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Smoky Hill High School freshman field hockey player Jacqueline Kamlet, center, talks with her junior varsity teammates during a time out during a game on Oct. If it was a normal night for the Kamlet and Foerster families, Kim Kamlet would have been in the stands at Stutler Bowl Oct. But it hasn’t been a normal night for many months for the large, closely intertwined families as they continue to sharply feel the loss of Kim Kamlet, who died in April from aggressive breast cancer. The rampant disease claimed Kamlet’s life just one month after she was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer, which rapidly spread to her liver, bones and lymph nodes. Kim Kamlet was Smoky Hill coach Natalie Foerster’s aunt by blood, but felt every bit like a second mother to her. Foerster and older sister Kaitlynne used to stay at the Kamlets’ house when their four siblings were born or be in their care when their mother was substitute teaching.
Kim Kamlet cared for them as much as she did for daughters Jacqueline, Julia — a Smoky Hill senior — and Jenna, the oldest. So when Kamlet’s diagnosis came and she passed away seemingly in the blink of an eye, the family rallied around her husband, Andy, and three girls. The family has participated in many Breast Cancer Awareness events in the past few months, and formed a team of hundreds — Kim’s Crusaders — that raised around $5,000 for the Susan G.
With so many family ties to the field hockey team, Foerster wanted to put on a Play for the Cure game and found an eager participant in a Cherry Creek team coached by Ashley Thompson, whose daughters attended Indian Ridge Elementary School where Kim Kamlet was a second grade teacher. The others players on the Smoky Hill team jumped at the chance to support the family and the cause as they have all along.
Smoky Hill field hockey assistant coach Kaitlynne Foerster Wetmore, right, hugs Julia Kamlet after the Buffs’ Play for the Cure game on Oct.

At the game against Cherry Creek, the team wore pink jerseys, each with Kamlet’s name on the back, a pink ball was used during the game and the team passed a pink bucket through the crowd to collect contributions for its goal to donate at least $300 to the Komen Foundation. On the field, Smoky Hill played its most inspired game of the season, playing even with Cherry Creek before the Bruins scored twice in a short burst for a 2-0 victory. Foerster helps out with the field hockey team in the spring coached by sister Kaitlynne — with Julia Kamlet one of the top players —and said Smoky Hill plans a Play for the Cure game during that season as well. Prep sports teams all across Aurora have also honored Breast Cancer Awareness month, donning pink towels, gloves, ribbons and all sorts of other apparel in support of the cause and will continue to do so through the end of the month. Varsity players and coaches on the Smoky Hill field hockey team pose for a picture wearing their pink shirts for their Play for the Cure game on Oct. Print, Digital & Direct Marketing Solutions for Metro Aurora Colorado including Aurora Sentinel, Aurora Magazine, Buckley Guardian.
Corey Hall is a Desert Storm Veteran, a former gospel recording artist and a new business owner.
Corey says that while going through treatment and reflecting on his life, he “promised God that if He let me live and open Gamer vs.
During his own treatment, Corey decided to donate 2 hour video game parties to children battling cancer. Make plans to attend the first ever Carnival for a CURE on Saturday, June 11th from 12pm-5pm at Cogburn Woods Elementary School in Milton, GA. The 3rd Annual Believe Ball brought together 600 individuals, honoring Jeff Foxworthy as well as raising more than $1,000,000 to further CURE’s mission.
Her life, and those of many currently fighting breast cancer or those who have survived it were all part of the Smoky Hill field hockey team’s Play for the Cure game, which brought a poignant opening to October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

In March 2010, Corey discovered a huge lump on his chest which seemed to appear suddenly and out of nowhere. Gamer, I would use the service to help others as well as leave a legacy for my family.” Gamer vs Gamer is a video game truck. To CURE, Corey is an angel who delivers hope and fun to patients and their siblings who desperately need it. Enjoy food trucks, a caricature artist, games with prizes, raffles, vendors, pet adoptions, and much more, all benefiting United for a CURE: The Mary Elizabeth, Melissa, Lake Fund. He went to the doctor the next day to have it checked out, and a biopsy revealed stage 4 cancer. Corey explains, “We don’t just open our doors and tell the kids to go play video games like 99.9% of the other Game trucks in the industry. Kim Kamlet was also the aunt of Smoky Hill coach Natalie Foerster and assistant Kaitlynne Foerster Wetmore. Instead we actually celebrate a child’s birthday with Red Carpet, Velvet Rope, a personalized grand entrance, their name and pictures flashing across all (4) 51 inch TVs, a unique birthday song, a personalized video, cake, ice cream, popcorn and candy.” In between all of this fun, kids get a chance to play video games, watch 3-D Movies and dance. Gamer also volunteers during CURE sponsored events, such as the CURE Holiday Party and the Annual Picnic.

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