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In all seriousness, we are trying our best, like most businesses, to keep ourselves open and available through all the inclement weather while trying to keep you, your pets and ourselves safe on the roads coming and going to the clinic. A corneal dystrophy by definition is a deposit of lipid on or in the cornea that is usually bilateral (both eyes), symmetrical, non-inflammatory, unassociated with systemic disease and genetic in basis. Lipid and mineral can be deposited into the cornea as a response to local irritation, old aging change, post-inflammatory change, secondary to elevation of blood fats and other entities that change the metabolism of the corneal tissue.
Cataracts are opacities of the lens that can be very small and difficult to observe or involve the entire lens and make the pupil appear white. If you are talking about the big ones in a line on the back of your tongue They belong there.
Pot can cause all sorts of problems, the irritation from the smoke could cause this sort of symptom. It is however, important to know that your tongue has natural bumps in the back which are larger than the bumps in the front, even though they are in fact taste buds.
I get it, we live here for a reason, get to enjoy all the seasons and the diversity they bring to our lives. We have bulldozed as much snow as we can to keep the parking lot safe only to have the recent ice put a nice layer over the top of what remains. This may occur in either or both eyes and may or may not have a vascular response associated with the deposition.
The eosinophil is a type of white blood cell that we see elevated in diseases where allergy or parasites are the primary concern. When the lenses are extensively involved, vision compromise may be a feature if both eyes are affected.
As I look out the window and see the snow piling up, I figure I have plenty of white to go around for a few more months.

There are a number of different breeds that develop this abnormality that have some science to support that it is genetic in basis and I am sure there are others where we presume this is the case by the appearance. These are classified as degenerations and may warrant intervention to stablize the region and prevent ulceration or extensive vascularization. Cats have a series of diseases, primarily in the skin, where the eosinophil accumulates and creates lesions. The color of the iris will be visible around the cataract and the central region is opaque and white. I even had to dig out Otto, our official greeter, so he wouldn’t get rolled by the plows! Many people don't notice these until they have a concern about oral infection and take a good look in their throat, not realizing that these prominent bumps have always been there.Take a look at the related link to see if these vallate papillae are what you're concerned about. I have lived in more temporate and more severe climates so I have a nice barometer on weather variation and I do love the activities that each season allows. Everyone has been very patient being seen earlier or later than their scheduled appointment times as scheduling itself is a challenge. Common breeds noted in this practice include the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Golden Retriever, Husky, Cocker Spaniel and many others. Old age degeneration is not uncommon, especially in dogs with exposed eyeballs where protection is not optimal. In the eye, we can see something similar where the conjunctiva or cornea, the surface tissues of the eye, become inflamed and accumulate white plaques usually associated with vessels. I have a posting concerning all the details of cataracts and cataract surgery on this site if you think your dog has this problem or are being referred for cataract evaluation. If your pet has uveitis for any reason and also has high levels of triglycerides or cholesterol in their blood stream, these fats can leak into the eye while it is inflamed.

And, whatever you're seeing, make an appointment with your health care provider for screening if you have reason to be concerned about oral infections.The normal tongue has numerous taste buds which are necessary for appreciation of taste. If we rule out any other reason for cholesterol deposition on the cornea, we default to this diagnosis based on appearance and history.
Those at the back are relatively larger and form prominences.These bumps are caused by underlying taste do you know for sure that they are inflammed taste buds? Typically, dystrophic areas may get bigger or more dense, can occasionally fade, and usually create no observable vision compromise to the dog.
In a severe form, sometimes the mineral is sloughed off and a deep hole in the cornea is created that necessitates surgery to prevent the eye from rupturing.
Herpes, the most common cause of surface disease in the cat, may be concurrent or it may be its own entity. This is not too common, but we will see it usually on an emergency basis since it happens rapidly.
This disease is usually responsive to antiinflammatory medication and is typically controlled, not cured.
You cannot see the brown iris clearly because the fluid in front of it is opaque, not the lens behind it.

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