainstorm, but everyone seemed to enjoy the experience. The Land Planning workshop focused on covering the processes described in the Holistic Management Handbook.
In the end, the participants learned a great deal about managing their own unique situations with more ease, so that they could become more successful.
I learned the difference between annuals & perennials and the importance of monitoring.
Most useful training in assessing amount of forage in a pasture, quality of feed and type of feed, what to look for in manure piles, how to create a plan and monitor that plan.

The whole discussion of rotation, timing, assessment and management was pertinent and very useful. A special thank you to Sallie Calhoun and The Christiano Family Fund and The 11th Hour Project for their generous contributions which made this training possible.
SAN DIEGO (AP) — A consumer advocacy group has filed a class-action lawsuit against Aetna Inc.
Weidong Henry Han, from California, was found brutally murdered with his wife and daughter in his home in Santa Barbara in California. Weidong Henry Han, 57, his wife, Huijie Yu, 29; and their daughter, Emily Han, 5, were found dead Wednesday in their home in the 4600 block of Greenhill Way. It happened in an upscale home less than a mile from the Sheriff’s Department headquarters in the hills above the Goleta Valley. Han’s office, the Santa Barbara Herb Clinic at 3886 State Street, was closed with a handmade sign posted in the window.  People inside did not not come to the door to speak. Guest instructors and staff members provide a comprehensive curriculum in business management, industrial arts, animal husbandry, soil and ecology, and crop production, supported by an understanding of the theory and history of our food systems. Students with a desire to enter a career in agriculture equipped with essential skills, knowledge, and resources. Market indices are shown in real time, except for the DJIA, which is delayed by two minutes. It’s designed to educate participants about how nature functions and how producers can improve agricultural practices to increase their land’s productivity and resilience in good times and bad.  For more information on this event, including information about our speakers, please visit our website landing page.
Please fill out the form below and provide as much information as possible about updates to this event or venue. You will leave with hands-on practical experience, and a framework for thinking outside the box, creative decision making, and communication that improves your business planning, community networking, and relationship building . Students who want to be among the million new farmers, ranchers, and small businesses this country needs in order to transform agriculture through creative and profitable enterprises.
52 percent of participants were cattle raisers, followed by chickens (38%), pigs (24%) sheep (34%) and goats (34%).
You may bring a sack lunch if you wish, but farm fresh, local, organic lunches will be available for purchase from The Grange Farm School for each day of class.

Last year, law enforcement agents seized 3.9 million plants and could collect more this year. Cancellations received up to 14 days prior to an event start date will receive a 40% refund.
Chicago Mercantile Association: Certain market data is the property of Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc.
This policy is required due to financial obligations incurred by HMI in planning these events. Attorney Ben Wagner justifies raids on the presumption that more marijuana is grown in the fertile lands of his Eastern District than can ever be legally consumed. And these businesses often prefer to keep supply and retail transactions cash-only to avoid drawing attention from government authorities.
An outdated list kept by the pro-cannabis group Americans for Safe Access shows that in California, 46 cities and 10 counties allow the drug, 178 cities and 20 counties don't, and the rest have temporary measures or none at all. A gunshot wound from a 1973 home invasion robbery in Philadelphia left him a quadriplegic, and marijuana's analgesic effects ease his muscle spasms. He launched the cooperative to offer others similar treatment, supplying nearly 7,000 patients until his landlord received a stark warning from the federal government: kick him out or lose your property. His stores, G3, were located in Colton, Moreno Valley and Upland, and each instituted bans. Although he kept documentation to show patients had doctors' notes for thousands of plants he grew, it wasn't enough.
The killing stroke came with the Drug Enforcement Agency when officers raided his stores and pot-growing warehouse.
Sandusky, out on bond but forced to stay at home, wears a court-ordered ankle bracelet monitor.
Similar events occur every week in California, with government agents closing down businesses that claim to be legitimate under state law.

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