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CKD can be classified into 5 stages according to the data of creatinine, wastes, metabolites.
The right treatment not only focus on symptoms relieving, but also renal function recovering. Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital which is a professional hospital in treating kidney disease have researched kidney disease and Chinese herbal medicines for many years.
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Dialysis which can replace kidneys to execute renal function is the common treatment for patients in kidney failure whose creatinine level is much higher than normal level. Shijiazhuang Kidney Diseases Hospital which is a professional hospital in treating kidney disease uses character of Chinese herbal medicines to research kidney disease. Advanced Medical Inspection EquipmentsThe accurate diagnosis can be a powerful guarantee for the kidney disease treatment While the accurate dialysis needs the support from the advanced medical inspection equipments which achieve world-class level.
Patients BlogIt is such a place where you can share your experience, see the international news about kidney disease and find the answers to the questions bothering.
Since 1986, Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital of China has been dedicated to providing the highest quality care to Kidney Disease patients all over the world.Learn more about Chinese hospitals.
Lupus Nephritis is a disease in which modern medicine has no cure, but treatment is available to treat this disorder effectively. If this happens, patients may present symptoms including high blood pressure, foamy or bubbly urine, swelling (usually in the legs, feet, ankles, hands or face), muscle or joint pain, fever, butterfly rashes often on face, etc. To eliminate the above symptoms, patients are recommended to find a fundamental solution which can help treat the disease from the root cause. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is an external application of traditional Chinese herb medicine. To what extent can your Bilateral Renal Parenchymal Disease be improved with Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy? Lastly, if you have developed into end stage renal disease, you can take osmotherapy to stop the disease’s further deterioration, prevent serious complications, and live a greatly improved quality of life. In addition, there are also other options that can be used to ensure better curative effects for your Bilateral Renal Parenchymal Disease.
In the piles of dried bodies at the market, many of them were stained red, the sign of a pregnant male ready to give birth to thousands of offspring. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
Holistic treatment has been developed to help IgA Nephropathy patients restore their kidney function. Herbal medicine contained in this option can work to dilate the blood vessels, improve the blood circulation, anti-inflammation, remove blood stasis, increase the blood and oxygen supply to the kidneys, thus enhancing the self-healing process of damaged kidneys.

Because each patient's comprehensive disease condition is different, the curative effects certainly vary with different cases.
If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with IgA Nephropathy and would like to find a holistic approach, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is recommended for your consideration. The 3rd stage of CKD is a turning point, in this stage, the illness still has possibility to be reversed if patients choose right treatment. For example, the common treatment is western medicines whose medical effect can be seen in a short time, but western medicines can’t cure root of disease.
Our treatment combines Chinese herbal medicines and western medicines with main materials of Chinese herbal medicines.
If the toxic substance, metabolites, wastes can be eliminated out of human body, that is say, if the renal function can be recoverd, the creatinine level would be lower automatically. As we all know, Chinese medicines which are widely used in medical area work on root of disease, they are popular because Chinese medicines which cure disease in a natural and healthy way have no any irritation or side effects for human body.
After many years’ experience, we formed our characteristic therapies whose essence is interdicting fibrosis, recovering impaired cells and renal function, restoring kidney structure. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy combines various of Chinese herbal medicines according to prescription that is made out by experts after body examination. In this article, we will introduce about the best way to get rid of Lupus Nephritis symptoms by Chinese medicine. In China, we adopt Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to help patients achieve such purpose. The therapy mainly works to prevent inflammatory response, prevent further damage to the kidneys, repair the damaged renal cells and tissues, promote the remaining renal function and regulate the whole immune system. However, with early detection and timely treatment, patients can definitely live a normal, long life.
They may include cycle therapy, enema, full bath therapy, foot bath, moxibustion, hot compress therapy, etc. Undercover filming found at least 150 million of the fragile creatures are now killed to make its products every year in China - seven times the official figure.
Around 70 countries are now catching and selling seahorses to the Chinese medicine market, where they have been used in healing for thousands of years, but demand has rocketed in the past five years.
We do see seahorse products illegally on sale here.a€™ He is working with Sea Life, the aquarium chain to raise money for survey work, which will help conservation.
During the treatment process, patient just need to lie on bed with two medicine packages putting on their kidney region.
Generally speaking, the earlier patient can get this holistic treatment, the better outcome there is. While, Chinese medicines which are applied into medical area widely by many experts work on root of disease, they improve Chinese medicines cure disease in a natural and healthy way without any irritation or side effects for human body.

The function of Fumigation and Steaming Therapy is expanding micro vessel of skin to accelerate blood circulation, resolving blocked blood vessel, the purpose of this therapy is clearing and activating the channels and collaterals. Doctor modulate medicine bags which are put in skin where is corresponding to kidneys base on the prescription. So far, one of the most advanced treatments for kidney disease is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. Campaigners say demand there is soaring every year, and claim some seahorse products have been found in the expanding network of medicine shops abroad, even in Britain where they it is illegal to sell them. Mr Doyle said: a€?Many, many more people can now afford seahorses who couldna€™t before, and whata€™s really worrying is that they are now commonly being ground up and made into pills.
Shen Huijun, president of the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the UK said: a€?It is illegal to use seahorses in the UK, and they are on the list of banned products which we give to our members. This treatment can allow individuals with kidney disease to live productive and long lives. More and more foreign patients come to China to try authentic treatment with Chinese medicines. The medicine molecules are penetrated into cells of kidneys by heating medicine bags, in this way, patients can get direct and sufficient therapeutic effect.
Marine biologist Kealan Doyle posed as a potential supplier to gain access to wholesalers, clinics and health stores in southern China.A  He found one market in the city of Guangzhou sells 20million seahorses a year alone.
In this way, this therapy can implement dredging meridian, activating blood and removing stasis, eliminating toxic substances in blood. It has the function of blood expanding, anti-inflammation, anti-freezing, ECM degrading which improves GFR, kidney blood circulation with process of renal fibrosis blocking. CITES a€“ the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species - say that is the size of the whole trade worldwide. I visited stores which had something like 30,000 dried seahorses in bags piled from floor to ceiling and there are 6,000 such stores in Hong Kong alone.a€?We are not talking about a slow decline here, this is an absolute decimation of this unique creature which has been with us for millions of years. At this rate, it will be wiped out in between 10 and 20 years.a€™ Seahorses have long fascinated humans. A fish with a horsea€™s head, a monkeya€™s tail and the colour-changing abilities of a lizard, they mate for life, and perform a mating dance together every single morning, at the end of which the female places her eggs in the malea€™s abdominal pouch. The male which then becomes pregnant and gives birth, the only creature in the world to do so, having up to 4,000 young in one go, although only a handful will survive into adulthood.

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