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Creatinine is a waste produce produced by the protein and excreted out of body by the glomerular filtrate function. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is the best alternative treatment for patients to avoid dialysis and kidney transplant.
The Chinese herbs contained in this therapy means that the Chinese herbs picked up from the natural plants should be refined into powder and then collected into two medicated bags which is put on patients’ low back area. Thirdly, due to the kidney lesions is repaired and kidney function is improved, the symptoms of proteinuria and hematuria also can relived. Fourthly, owing to improvement of kidney function, the elevated creatinine level can be lowered naturally.
Leave your problem to us,You will surely get the free medical advice from experts within 24 hours! Most people do not realize that their face is full of information on what is going on under the surface. The nose fits the element earth, so it tells us of the relationship with the stomach, spleen and pancreas. Cracked capillaries or redness at the root of the nose may indicate problems with alcohol or, simply means that you care too much and are constantly under stress. The chin is an area that relates to the element of water, and it is interlinked with the kidneys and bladder, including hormones and glands. According to Chinese medicine, people who have a small chin have a genetic predisposition for weakening of the kidneys and bladder, but it does not mean that if you have a small chin you will surely develop a disease associated with these organs. Various diseases of the lungs and upper airways may encourage visual symptoms on the right cheek.
The problems in this part of the face can reveal even emotional states as anger and depression. A large scale review of research by Australia and Chinese University scientists has proved with thousands of studies using hundreds of thousands of cancer patients that Chinese herbal medicine offers significant treatment for most types of cancers – including breast cancer. The research comes from Australia’s University of Western Sydney and the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. These studies covered most of the cancer types, but the cancers most studied were lung cancer, liver cancer, stomach cancer, breast cancer, esophageal cancer, colorectal cancer and nasopharyngeal (throat and sinus) cancer. The researchers discovered that the overwhelming majority of studies – 90% of the clinical studies – utilized herbal medicine. The researchers found that 72% of these studies applied Traditional Chinese Medicine alongside conventional treatment, but a full 28% applied Traditional Chinese Medicine separately to experimental groups.
In terms of cancer patients, about 64% were given both TCM and conventional medical treatments. 95% were treated with only one type of TCM therapy – typically with a precise combination of herbs. Because of the large number of studies, there were different types of results, depending upon the type of study, the type of treatment, and the outcome measures tested.
The researchers also found that only a few studies tested TCM acupuncture treatment in cancer therapy.
This study follows another extensive review of research published in 2012 on TCM cancer treatment.
This earlier study reviewed significantly fewer studies, compiling 716 trials that included 1,198 cancer patients with either leukemia, stomach cancer, liver cancer or esophageal cancer.
This study found that among the studies treating cancer, symptom relief was the prominent result among 88% of the studies and among 88% of the patients tested with TCM therapy.
It sounds pretty solid that Chinese herbal medicine does indeed treat cancer and overwhelmingly results in the improvement or relief of symptoms as well as longer survival rates and reduced metastases. Now why again is Western conventional medicine still refusing to at least consider herbal medicine therapy in cancer treatment?
Often it’s for a sinus infection, which mostly resolves, followed by another sinus infection, and so on. Then the next infection comes more easily, and the not-quite-right afterwards gets a little worse every time.

Let me say this first: antibiotics are probably the best thing ever to happen to Western civilization. If you look at antibiotics from the perspective of Chinese medicine, the problem becomes clear: antibiotics resolve some, but not all, of the aspects of an infection. To add to the problem, the cold nature of the antibiotics is actually damaging to the Spleen, which is the organ system that helps the body clear dampness on its own.
Most herbalists, myself included, have successfully treated all these conditions with Chinese herbs — often in cases where repeated rounds of antibiotics have failed to clear up the infection.
Instead of one purified substance, Chinese herbal formulas are usually a combination of 5-15 different herbs, carefully balanced to protect the body from the harshness of heat-clearing herbs. As an added plus: herbal medicine does not create the same problems with drug resistance that antibiotics face.
If you need to take antibiotics — there are plenty of situations where this is necessary! Along with the antibiotics, you can also take an herbal formula that strengthens and protects the Stomach and Spleen.
These herbs will not interfere with the effectiveness of your medications, and will help you get back to your optimum level of health. This is where Chinese medicine really shines: at restoring health, not just fighting disease.
I’ve seen many, many people get back to the health they remember from before the cascade of infection and medication began. Here’s a recipe for a homemade herbal tea that will help counteract the cold damage from antibiotics, and resolve the dampness that is often left behind.
For headache or foggy feeling, add a teabag of green tea after boiling and steep for 3 minutes.
Testimonial“Marilyn is patient, knowledgeable, compassionate, and incredibly dedicated to helping others. When the creatinine level in blood is higher than normal range, there is indication of severe kidney function. Blood pressure can be regulated by activating blood circulation and dilating blood vessels.
Patients can have better appetite with improvement of blood circulation, nausea and vomiting also can disappear. If the color of the skin of the forehead changes which is followed by a rapid heartbeat, dizziness, shortness of breath, pain or tingling in the left hand, seek immediate help from a doctor. Painted and dark spots on the skin around the mouth and chin may indicate kidney or bladder problems. People who are prone to respiratory allergies or asthma, have a fondness for eczema, mild rash or appearance of gentle blue-greenish tint on the right cheek.
Keep in mind that there are many ways that the body warns you that there was a loss of the inner balance, and therefore never ignore the signs that it sends you.
The researchers analyzed and reviewed 2,964 human clinical studies that involved 253,434 cancer patients. Yes, breast cancer was the fourth most-studied type of cancer among these thousands of clinical studies. The rest were given TCM therapy alone, but a little over half of them did not qualify whether the patient was given conventional treatment at some point in the past. Still, in a full 1,015 studies or 85% of those that reported on symptoms, TCM treatment resulted in improvement of cancer symptoms with many of those reporting reduced pain. This study comes from Norway’s National Research Center in Complementary and Alternative Medicine and the University of Tromso, Norway, also with collaboration with the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine.
In this study, symptom improvement was achieved in 85% of the patients that used the TCM therapy. Among these studies, 66% of the patients were treated with TCM therapy alone, while 34% of the patients were treated with a combination of TCM and conventional cancer therapy.
This means that 95% were treated with only one type of TCM therapy – typically with a precise combination of herbs.

Was that 88% and 92% symptom improvement or relief among thousands of studies and nearly 100,000 cancer patients? Over time, it can become a chronic situation you never imagined when you had that first trip to the doctor.
And, because they are such a strong medicine, they also leave the body just a little bit weakened. As a result, these symptoms hang around longer than they normally would, which further stresses the Spleen. And, in times when antibiotics are needed, it can help protect your body and assist you in recovering fully from antibiotic treatment. The formula will also include herbs that build the body’s ability to fight infection and clear dampness on its own. There may also be ingredients to help clear dampness, which will not be resolved by the antibiotics alone. Acupuncture and herbs can relieve symptoms, clear residual dampness and heat, and rebuild your body’s own defenses. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions about whether herbs can help in your situation! Unlike some other herbal formulas (ahem), this is very tasty and something you would drink on purpose! Her acupuncture treatment has helped me to stabilize symptoms of IBS, anxiety, hip pain, and sleep difficulties, when little else seemed to work.
Therefore, patients are eager to know the effective treatment to reduce high creatinine level. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a kind of treatment which can repair the injured renal inherent cells through the external way. With the help of osmotic machine, the active substances can penetrate into kidney lesions directly to accelerate blood circulation as well as extend blood vessels.
Forehead, nose, chin, right cheek and left cheek 5 zones that give us signs of what happens in our body. Every part of your face reflects different elements: fire, earth, water, metal and wood corresponding to specific organs. Look closely at the forehead and look for redness or small blood vessels that appear as discoloration of the skin. Horizontal lines or changes in skin color may indicate a problem with infertility due to endometriosis or cysts. Among these were 2,385 randomized controlled studies and 579 non-randomized controlled studies. Among all the rest of the studies, 96% of the trials resulted in symptom relief and 92% of the patients reported cancer symptom relief.
And each successive round of antibiotics adds to the problem, making the condition more chronic. She is truly holistic and client-centered in her approach – with her respectful, open approach to acupuncture and healing, I always feel as if our work is a collaboration. Therefore visual facial signals alert you that something more serious is going on with your body. And 85% symptom improvement among 1,015 clinical studies among a review involving over 250,000 cancer patients that tested the effectiveness of Chinese herbal medicine against cancer? In other words, is Western conventional medicine ignoring inexpensive natural treatments that could help millions of cancer patients simply because of profits? With a bladder infection, there may be some lingering feelings of pressure, or cloudy urination. On the other hand, yellowish tint under the left eye may indicate gallstones or high triglycerides and cholesterol.

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