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The current outbreak of Ebola virus in West Africa has been declared a public health emergency of international concern by the World Health Organization (WHO) and is the most severe such outbreak of Ebola to date.  Almost eight in ten cases ever reported have been reported in the past few months alone, and there is increasing attention to and concern about its further escalation. Ebola virus has a unique set of characteristics that determines how and why it spreads, and how deadly it can be. How an infectious disease is transmitted – whether through direct contact with bodily fluids, through air, or other means, as well as whether human-to-human transmission is possible – is important for understanding how to prevent and track the disease.
Some diseases can be transmitted only when symptoms are present while others can be transmitted even when a person does not yet have symptoms, known as being asymptomatic. Currently, there is no vaccine to prevent Ebola, no treatment for the disease (other than treatments for its symptoms and some experimental treatments), and no cure.  Other diseases have treatments but no vaccine and no cure (such as HIV), while still others have vaccines, but cannot be treated or cured (such as measles). Ebola is one of the most deadly infectious diseases, causing death in approximately 50-90 percent of those who become infected (its estimated case-fatality rate).

Filling the need for trusted information on national health issues, the Kaiser Family Foundation is a nonprofit organization based in Menlo Park, California.
North Korea's state-run news agency reported that scientists there have developed a vaccine for the MERS virus while South Korea fights to contain the disease with 24 confirmed deaths and 166 infections. In the meantime, MERS has now been confirmed in 26 countries as Thailand officially recorded its first case. A man in Thailand, who had traveled to the Middle East earlier in the month, was being treated at a Bangkok hospital and was listed in stable condition, CNN reported. To better understand it, we compare Ebola to 12 other infectious diseases that continue to represent public health challenges today.  These include diseases that have been around for thousands of years (the so-called “ancient diseases”) as well as others that are much more recent (the so-called “emerging diseases”).
Ebola can only be transmitted when symptoms are present, in contrast to diseases such as HIV, influenza, and malaria which have asymptomatic transmission.

This is much higher than almost every other infectious disease included.  Case fatality rates for other diseases are much lower, including those for influenza (less than 1%) and SARS (13-43%). The disease has mostly affected victims in the Middle East and eastern Asia, stated the network. They include viruses as well as bacteria and parasites, and vary in terms of how easily they are spread, how deadly they are, and whether there are vaccines, treatments, or cures to address them.
The drug, made from ginseng along with other Earth elements, can prevent the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome and other contagious diseases, according to Sputnik News.

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