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This is usually followed by painful, small blisters that pop and leave sores that ooze or bleed. It is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances.
You did a great job avoiding all of your family members you didn't want to see over the holidays.
See the funniest YouTube videos, pictures and images online or chat with Smosh readers in our online forums. Most people notice symptoms within a few weeks after they catch the virus from someone else.
It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment and should not be relied on to make decisions about your health. You're in the home stretch and there's still a few more people you need to avoid to make this holiday season perfect.
The first time it happens, you may also have a fever, headache, or other flu-like feelings. Never ignore professional medical advice in seeking treatment because of something you have read on the WebMD Site. New Year's Eve parties are a great place to mingle with lots of people you don't usually see. How You Do -- and Don’t -- Get HerpesYou get herpes by having any kind of sex -- vaginal, oral, or anal -- with someone who’s infected.

Here are people you don't want to party with on New Year's Eve. The Amateur Drunk(source)New Year's Eve is a night when people who don't usually drink try to down an entire bottle of vodka. It's not that great when they start telling all of your new friends about how much of a dweeb you used to be. Because the virus can't live long outside your body, you can't catch it from something like a toilet seat or towel.  Worried It’s Herpes?Sometimes people mistake a pimple or ingrown hair for herpes. If you don’t have symptoms but think you might have herpes, your doctor can do a blood test.
Now isn't the time to give it another go. Your Evil Clone(source)Your evil clone is always trying to find opportunities to replace you and New Year's Eve is no different. What Causes It?Genital herpes usually comes from the virus called herpes simplex-2 (HSV-2).
You may think you're looking in a mirror, but it's actually a window with your evil clone looking right back at you. The Downer(source)New Year's Eve is a time to look forward to what the future might bring.
I'm sorry your girlfriend dumped you, but maybe if you weren't moping so much then you might be able to meet someone new at this party. Your Ex(source)You may think that you guys broke up on good terms and everything is fine.
Exes are to be avoided all all costs on NYE because you're probably going to freak out and make yourself look like a jealous crazy person. The Kisser(source)This person tries to kiss as many people as they can on NYE. How to Prevent an OutbreakSome people only take their medications if they feel the itching and tingling that means an outbreak is coming on -- or when sores show up -- to stop it from getting worse. Make sure you avoid this person unless you want to share mouth herpes with 50 other people at the party. Your Parents(source)This one is pretty obvious. Most people have them on and off for several years,  but they get milder and happen less often over time. How to Avoid HerpesAs long as you're sexually active, there's a chance you could get herpes.

You'll make it a lot less likely if you use a latex or polyurethane condom or dental dam every time, for every activity. He's going to slam doors in everyone's faces, smash all your tables, and kick everyone in the weiner. What Triggers an Outbreak?The herpes virus stays in your body forever, even if you have no symptoms. You may have an outbreak when you're sick, after you’ve been out in the sun, or when you’re stressed out or tired. Sex and HerpesYou still can have sex if you have genital herpes, but you must tell your partner you have the virus. Problems With HerpesPeople often don’t have serious problems from herpes, but there's a chance of them.
Herpes and PregnancyIf you’re pregnant and have herpes, your doctor may suggest that you have your baby by C-section. During vaginal birth, the herpes virus could spread to your baby, especially if your first outbreak happens around the delivery time. The American Sexual Health Association recommends you pick a time when you won't be interrupted, plan what you want to say ahead of time, and practice what you'll say so you feel confident.

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