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An infectious bacterial infection, lyme disease is caused when a person is bit by an infected tick.
Garlic has antiseptic properties that help to kill the borrelia bacteria that settle on the skin surface and in the blood if a person is detected with the lyme disease.Keep cloves of garlic bandaged with a clean cloth on the affected skin overnight for complete cure of lyme disease. This nutrient helps to make the immune system of the body stronger to fight against bacterial infections. The antioxidants spreading in the body on application will act as natural antibacterial agents to get rid of lyme disease naturally. The extracts of this plant enhances the ability of the white blood cells to fight against toxic substances like pathogens generated by ticks.
Although pinworm infestation does not cause serious health problems, nonetheless, intense rectal itching triggered by the active worms can be quite annoying.Pinworms can be easily eliminated from the body with medications. Although adult pinworms can be killed with a single dose of the medication, the eggs may survive, and within a few weeks, they may hatch to produce new worms.
The leaf of the olive tree contains compounds that can kill the harmful parasites living in the gastrointestinal tract. People suffering from pinworm infestation can take supplements containing up to 500mg of olive leaf extract.
Among the different wormwood species, Artemisia absinthium, commonly known as bitter wormwood, can expel the pinworms from the gastrointestinal tract.The anti-parasitic property of the herb is primarily attributed to its active components, namely absinthin and sesquiterpene lactones, that can weaken the membrane of the worms. Several anti-parasitic formulations are available in chemist stores that combine wormwood with extracts of other herbs such as clove and black walnut. The anti-parasitic components of garlic can eliminate parasites from the intestine, regardless of their species. You can get rid of the pinworms by packing your daily meals with fiber rich vegetables and fruits. Epstein-barr or EBV is a virus that causes mononucleosis which is basically considered to be a skin infection that is found around the neck. It is a debilitating disease that can be cured by the use of herbal remedies because the results of the herbal remedies for mononucleosis are very effective and fast. Echinacea works as one of the unsurpassed herbal remedies for mononucleosis in children as it works in the field of stimulating the white cells of blood to support the process of killing the virus that causes mononucleosis. Extract of olive leaf can be used in treating the symptoms of mononucleosis such as swollen glands, sore throat, fatigue and fever which are experienced in the initial stage of the infection. Phogocytos is a process through which the white cells of the blood ingest foreign matter and microorganisms that are very harmful and this process is stimulated by the help of olive leaf. Garlic is the most accessible and the cheapest of all the herbal remedies available for the treatment of mononucleosis and is considered to be a cure all for several infections.

It can also be taken with teas, salads and juices and there are people who also take garlic by frying it in mustard oil.
Recurrent mononucleosis can be treated very effectively by the use of Astragalus which has produced great results in treating conditions of chronic immunity. Cleavers and coriander seeds can be used in preparing tea that can help in easing the discomfort that is caused due to the high fever that a patient of mononucleosis suffers from.
Red root and milk thistle can be used as the best herbal remedies for mononucleosis when the spleen and the liver are affected. Use with caution if you are allergic to Olive tree pollen as it may cause an allergic reaction.
Though lyme disease brings with it very serious consequences like heart palpitations and nervous disorders, it is difficult to diagnose and treat.That is why the first symptoms of lyme disease, like red spots, fever, fatigue and headache, as soon as they are detected, must be treated immediately. This nutrient helps to boost the human body’s immune system.If you know that you have been bitten by a tick, apply one teaspoon of flaxseed oil on the affected part and spread gently. It lends a cool soothing feeling that helps to reduce inflammation and rashes in the case of lyme disease. You can also drink garlic juice after keeping garlic cloves immersed in water overnight or chew garlic cloves. These extracts effectively fight the bacteria spread by ticks and cure the infection, body ache and fever.
Drinking and applying the juice of citrus fruits if you suffer from lyme disease is recommended.
Spread this juice evenly on the skin affected by lyme disease rashes.It has natural diuretic properties, thus increasing the flow of natural oils on the skin surface and helping to fight the infectious lyme disease. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. However, it is more common among kids between 5 and 10 years of age and individuals who live in unhygienic, crowded condition. If you prefer natural remedies to pharmaceutical drugs, you can try home remedies to get rid of the worms. To prevent pinworm infection recurrence, a second dose of the anti-parasitic medicine has to be taken after two weeks. Lower doses are recommended for children and people on diabetes and blood pressure medications. A small dose of wormwood extract is usually sufficient for killing the worms and their eggs.Excess use can cause headaches, giddiness and epileptic-like condition. Consuming two to three cloves of garlic daily helps to reduce the risk of pinworm infestation.

Bromelain, a type of digestive enzyme present in pineapple, destroys the worms by weakening their membranes. You can also get rid of the worms with bromelain supplements. This viral infection can lead to sore throat, inflamed lymph glands and fever and is mostly experienced by people in their late teenage. Echinacea, when given to children must be fetched in versions that are child-friendly and palatable for the kids. Olive leaf helps in treating this infection by penetrating into the cells that have been infected and stopping the viruses that can replicate. Garlic is available worldwide and can be used in several ways to get mononucleosis treated very fast. One clove of garlic should be taken on a regular basis by people who suffer from mononucleosis.
However, there is one thing that is very important to be kept in mind while trying to use Astragalus for the treatment of mononucleosis and that is, Astragalus should not be used while a patient suffers from fever and when suppressant drugs are used for the immune. Thus, you can make a tea by mixing these two and drink this every day if you are suffering from this medical condition. These herbs carry out the process of bringing about a reduction in the inflammation, protection of the liver and cleaning the lymph gland. You can also drink one glass of aloe vera juice daily to flush out harmful toxins that attack the body when suffering from lyme disease.
The plant can be used in tinctures or as a massage component on skin affected by lyme disease. Apply fresh potato juice which is cool; it provides relief from the burning and itching sensation caused on skin by lyme disease rashes. The symptoms of this infection subside after some weeks but it is very important to treat this infection because it can cause a lot of discomfort to the body. You can have these herbs separately or you can mix these two and consume for a few days to get relief. You can also attain the same result by consuming two teaspoons of psyllium husk with a glass of water or warm milk daily. Due to the nature of olive leaf and the seasoning difference, the taste of the product may vary and leaf residue might also be found in the liquid.

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