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Only dry food brands with more than 40% protein (preferably 55%), about 30% fat and less than 10% carbohydrates are best for cats.
It is nearly impossible to overstate the effectiveness of this supplement to cure or suppress disease, as well as boost the immune system in humans, cats, dogs, and horses. The term "arteriosclerosis" (literally, "hardening of the arteries") should be avoided by physicians. Atherosclerosis is a stereotyped response of the inner surfaces of large arteries to a variety of insults.
Atherosclerosis may calcify, but the problem in atherosclerosis is not the dystrophic calcification. ELASTIC ARTERIES ("large arteries") include the aorta and at least the beginnings of its largest branches. The problem is shunting of the blood away from the territory that should be supplied by the artery.

Note that any of these processes can be severe enough to cause some necrosis of the vessel.
Vasculitis is diagnosed when the walls of vessels are more inflamed than the surrounding tissue. A vasculitis, usually with granulomas, caused by an anti-proteinase 3 autoantibody (anti-PR3).
DeBakey's claim to fame is having classified and devised the surgical treatment for these people. From occlusion, usually by cancer in para-aortic lymph nodes, or a thrombus-plugged IVC filtre. KAPOSI'S "SARCOMA: The business cell is endothelium, and it can spread and choke off the viscera. If you want to see the Slice of Life images involving vessels, see the online version of these notes.

It has excellent quality ingredients and high protein content, no grain (but rice is 7th ingredient).
It has never had a food recall and is not made at the manufacturing plant that had all of the problems. It helps a friend suppress herpes so she can live a more normal life without harsh medicines.
It can only be bought directly from the scientist who discovered it, so this is only a link and a recommendation!

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