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Doctors, administrators and state insurance regulators fear that rules implemented under the Affordable Care Act may actually cost patients access to some of the nation’s best cancer care hospitals. Obamacare may be anything, but affordable to those cancer patients relieved that they can finally get coverage under the new healthcare reform legislature.
In fact, doctors, administrators and state insurance regulators fear that rules implemented under the Affordable Care Act may actually cost these Americans access to some of the nation’s best cancer care hospitals.
Healthcare consumers who purchased insurance plans through the online marketplaces hope they are dead wrong.
Seattle Cancer Care Alliance is excluded by five out of eight insurers in Washington’s insurance exchange.
Sharon Gabayan, vice president of Beverly Hills Cancer Center, a Los Angeles-based facility and member of the Medical Tourism Association®, said patients battling cancer will have more difficulty finding the care and treatment they need, when the need it.
Radiation oncologists at the Beverley Hills Cancer Center treat patients with a Linear Accelerator to deliver pinpoint-specific, non-invasive radiation therapy to cancer cells, while leaving adjoining healthy cells unaffected.
Patients who may not be able get the most advanced treatment including clinical trials of new medications are also having difficulty determining which top-level institutions are included in a plan. Before President Barack Obama’s healthcare law, a cancer diagnosis could identify a patient as uninsurable.
Larry Keller is among the millions of Americans who believed he had a better chance of beating cancer after purchasing an insurance plan through the online marketplaces established under the Affordable Care Act. His Humana Gold plan saves him about $200 a month than what he previously paid for in insurance premiums and covers far more than his last policy, a catastrophic arrangement that didn’t insure preventative services and required him to spend thousands for his medical care. But, the new policy carries with it a catch: His surgical oncologist at University of Cincinnati’s Barrett Cancer Center isn’t considered an in-network provider.
Although he couldn’t find his UC Health oncologist, Keller said he went forward with the Humana plan after being reassured by his physicians that his care would be covered.
Keller spent the next two days working to get the surgery approved, before Humana agreed to the procedure.
AP surveyed 23 institutions around the United States that are part of the Comprehensive Cancer Network, asking how many insurance companies in their state’s exchanges included them as a network provider. Cancer network members are leading hospitals that combine the latest clinical research and knowledge with a multidisciplinary approach to patient care.
Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield officials said its network was based on research involving thousands of consumers and businesses. The Obama administration says it has notified insurers that their networks will get closer scrutiny for next year in the 36 states served by the federal exchange. Renee-Marie Stephano, president of the Medical Tourism Association®, says cancer patients are willing to travel if it’s going to save their life. Medical tourism patients from 49 states and 18 countries have taken advantage of precise radiation treatment that destroys cancer cells with minimal damage to surrounding tissue at the University of Florida Proton Therapy Institute in Jacksonville. She said other patients may want to explore or undergo a treatment that isn’t widely available, such as radioactive iodine or proton beam therapy. The University of Florida Proton Therapy Institute, in Jacksonville, Fla., treats 4,500 patients since opening in August 2006.
The English National Health Service referred the family to the Florida Proton Therapy Institute for treatment.
Tags: Affordable Care Act, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Barrett Cancer Center, Beverly Hills Cancer Center, Comprehensive Cancer Network, Disney World, Duke Cancer Center Institute, English National Health Service, Fox Chase Cancer Center, healthcare reform, Humana, Humana Gold, Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center, md anderson cancer center, medical tourism, medical tourism association, medicare, Memorial Sloan-Kettering, Nancy Mendenhall, Norman Hubbard, Obamacare, President Barack Obama, renee-marie stephano, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, Sharon Gabayan, St. Breast cancer continues to be one of the most common cancers in women and maintains a high profile both in the media and in women’s minds. The first major surgical advances came in the 1970s when research showed there was the same survival rate for women who underwent breast preservation using lumpectomy (surgical removal of tumor[s] in the breast) and radiation, as there was for women who had a mastectomy (complete removal of the breast).
This discovery, along with rapid developments in breast reconstruction, opened a whole new avenue of surgical options for women. En una reciente conversacion con amigos surgio una  interrogante que preocupa mucho a algunas personas: ?te has dado cuenta que fulano y zutano tienen cancer?
Durante el ano 2008 se diagnosticaron 12 millones de nuevos casos de cancer a nivel mundial, y, para el ano 2030 se pronostica el diagnostico de 33 millones de casos anualmente; debido a esto, la Organizacion Mundial de la Salud (OMS) ha decretado a esta enfermedad como una de las grandes amenazas globales.

La pregunta sobre la incidencia del cancer solo se puede contestar a la luz de los hechos medicos y la epidemiologia del cancer en los ultimos 50 anos.
Sin embargo, el conocimiento general y mayor acceso a pesquisas cancerigenas produce un ironico efecto masivo de pseudo epidemia de cancer en la mentalidad colectiva. Un tercer factor importante que opera lentamente en la incidencia del cancer es el prolongamiento de la esperanza de vida. Hasta los momentos no pareciera haber un aumento realmente significativo de la tasa (relacion entre casos y poblacion total) de cancer, con la excepcion de casos muy conocidos y asociados a radiacion (Chernobyl y Japon) y otros en proceso de  investigacion como el 11 septiembre. La suma de todos estos efectos produce una sustitucion de causas de muerte en grupos de edad particulares que nos generan la impresion de que mayor cantidad de gente tiene esa enfermedad.
Una aproximacion diferente se impone al tratar de responder si la gente se  muere mas de cancer ahora que antes.
No parece haber un aumento significativo a nivel global o regional de casos de cancer, pero dado el cambio en el perfil de las causas de muerte alrededor del mundo, no cabe duda de que la  carga de enfermedad por cancer es cada vez mayor. Julio Castro Mendez es Medico Cirujano (UCV) con postgrados en Medicina Interna (UCV) e Infectologia (Hospital Vargas de Caracas). Julio Castro Mendez es Medico Cirujano (UCV) con postgrados en Medicina Interna (UCV) e Infectologia (Hospital Vargas de Caracas). Cancer is a major cause of death in India; recent estimates attribute about 6% of all deaths nationwide to cancer. A recent study found that in 2010, approximately 556,400 deaths in India could be directly attributed to cancer.
This entry was posted in Non-Communicable Disease, Oncology, Primary Care, Women's Health and tagged breast cancer, cancer, cervical cancer, lung cancer, mortality, NCDs, noncommunicable diseases, oncology, oral cancer, primary care, stomach cancer, women’s health. But, according to an Associated Press survey, only four of 19 nationally recognized comprehensive cancer centers said that patients have access through all the insurance companies in their state’s exchanges. MD Anderson Cancer Center says it’s in less than half of the plans in the Houston area.
The government-subsidized private plans on the exchanges typically offer less choice than Medicare or employer plans.
Just two days before a major surgery to remove three cancerous tumors from his liver, Keller received a letter in the mail from Humana that told him the procedure wasn’t covered because he had chosen an out-of-network provider. For that reason, Stephano said it is commonplace for American patients to seek affordable medical tourism opportunities at internationally recognized cancer centers overseas or for foreigners to visit the United States for treatment that is not readily available in their home countries.
He and his father and mother, Stephen and Gilliam Johnson, and his 6-year-old brother, Ethan, have been on an extended stay in Jacksonville, where James is undergoing cancer treatment. In the two weeks that the family has spent in Florida, James has enjoyed quite a bit of sightseeing, traveling to the nearby St. While it is certainly a scary diagnosis, it is exciting how much progress has been made in the treatment of breast cancer in recent years. No longer were women faced with a body-altering mastectomy as their only choice of treatment. Do not rely on this information or treat it as a substitute for personal medical or health care advice, or for diagnosis or treatment. Este impacto se traduce en  el termino disease burden o “carga de la enfermedad” sobre las naciones.
El primer hecho notorio es que los avances medicos han desplazado en la ultima mitad de siglo el orden de las causas de muerte en los paises industrializados.
Si por un momento imaginamos que se realiza un examen de sangre que determine cualquier tipo de cancer y se decida que el momento en que todo el pais se haga la prueba sea el dia de elecciones presidenciales, tendriamos un enorme numero de diagnosticos de cancer cada 6 anos, simulando de alguna manera un comportamiento epidemico o pseudo epidemico. Al haber un incremento del umbral de longevidad en la poblacion, un mayor numero de personas llegan a edades avanzadas, edades que estan inevitablemente vinculadas a enfermedades degenerativas como el cancer. Recientemente la  American Cancer Society ha publicado una declaracion donde expresa “de acuerdo con los reportes recientes, los trabajadores de rescate y salvamento que estuvieron expuestos el 11 de Septiembre no tienen un riesgo significativamente mayor que la poblacion general en la tasa general de cancer, pero se ha observado un riesgo 43% mayor de cancer de prostata, 2 veces mayor de cancer de tiroides y el triple de riesgo de mieloma multiple”. Esto opera en nuestra psique de manera similar a lo que sucede cuando compramos un carro de color inusual (rosado, por ejemplo): al principio pensamos que nuestro vehiculo es unico, hasta que poco a poco vemos mas carros rosados que antes. En ese caso  hay que particularizar de que entorno estamos hablando, ya que la mortalidad por cancer en un pais determinado esta muy asociada a las variables de funcionamiento del  sistema de salud local: el nivel de inversion sobre los programas de pesquisa en el pais, mas el nivel de acceso a terapias modernas y la calidad de los servicios de atencion a los pacientes con cancer determinan la variabilidad de la mortalidad por la enfermedad.

No es ajeno sentir que se desarrolla desde el cancer una especie de reality show, donde rapidamente se ventilan detalles sobre la enfermedad de figuras publicas a traves de medios y redes sociales. Research Fellow en enfermedades infecciosas Deaconess Beth Israel Medical Center y maestria en bioestadistica en Harvard School of Public Health. Lo cual se evidenciaba mas, en los pacientes lucidos de mayor edad y en los mas jovenes, de inteligencia por encima de la media estadistica poblacional, pertenecientes a las sociedades mas desarrolladas, competitivas y “problematicas” ! No se permitirán comentarios que contengan ofensas, insultos, ataques a terceros, lenguaje inapropiado o con contenido discriminatorio. Importantly, an increasing life expectancy and growing population are expected to continue the trend of increasing cancer rates. The top 3 cancer sites in men were oral cavity, stomach, and lung, and the top 3 cancer sites in women were the cervix, stomach, and breast, according to a nationally representative survey. Memorial Sloan-Kettering is included by two of nine insurers in New York City and has out-of-network agreements with two more. Lifetime dollar limits on policies, once a financial trap-door for cancer patients, are also banned.
And, unlike in-network benefits, bans on lifetime benefit caps and annual limitations on cost-sharing established through Obamacare don’t apply to out-of-network costs. Tags: Affinity Breast Center, Affinity Medical Group, biopsy, brachytherapy, breast cancer, diagnosis, lumpectomy, mastectomy, radiation therapy, surgery.
Breast biopsies also started to become to become less invasive, as the need for an operating room procedure was steadily replaced by image-guided needle biopsies.
Always consult your physician or other qualified health care provider as soon as possible about any medical or health-related question and do not wait for a response from our experts before such consultation. You should not assume the information posted by community members is accurate and you should never disregard or delay seeking professional medical advice because of something you have read on this site. A principio de los anos 50, las principales causas de muertes eran las  infecciosas; esta situacion cambio hacia finales del siglo XX, las enfermedades infecciosas  han sido sustituidas por el cancer en sus distintas variantes, en buena parte debido al desarrollo del conocimiento y tratamiento de enfermedades agudas infecciosas como la neumonia y la diarrea[1]. Lo peculiar de esto es que el avance en la capacidad de deteccion de las pruebas de pesquisa parece reafirmar de alguna manera la sensacion de que cada dia hay mas casos de cancer entre la poblacion.
Junto a este fenomeno se inserta otro parecido que es la prolongacion de la sobrevida (mayor numero de meses con vida post diagnostico en los pacientes con cancer).
Es conocido que algunas variables geneticas o raciales pueden determinar en  grupos poblacionales la aparicion de unos tipos de cancer sobre otros, pero no pareciera que sea un determinante mayor sobre la tasa de cancer en general. Lo que considerabamos un suceso raro e infrecuente se ha tornado a nuestros ojos en algo cotidiano. El segundo factor es el desarrollo de mejores metodos de pesquisa del cancer, que permiten un diagnostico precoz de la enfermedad a pacientes que no presentan aun los sintomas. Debido a la efectividad de los metodos de tratamiento del cancer, hay un mayor numero de pacientes conviviendo entre nosotros, ademas de una cantidad considerable de sobrevivientes que pueden contar su historia. Es curioso que en los reportes mundiales aparezcan las tasas mas altas de cancer como caracteristicas de sociedades desarrolladas y con mayor ingreso economico, mientras que en naciones pobres donde las enfermedades infecciosas son predominantes los habitantes mueren antes de poder padecer de cancer.
Esto es particularmente importante en cancer de mama (mamografia), cancer de cuello uterino (citologia) y cancer de prostata (antigeno prostatico).
A lo que debe sumarse el tema generacional: pasados los 40 anos de edad (en especial los 50), nuestros contemporaneos, sean amigos del trabajo o de toda la vida, son mas propensos a enfermar de cancer y  padecer enfermedades cardiovasculares, lo que resulta en la sensacion de que mucha gente a nuestro alrededor se esta enfermando[2]. Qualquer tumor pode metastizar para os ossos, e doentes em fases terminais podem apresentar vA?rias fraturas espontA?neas pelo corpo.
Marcia Greiwetenho edema nos membros inferiores pressA?o arterial normal,pode ser prenuncio de cancA?r Dr. Maria Bernardiquando se tem cancer de mama cai o cabelo sosinho ou so apos o tratamento da quimioterapia ?
Pedro, meu filho de 6 anos tem celulite facial frequentemente des dos seus 8 meses de vida , jA? internou varias vezes.

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