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Narayana Nethralaya would like to see every child obtain the best treatment and ease the suffering caused to the child and family by this cancer. In collaboration with the Hospital for Sick Children (Toronto, Canada) Narayana Nethralaya is in the process of developing various strategies for the early detection of retinoblastoma.
El Salvador is the smallest country in Latin America in land area but is the most densely populated nation in the American mainland. Due to the strong work ethic of its people and its vibrant economy, it has been called the Japan of the Americas and is the most industrialized country in the region.
From beautiful beaches on the Pacific Ocean to lush pine forests in the mountains bordering Honduras, and volcanoes (some semi active) and volcanic lakes, the country is blessed with rich natural beauty.
Their spontaneity and desire to do whatever they feel is right can produce some interesting situations. On any given day one might find peaceful demonstrations protesting everything from a water shortage to the right to sell illegally copied videos! The earliest foreigners to settle in El Salvador were Spanish priests and Caribbean pirates, the latter to whom some families can trace their ancestry. Up until a few years ago the country had an agriculturally based economy with coffee as the number one export.
Those working in the declining agro sector have been helped by the many Salvadorans who immigrated to the US and send checks home to their families.
Beginning in 1976, an internal conflict led to fifteen years of political strife which triggered a mass migration to the US and other countries. Within two years of this, six Sai Centers were active in San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador, with about 130 members. Since then, El Salvador's Sai community has been blessed by visits from many experienced and long-standing devotees like Dr. Following in Sathya Sai's footsteps, twelve projects supplying water to more than 350 families have been undertaken.
Water project which was completed for the Cuapa Community which brought water to 90 families.
Two medical clinics and a monthly medical camp are now offering free consultations and medicine. There is no requirement that the residents attend the Sai Center on the top floor, but some of them have started participating in bhajans and reading books about Swami.
One patient, paralyzed from the waist down for nine years after falling out of a tree, had two long pins inserted on either side of his spinal column. He went to the phone and called a devotee to share the good news even though it was the middle of the night. Devotees also prepare food for the homeless, who out of gratitude bring flowers for the lady sevaks on Mother's Day. One third grade student found a purse in the street during the week that they were studying the value of honesty.

The Institute has held two music festivals with songs highlighting Human Values in which twenty-five schools have participated.
Speaking of Bal Vikas, one family had their three children of 8, 10 and 12 years in the classes. Swami has also intervened to rescue many individuals from accidents and incurable illnesses. She and her husband prayed to Swami for some sign which would help the doctors discover her problem. This is a very interesting story of how Sai took the role of an engineer to avert a great disaster in San Salvador.
Swami has even invaded the Presidential Palace from the President himself to several Ministers. There are service activities every day of the week, throughout the year and Human Values educational programs held even during summer school. Where once there was a bloody political upheaval, now there is a peaceful spiritual movement sweeping the nation. Through the grace of Sathya Sai, His devotees in El Salvador will carry forward the five values of Sathya, Dharma, Shanti, Prema, and Ahimsa well into the 21st century and beyond.
Our patients obtained co-ordinated care with the pediatric oncology team at Mazumdar – Shaw Cancer Center to provide chemotherapy, focal therapy trans pupillary thermotherapy, subtenons chemotherapy stereotactic radiation and RB1 gene mutation screening.
Current genetic screening technologies allow us to detect the risk for developing the tumour even before a child is born. Once the cancer spreads outside the eye the cancer becomes a threat to life, especially when it spreads to the brain and other parts of the body.
These may block the streets (traffic jams are an everyday affair), but the authorities tend to look the other way. In 1991 negotiations successfully resolved the situation by giving both sides political representation. A home has been established which provides free living space for twenty wheelchair-bound men and workshops where they can learn a trade. Thereafter, he got a job selling newspapers and was reunited with his wife and daughters who had separated from him because of his physical problems. The Sai youth group presents puppet shows at the children's hospital once a month and refreshments are served to patients at the cobalt cancer treatment center since many of them travel long distances for their treatment without having eaten anything. The Institute is currently offering the ninth diploma course of seventy-two hours duration, and trains public and private school teachers in the Sathya Sai Human Values curriculum. One is called the Voice of the Avatar and has been running twice a week for twenty years broadcasting Spanish translations of Swami's discourses.
Once He appeared as a fireman to save an electric plant from certain destruction by flames.
Recently, a female devotee who was new to the Organization was hospitalized with severe pain.

Minutes later she passed some blood, which revealed to the staff that she was hemorrhaging internally.
Flores was not sure if Swami was speaking to him or to the person next to him.) But the grandest miracle is still the wonderful devotees He has brought together to work in harmony and love. Our team of oncologists, pediatric, retinal and oculoplasty specilists can ensure that every child gets a wide range treatment under one roof. Determined to provide every access to treatment and a change of being cured of this dreaded cancer, Narayana Nethralaya provides the best treatment to children of underprivilaged parents at no cost. It is a very treatable cancer, with prompt treatment leading to the cure of more than ninety-five percent of affected children. Tumors that are not large or life threatening can be treated by chemotherapy, cryotherapy and focal laser therapy.
The original inhabitants, who were descendents of the Mayans, built pyramids similar to those found in Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico. In 1989, a Sai Foundation was established providing the framework for putting donations to good use. He could not eat any of the snacks containing sugar which were served after the study circle. One lady emerged from a public gathering in tears and told volunteers that she just knew there was more to life than parties. A few months after finding work, he had saved enough for a down payment for a new television. With a lack of awareness and lack of access to proper treatment, the cancer is sometimes detected at a more advanced stage. After peace finally arrived in the 1990s, the Organization began doing outstanding service work, such as participating in relief efforts after the earthquake of 2001 when they helped rebuild a Catholic church. She had left her house by the backdoor to escape a party which was going on in her home to attend the get-together. If appropriate treatment is provided in a timely manner, it will be possible to save the child’s life and have useful vision preserved. If it is detected very late the child may require surgery followed by sessions of chemotherapy, bone marrow transplants and radiotherapy. In 1985, the first coordinating committee of the Sathya Sai Organization was set up when Dr. Leonardo Gutter visited the country and put the Sai Mission in El Salvador on a new trajectory.

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