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Currently there is a high prevalence rate of Human Pappiloma Virus 16 and 18  found in lesions of oral cancer patients. Chronic infection of the tissues can cause oral cavity cancer, for example candidiasis or syphilis. Exophytic growth is seen here at the floor of the mouth.Patient however does not feel any pain. Most diagnosis of oral cancer is done by taking a fine needle biopsy of the tissue sample, The biopsy is than sent to the lab to be confirmed. Site of the lesion, lesion is located at the front part of the mouth and not the back part of the throat.

Tagged with hpv oral cancer, hpv oral cancer pictures, hpv oral cancer symptoms, oral cancer, oral cancer research, oral cancer screening, oral cancer treatment, oral cavity cancer. Therefore, it can be said that this virus is directly or concurrently linked to oral cancer.The reason for this occurrence is due to frequent oro-genital (mouth to genitals)  sexual orientations.
Once confirmed to be cancerous, the next diagnosis would be staging the extent of the cancer.
There are many symptoms seen like swelling, red and white patches inside the mouth, bleeding, difficulty in chewing, loss in weight etc. I have found that there is a lot of misinformation on the internet about health issues therefore I appreciate your great content.

Different types of the Human Papilloma Virus are known to infect different parts of the body.For example, venereal warts affecting the genitals and and cervical cancer affecting the cervix. I find that regular activity, such as running, is good for your health and will help you keep fit.
Especially the HPV Virus seems to be up and coming but an infection can easily be avoided if you have informed yourself about this subject.

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