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Few things in dentistry are life and death so no where is prevention more important than when it comes to oral cancer. Risks factors increase the chance of us getting oral cancer, so reducing or eliminating these risks altogether is a giant first step. In fact we can reduce our chances of getting oral cancer by up to 75% by lifestyle- and dietary changes alone.
Your breath smells, your teeth are more stained and yellower, you can’t taste or smell as well as you should, you risk losing your teeth through gum disease and you can’t recover from infections like normal people.
We all know eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables is good for us, but not all us of will be aware of its protective role against cancer- though it is gaining increasing media coverage. We can add oral cancer (including cancer of the mouth, throat, larynx and oesophagus), lung cancer and heart disease to the problems that smoking can cause. Anti-cancer diets are not just a marketing ploy, there is growing scientific evidence to suggest the importance this can play, in both prevention and management. Stopping smoking, even after many years will greatly lower the risk of oral cancer and give you back many other health benefits. A diet high in meat and dairy products can help to fuel cancer; vegetarians have been shown to be 50% less likely develop it .

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