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Share thisTitanium Laboratories’ Do It Yourself Mold Swab Test Kit is the easiest and most accurate DIY mold test available on the market.
Our Do It Yourself Mold Swab Test Kit shows you exactly how to take a sample of suspect mold in your home or building.  In addition to clear, illustrative directions, we also provide a 2 minute video showing how easy it is to take a mold sample using our Do It Yourself Mold Swab Test Kit.
More importantly, the Do It Yourself Mold Swab Test Kit Guide provides you with mold removal resources.  The guide also provides you with step-by-step instructions for cleaning mold from all different types of materials including painted surfaces, clothing, household items, books, leather, furniture, etc.
Lastly, the guide provides you with practical information to prevent future mold problems.  Most of the recommended preventative steps are simple and inexpensive, and highly effective. These recommendations are invaluable and save you hundreds of dollars when compared to hiring a professional mold inspector. Upon the receipt of your do it yourself mold swab test kit results, we are here to help you.  A certified mold inspector will answer any of your questions and help you determine the best mold clean up plan based upon your mold test results. Privacy Policy: Titanium Laboratories does not sell, rent, or share your personal information to other parties. To find out if you're as healthy as you say you are on your life insurance application, don't be surprised if underwriters go straight to the source: your mouth. The procedure may be short and sweet, but that little sample of saliva can tell a lot about you. Not all life insurance companies use swab tests, and those that do don't necessarily use them for every applicant.

Saliva samples are a less-expensive alternative insurers use when they don't think fuller screening is necessary. New York Life Insurance Co., for example, uses swab tests on all applicants 18 and older for policy face amounts from $50,000 to $99,000, says Stephen Bloom, New York Life's first vice president and chief underwriter. Use of swab tests first began to increase 20 years ago, along with the use of urine and blood samples.
The amount of time drugs such as nicotine and cocaine stay in the system and are detectable in a swab test depends on a variety of factors, including your body fat percentage, how often you use the drug and your level of hydration. To find out whether you're a smoker, the lab tests the sample for cotinine, a chemical the body makes from nicotine. QuinStreet does not include all insurance companies or all types of products available in the marketplace. Palmier says insurers tend to rely on saliva samples for younger life insurance applicants and people who purchase policies with lower face amounts. Blood tests are used for people 18 and older who apply for policy face amounts of $100,000 and over.
In the early years, life insurance companies operated their own laboratory facilities in their home offices.
The use of such tests has leveled off in recent years, says Kim Anderson, senior vice president of the Insurance Services Division at EMSI.

The test is so easy, in fact, that life insurance agents themselves collect the swab samples from clients in some instances, Anderson says. Palmier says insurers most commonly want to know whether the applicant is a cocaine user or tobacco user, or is HIV-positive. If you're not a regular smoker, and you just happen to take a few puffs on a friend's cigarette at a party, the level of cotinine probably won't be detectable after a couple of days, Palmier says. The length of time could vary from several days to two months in rare cases, Anderson says.
Later, they began contracting with labs, such as ExamOne and Examination Management Services Inc. Insurers are especially interested in cocaine use because of the risky behaviors that accompany abuse of that drug, he says, but the samples can also be tested for use of other drugs.
Palmier says ExamOne is in the research and development phase of a swab test for methamphetamine.

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