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HSV-2 spreads via sexual contact and usually only affects sexually active teens and young adults. Additionally, once a person has been exposed to HSV-1, they may also contract the HSV-2 virus.
A person with oral herpes can spread this virus causing genital herpes by performing oral sex.
The spread of herpes is on the rise with more and more people becoming infected each day; with teens having sex at younger ages and adding to these statistics. This ointment has been formulated to treat both acute and chronic Oral and Genital herpes outbreaks.

Sun exposure, skin cancer, sun damage, Webmd explains sun exposure ages skin raises risk skin cancer.
Those who contracted HSV-2 first will usually develop immunity to the herpes simplex virus-type 1. Treatment should be acquired as soon as a person thinks they may have been in contact with this virus.
Some people will have outbreaks once or twice a month while others may only have several outbreaks a year. It is estimated that 80 percent of the population in the United States will come into contact with the herpes virus by the age of 25.

Treatment will suppress the virus causing fewer outbreaks to occur, and the severity of the outbreaks to lessen. Infected individuals must constantly strive to prevent the spread of this virus to others.

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