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Treatment options for colorectal cancer depend on multiple factors like type o cancer, the stage of cancer, side effects and preferences of the patient along with his overall health.
Surgery: Surgery is the process of removal of tumor and the tissue around that area with the help of an operation. There may also be patients in whom the liver or the lungs may also be involved and as a result these may also be subject to surgery.
Radiation Therapy: In radiation therapy high energy x-rays are targeted towards the affected area. In some cases intraoperative radiation therapy where a high single dose of radiation is given at the time of surgery, brachytherapy where radioactive seeds are placed inside the body may prove useful in case of smaller tumors that could not be removed with surgery. Chemotherapy may cause a number of side effects like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, a sore mouth, hair loss, fatigue and a tingling sensation in the hands and feet.
Targeted Therapy: This type of therapy targets particular genes or proteins that may be responsible for growth on cancerous cells in the body. Thyroid cancer is not that common in the United States; however, its incidence seems to be increasing of late.
Majority of the patients suffering from thyroid cancer can be treated easily with chemotherapy, radioactive iodine, thyroid hormone therapy, external radiation therapy and surgery.
Papillary Thyroid Cancer: This is the most common type of thyroid cancer and constitutes for about 80% thyroid cancer cases.
Medullary Thyroid Cancer: This type of thyroid cancer can be related with inherited genetic syndromes which involve tumors in other glands. Thyroid Lymphoma: This type of thyroid cancer starts in the thyroid's immune system cells and is quite rare. Exposure to large doses of radiation to the head and neck or from other sources, such as weapons testing and nuclear power plant accidents, increases the risk of developing thyroid cancer. There are certain inherited genetic syndromes, such as multiple endocrine neoplasia, familial medullary thyroid cancer and familial adenomatous polyposis, increases the risk of developing thyroid cancer. Blood tests are done including a test which measures the level of TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone) in the body. Imaging tests like ultrasound of the neck are done to determine the nature of the lump and also to check for enlarged lymph nodes. Ultrasound-guided needle biopsy is done to remove cells from the thyroid and to examine them with the help of a microscope so as to detect cancer cells. Treatment depends on the type of bone cancer, the stage of the cancer and patient's general health.
Many patients suffering from thyroid cancer have to undergo surgery to either remove the entire or most of the thyroid gland. The surgeon after removing the thyroid may also remove the enlarged lymph nodes in the neck and send them for further testing for cancer cells. Radioactive iodine treatment is done via a capsule form or liquid which the patient can swallow. Side Effects Of Radioactive Iodine Are: Dry mouth and eyes, nausea, changes in taste or smell, pain felt where the thyroid cancer cells have metastasized like in chest or neck. The majority of the radioactive iodine exits the body via urine in the initial few days after commencement of treatment. External radiation therapy is done with the help of a machine which aims high-energy beams at specific points on the body. Although chemotherapy is not used that much for treating thyroid cancer, but it is helpful for those patients who are not benefitting from other types of therapies. In the case of colorectal cancer, a multidisciplinary team of doctors comprises of a gastroenterologist, a surgeon, physician oncologist and a radiation oncologist. Making treatment decisions becomes easy when one has knowledge of the various options available and complete information about the same. In this a surgical opening is made, the colon connected to the abdominal surface with the objective of providing an exit to the waste in the body.

Radiofrequency waves may also be used to heat the tumors in these areas in order to treat them. The radiation oncologist decides on the number of sittings that a patient requires over a period of time. Chemotherapy may also be given at the same time as radiation therapy in order to increase efficacy of the treatment.
Medicines are available to counter various side effects decreasing the level of discomfort a patient feels. Before targeted therapy can be offered a patient would be required to undergo a series of tests in order to determine the nature of therapy to be given to a patient. Prostate cancer is the growth of malignant cells inside the prostate, which is a walnut-size gland situated just beneath the bladder in men, contributing about 30 % of fluid portion to our semen discharge.
Thyroid is a gland which is shaped like a butterfly and is situated at the base of the neck, below Adam's apple. However, majority of the medullary thyroid cancers are intermittent and usually are not related with inherited genetic syndromes. Patient is instructed to take thyroid hormone medications such as levothyroxine (Synthroid, Levothroid etc.) for life.
Radioactive iodine treatment is commonly used after thyroidectomy surgery to kill any minute areas of thyroid cancer which were not removed during surgery. The radioactive iodine is absorbed mainly by thyroid cells and thyroid cancer cells, so there is very little chance of harming the other cells in the body. During this time you have to avoid close contact with others, particularly pregnant women and children, so as to avoid radiation exposure to them. This treatment is also known as External Beam Radiation Therapy and is usually given for some minutes at a time and for five days in a week, for around six weeks. Chemotherapy is often given intravenously so that it can travel throughout your body, thus destroying the rapidly growing cells and cancer cells. CAUSE SCREENING SYMPTOMS DIAGNOSIS STAGING TREATMENT PROGNOSIS RECURRENCES CERVICAL CANCER DURING PREGNANCY. In this article we discuss some of the colorectal cancer treatment options that are available for patients diagnosed with bowel cancer. Parts of the healthy colon, rectum and lymph nodes in the surrounding areas may also be required to be removed. It is best to discuss the side effects of chemotherapy with the care team and be prepared for it rather than be taken by surprise.
The chances of developing Prostate cancer, in Males is just about one out of ten males and a life threatening condition of just one person out of thirteen. The thyroid gland produces hormones which help in regulating blood pressure, heart rate, temperature of the body and your weight.
Radioactive iodine treatment is also used for treating recurring thyroid cancer after treatment or that cancer which metastasizes to other regions of the body. External radiation therapy is often used for treating thyroid cancer which has metastasized to the bones. The surgery can be performed by both a general surgeon and a specialist surgeon (surgical oncologist) specializing in colorectal surgeries. It is probably the most commonly diagnosed male cancer along with the second most cause of male cancer deaths worldwide. In fact, autopsy results have shown that 60 to 70 % of all males who are over the age of 80 have some microscopic evidence of prostate cancer. Second is by suppressing the production of TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone) from the pituitary gland, as high levels of TSH may encourage the growth of the remaining cancer cells. A specific number of cycles as decided by the oncologist are given after an interval of time and a patient may receive a single drug or a combination of drugs at one point of time. Signs or symptoms usually do not appear till the cancer has spread past the prostate, emphasizing the need for regular checkups.

Natural prostate cancer treatment with suggested herbal treatment:Many research studies have linked green tea consumption to lowered chance for prostate cancer. Modified citrus pectin has proven to considerably inhibit the growth of cancer cells and is specifically helpful in combating prostate cancer. Turmeric, a spice containing curcumin, which is an antioxidant may possibly help in controlling the spread of prostate cancer cells.
Black radish, dandelion, milk thistle, and red clover are very good for cleansing the liver as well as the blood. Buchu, carnivora, Echinacea, goldenseal, pau d’ Arco, and suma have all proven anti cancer properties. Damiana and licorice root possess the potential to stabilize hormones and glandular operation. Gravel root, hydrangea, oat straw, parsley root, uva ursi and yarrow are diuretics that also dissolve sediments. A substance in green tea has been identified by researchers of the Mayo clinic to be a potent killer of prostate cancer cells. More suggestions for prostate cancer treatment alternatives:Maintain a complete meals diet regime. For example broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, and yellow and deep orange vegetables, like carrots, pumpkin, squash, and yams. This variety of diet is critical for the prevention of cancer and also effective in healing existing cancerous growth.
Incorporate in your diet, fruits such as apples, fresh new cantaloupe, all types of berries, specifically blueberries and strawberries. Regular consumption of these is a good source of omega 3 fatty acids which can lower the dangers of prostate cancer. This hydrates the entire body, keeps the prostate operating effectively, and assists in eradicating the toxins in the system. Reasonable consumption of fermented foods, for example small quantities of extra fat yogurt and kefir is acceptable. Should you experience trouble urinating or observe a pattern of waking up frequently in the night to urinate; better consult a medical practioner and also a wellness expert for alternative remedies.
Use cold pressed natural oils including sesame, safflower, or olive oil to consume vital fatty acids. There is a definite correlation between higher red meat consumption (five servings per week or more) with the advancement of prostate cancer.Almost all organic treatment and remedies are non invasive as well as the ones suggested by more than15,000 European physicians, and natural cure experts. Thus far this treatment is one of the most effective along with the other natural prostate cancer remedies.
We should understand that this pure oxygen treatment and remedy has gained prominence and becoming very popular with a good number of men and women. Studies reveal that when a cell is deprived of 35% of its necessary amount of oxygen for 48 hrs, it tends to develop into a cancerous cell. Most people usually do not know that lack of oxygen in body cells isn’t just the underlying reason to set off cancer, but can also be the cause of most other ailments as well. Once the system is provided and supplied with ample quantities of oxygen, no cancer cells, viruses, hazardous bacteria, toxins, pathogens and sickness causing microorganisms can survive. This is because they can not survive in a rich oxygenated ambience.For a far more comprehensive knowledge and remedies to fight prostate cancer, please refer to “treatment for prostate cancer”. We advise this remedy as one of the finest possibility for natural prostate cancer treatment.

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