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Penn Vet Experts Advise Community on Equine HerpesvirusTable of ContentsBy Louisa Shepard An outbreak of equine herpes myeloencephalopathy (EHM), an unusual and potentially life threatening form of equine herpesvirus (EHV-1) infection, is very big news for every horse owner, barn manager, and veterinarian. Extremely contagious and easily spread, EHV-1 can cause a variety of problems, including respiratory infection, abortion, and in rare cases, paralysis and other neurological complications.
Human herpes virus 5 (HHV5) is the official name of cytomegalovirus (CMV) and is the cause of mononucleosis. Human herpes virus 6 (HHV6) is a recently observed agent found in the blood cells of a few patients with a variety of diseases. Human herpes virus 8 (HHV8) was recently discovered in certain tumors called Kaposi's Sarcoma (KS).
These short covered pieces of protein, like DNA, are about 100,000 times smaller than a human cell. Herpes viruses associated with Cold Sores (oral Herpes), Shingles, Genital Herpes, and Molluscum. The Viral Inhibitor and Viral Inhibitor Pro is harmless, non-invasive, non-chemical, non-addictive and has no side-effects. Touch both probes’ sides to a metal coin (quarter), push and release RED start button. More than 40,000 new cases of herpes are diagnosed each day in America alone, that is over 15,000,000 new herpes infections per year!
HHV3 can also cause a recurrent virus infection of the skin, which is called herpes zoster or shingles.
It is the major cause of infectious mononucleosis, or "mono" - the "kissing disease." It is a contagious infection and is transmitted through saliva. It causes roseola (a viral disease causing high fever and a skin rash in small children) and a variety of other illnesses associated with fever in that age group.
Like other human herpes viruses, HHV6 and HHV7 are so common that nearly all humans have been infected at some point, usually early in life. Infected horses must be isolated, everything associated with those horses disinfected, and biosecurity protocols established as soon as possible, according to Penn Vet experts. HHV1 can also lead to infection in the genital area causing genital herpes usually through oral-genital contact, such as after oral sex. Shingles occurs when dormant varicella-zoster virus from an initial bout of chickenpox becomes reactivated. Coughing, sneezing, or sharing eating utensils with an infected person can pass the virus from one person to another. This infection accounts for many of the cases of convulsions associated with fever in infancy (febrile seizures).

HHV7 can also cause roseola, but it is not clear what other clinical effects that this virus causes. HHV1 infections are contagious and are usually spread from skin-to-skin contact with an infected person through small breaks in the skin or mucous membrane.
The lesions generally appear in a band-like or belt-like pattern occurring on one side of the body and are often accompanied by itching, tingling, or even severe pain. About half of all five-year-old children and 90 to 95 percent of adults have evidence of previous infection.
CMV can be transmitted through sexual contact, breast-feeding, blood transfusions, and organ transplants.
The HHV1 virus is more likely to be spread through things like sharing eating utensils, razors, and towels from a person who has an active lesion.
The main route of transmission is through sexual contact, as the virus does not survive very long outside the body.
It is associated with particular forms of cancer, like Hodgin's lymphoma, especially in those with compromised immune systems. HHV8 may also cause other cancers, including certain lymphomas (lymph node cancers) associated with AIDS.
Because the horse and veterinary communities are so concerned about EHV-1, Penn Vet’s New Bolton Center held an information session about the disease in June, attended by about 30 local veterinarians and others in the horse industry.
Postherpetic neuralgia is a complication of shingles where the pain associated with the infection can persist for months and even years.
There is evidence that infection with the virus is associated with certain autoimmune diseases, especially dermatomyositis, systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, Sjogren's syndrome, and multiple sclerosis. Symptoms include diarrhea, severe vision problems including blindness, infections of the stomach and intestines, and even death. The fact that these cancers are caused by a virus may explain why they tend to occur in people with AIDS when their immune systems begin to fail. Reports show the Viral Inhibitor stops damage; sores disappear in days not weeks and if applied early at first itching, tingling or burning, it helps prevent sores. For a virus that barely causes a problem in most people with healthy immune systems, it can be incredibly deadly in people with damaged immune systems, such as people with AIDS. The discovery also provides new hope that specific treatments for these tumors will be developed to target the virus. They re-emerge and attack again, triggered by nervousness, excitement, stress, disease, weak immune system, fatigue, sunshine, poor nutrition, etc. Helen Aceto, New Bolton Center Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Director of Biosecurity Dr.

Amy Johnson, New Bolton Center Assistant Professor of Large Animal Medicine and Neurology Dr. Aliza Simeone, Veterinary Medical Field Officer with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture’s Bureau of Animal Health and Diagnostic Services Southeast Pennsylvania, like many other parts of the country, saw a significant increase in diagnosed cases of EHM in the past year, said Simeone, a Penn Vet alumna. The state managed several quarantines in Southeast PA between October and May, including barns at local horse racetracks. This virus affects all sectors of the horse industry worldwide, and has serious animal welfare and economic effects, impacting horse movement, breeding, and competition, these experts said.  What is EHV-1? In most cases, infection with this virus results in a mild respiratory infection or even no disease at all, but in some cases it can cause potentially serious disease.
Aceto recommends watching a horse carefully for at least 14 days after going to a competition. How to Recognize the Virus Horse owners should try to recognize the condition early and know what to do to contain the infection. Many situations, mostly involving stress on the horse, including transportation, change of housing, or weaning, Aceto said. Use disposable or washable boots, clothing covers, and gloves when dealing with infected horses. Wash and disinfect all equipment, including bits and tack, twitches, rope, water hoses, and anything that has been used on an infected horse.
Maintain separate tools for infected and exposed stalls: separate brooms, shovels, pitchforks, and wheel barrows. The vaccination to prevent abortion is highly recommended for at-risk mares, those on breeding farms, and race and show horses.
Horses that survive EHM often show improvement within weeks, but total neurologic recovery can take as long as six to 12 months, and more severe cases often do not show complete neurologic recovery, Johnson said. Regulation Racetracks are particularly challenging to manage, since there are many different owners and veterinary practices, and the horses are often under stress, Simeone said.
The EHM cases she has handled in the past six months were characterized with very high fevers, topping 104°F, and even with medication, the fevers did not subside. In one barn, five of 32 horses that tested positive did not show any signs of illness, Simeone said.

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