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This website outlines some of the ways Homeopathy can help you manage your symptoms naturally, without any side effects.
Most individuals have tossed, turned and been restless in bed without the pleasure of having a sound sleep. Besides, a condition known a ‘Rebound Sleeplessness’ which causes further sleep loss on stopping sedatives is a matter of concern among chronic users. Not surprisingly, according to one research report, more than 2 million sleep deprived individuals in the Unites States alone opt for alternative therapies each year; homeopathy being a major contributor. Your entire emotional and physical makeup will help us determine the remedy capable of curing your insomnia as well as positively influence any causative or associated ailment. A detail questionnaire and our direct communication with patients worldwide make it practically possible to deal with cases successfully and help us understand your ailment in depth. Stage 1: Eyes are closed in this stage and a person will feel as if he has not slept when aroused from this stage. Avoid alcohol on a routine basis and do not consume it with the hope that it will make you sleep. Relax and avoid thinking of your daily problems or things to be done the next day when you are ready to sleep.
Migraine headache are probably one of the most widely treated conditions for which countless individuals seek Homeopathic treatment. Homeopathic medicines when carefully chosen have the ability to cure migraine headaches and also lower the frequency and intensity of attacks. A migraine is a form of recurrent, disabling, vascular headaches which affects individuals usually between the ages of 15 and 55. Numerous factors such as hormonal, trigeminal nerve and vascular involvement, serotonin imbalance etc have been assumed, however no precise cause & mechanism for its manifestation is currently known or when this article was published. Hormonal imbalance: Migraines may appear in relation to the periods, pregnancy & menopause. Less than half of Migraineurs experience prodromal symptoms which appear a few hours or days prior to an attack. Individuals experiencing such attacks primarily suffer from the pain and do not experience any other associated symptom or symptoms before the attack. CT scan: May be further recommended if the physician is in doubt and helps to further details and diagnose tumors, infections etc. I feel better and I am relieved with the treatment prescribed for my headaches which was usually triggered by stress and loud noise. Do note that the scope of homeopathic treatment described on our website is general in nature. 1996: Started clinical practice following which I travelled to the USA for further studies. 1937-2012: 3 Generations of Homeopaths have seen over a million cases over the past 8 decades.
Our services are offered to over 150 countries with patients in over 50 countries Alaska, Syria, Honduras, and Norway to name a few; our patients are present globally. Judy, an American, has spent more than 18 years in the United States where she completed her primary education followed by her numerous courses in alternative medicine and the fitness industry.
By qualification Judy is a Microbiologist; however her interest in natural therapies has directed her to help those having questions about the services we offer as well as continue her interest in this field.
You can be assured that the team at HRD is as holistic as the treatment offered and our knowledge base as vibrant as the people working here. I am much better and have recovered significantly after 4 months of treatment for Ankylosing Spondilitis and do not have severe episodes as before.
Dr’s treatment helped in preventing surgery and my child’s problem of recurrent colds, snoring, nose block and restless nights is cured. Most individuals end up using conventional treatments such as antihistamines, nasal decongestants and steroids, usually in desperation.
We are sure that you too are probably in the midst of searching for an alternative and are fed up of this unceasing allergy!
You may have realized that the root cause of your problem is lack of an appropriate response to allergens to which your body is susceptible. Most HRD patients experience more than 70 % reduction in the intensity and frequency of their ailment after a period of 3-6 months of treatment. Nasal allergies and their symptoms are a result of an allergic response to air borne allergens, due to specific antigen-antibody reaction on the nasal mucosa.
May be seasonal or perennial, depending on the individual’s response to the offending allergen. You need to be aware that surgical correction of nasal polyp, enlarged nasal turbinate and deviated nasal septum help temporarily by relieving nasal obstruction. Our treatment offers non-drowsy, symptomatic relief with a decrease in recurrence rate when maintaining factors such as high pollen count etc are present.

Small amounts of the offending allergen are injected with the intention of developing antibodies against it. They reduce allergic inflammation within the nasal cavity and not recommended for prolonged use. Approximately 10% of the world’s population suffers from kidney stones sometime in their life and more than 80% of those affected experience a reoccurrence. Our treatment protocol stresses on a preventive line of treatment as well as improving your chances of passing passable stones (4-10 mm) through diet and Homeopathic medicines.
A kidney stone or renal calculi is a hard material formed from salts and minerals within the kidney and the urinary tract.
Dehydration: Poor fluid intake causes concentration of salts and minerals in the urine leading to stones. Excessive Calcium: A condition called ‘Hypercalciuria’, which leads to excessive calcium absorption into the urine, causes the most common type of stones containing calcium. Increase water and fluid intake: Helps in passing stones and reducing concentration of minerals in urine. Our treatment protocol stresses on a preventive line of treatment as well as improving your chances of passing stones through diet and Homeopathic medicines.
The first known as ‘Specific remedies’ which help in immediate control of pain, blood in urine and those which propagate passing or breaking down stones. The second, known as ‘Constitutional remedy’, which helps to rectify metabolic disorders and reduce your innate tendency to form stones.
Vocal Cord Nodules (Polyp) Treatment, Causes, Symptoms, Homeopathic Treatment, Homeopathy – Dr. The vocal cords are the folds of mucous membrane in the larynx which vibrate to make a range of vocal sounds such as those during speaking and singling.
Vocal cord nodules and polyps are noncancerous growths on the vocal folds that affect this voice. Individuals treated at HomeoConsult RD have shown to respond well and we therefore strongly recommend homeopathy for most cases of vocal fold nodules and polyps. Ganglia are thin walled cysts filled with clear fluid arising from joints or tendon sheaths.
The medicines prescribed are purely internal homeopathic medicines capable of softening the ganglion and then reabsorb the fluid from within. Results are long-lasting and usually permanent, as compared to the surgical option of ‘aspiration’. Consuming sedatives could help you temporarily; however they are detrimental if taken for too long. Sedatives and drugs have no corrective action on the cause of sleeplessness unlike Homeopathy.
More than 30% of individuals visiting our centres have been treated for altered sleep patterns. You can be assured that there isn’t any other science as holistic as Homeopathy and as capable of influencing your entire life form, without any side effects. Very often a feeling of ‘falling’ during this stage may cause your body to jerk or experience a sudden muscle contraction. Alternate toning and relaxation of muscles takes place and the heart rate and body temperature falls.
The nature of the condition and pain can be very debilitating and can prevent you from functioning at your finest. However, the results of our treatment can be considered exclusive and may not be achieved by all homeopaths. Vinod Vaknalli has been practicing homeopathy for over 40 years at three leading Research & Clinical Centres in Bombay, originally started by him. NHP India is a diversified, Homeopathic pharmaceutical company manufacturing and exporting one of the widest ranges of Homeopathic mother tinctures, dilutions, biochemical formulation and approved specialties.
Vinod Vaknalli has been interviewed on Indian television on more than 15 occasions, covering topics like Homeopathic treatment for common and difficult ailments, as well as benefits of Homeopathy over conventional medicine. Over time they realize that these medicines do help in immediately relieving the congestion; however the frequency and intensity of the relapses seldom diminish.
Associated nasal polyps or enlarged nasal turbinate, seen in individuals with deviated nasal septum, can also be reduced and the nasal passages can once again reclaim normalcy, without the need for surgery.
Perennial allergic rhinitis occurs year-around, and is often caused by indoor allergens such as dust and animal dander. Even after surgery, homeopathic treatment is highly recommended for the relief of the existing allergies. Complete cure is possible in cases of recent origin, mild to moderate severity, and in children by improving the individual’s immune response to allergens. You can become highly addictive and over time (three to five days), cause inflammation in the nasal passages and worsen rhinitis.

Therefore, if someone in your family is suffering or has had this condition you may be able to determine the causative factor if they were diagnosed earlier.
Calcium binds with phosphate or oxalate to form ‘Calcium phosphate’ or ‘Calcium oxalate’ stones respectively. Lowering calcium intake may increase your chances of calcium oxalate stones (commonest form) as calcium binds with oxalates in the gut and prevents it from being excreted in the urine. Surgery is usually not the preferred choice of treatment and is only done in rare cases when they become large or have existed for a long time.
Cases when treated early when the nodules are small and of recent origin respond faster and can be completely cured in a relatively shorter period of time. They are recommended for all age groups and can be taken for long durations without the fear of any harmful side effects. Homeopathy could not only help immediately but also heal your recurring problem once and for all. They grow on the top of the wrist (dorsal ganglions), underside of the wrist, at the end joint of a finger and occasionally affect the feet. It does so by reducing the size as well as by systemic re-absorption of the fluid from the ganglion.
The Homeopathic treatment consists of internal medicines that help in resolving the condition from within. This however leaves the outer shell of the ganglion intact thereby leaving a chance for the ganglion to reappear.
Vaknalli for conditions varying from idiopathic insomnia to insomnia due to or associated with anxiety, depression, dreams, mental stress, nervousness, restlessness, specific diseases etc. It may be normal for some to sleep for an average of only 4-6 hours and yet feel completely rested. Chronic use of pain killers only offers short-term relief; however they have no effect on reducing the periodicity or frequency of migraine episodes and do not guarantee any long-term benefit. On investigating you will notice that someone in your family has most probably suffered from such headaches in the past and hasn’t paid heed to it, unless the headaches were very severe. A general feeling of elation, irritability or an unusually, sudden desire for sweets, water etc appears during this stage. Our treatment has been designed by 3 generations of homeopaths over the past 80 years and after prescribing millions of prescriptions for over a million patients since the 1940's.
His immense clinical experience includes consulting hundreds of patients daily and can only be described as a “Veteran Homeopath”. She is an avid follower and promoter of natural therapies and her enthusiasm and curiosity for finding natural and homeopathic cures has earned her this position at HRD where she answers and clarifies your doubts holistically.
As a result you will become less prone to frequent colds, rhinitis or seasonal allergies and overtime could develop resistance to the responsible allergen. Hyperparathyroidism, a condition involving over activity of the parathyroid gland, causes such excessive absorption. They restrict complete closure of the vocal folds and their ability to generate quick changes in air pressure essential for proper speech.
Besides reversing the condition, the medicines prescribed also help those prone to recurring growths as seen commonly in those who perpetually strain their voice. However we do continue the medicines during this period in order to minimize the chances or a reoccurrence.
The pain may be localized in the wrist (dorsal ganglia) or may radiate to the arm & fingers.
Conditions such as depression shorten the REM phase, whereas antipsychotic drugs tend to increase this phase.
Other homeopaths may not be able to mimic these results considering each ones limitations and experience. His lifetime endeavor has been to educate, help and motivate people as well as promote Homeopathy in its true self. Vinod has formulated over 40 clinically-tested Homeopathic formulations which are currently available at all leading pharmacies in India and also supplied abroad.
Do however note that the outcome is better when treatment is started as early as possible and continued for a few months meant for the medicines to act.
Vinod has founded four homeopathic pharmacies in Bombay, dedicated to provide genuine homeopathic medicines.

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