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A popular mid-winter event where area restaurants and chefs COMPETE FOR THE “BEST SOUP” TITLE! With the use of therapeutic counseling strategies combined with an academic focus, our goal is to help students improve their self-esteem, give new purpose and direction to their education, and develop the needed pro-social skills to succeed in school. The program operates Monday through Friday and serves Middle and High School students sixth through twelfth grade.
Lina Coelho takes an enthusiastic view of the opportunities open to library and information professionals presented in this career-enhancing book. If you have been wondering whether there are any alternative career options you could pursue whilst using your skills to full potential, do not miss this book. The book is well structured and offers an array of options open to information professionals.
Many of the options discussed are choices you might have thought of at one time or another but the author also focuses on some unusual options – like creative writing, interpreting and translating or even being a private investigator. The book is enriched with further advice on how to 'retool your resume' and organise your skills and experience to appeal to a range of employers. This might not be a book you wish to take on your summer holiday or read cover to cover even when you return refreshed to your desk. Procurement and PurchaseEngineers can find a job in the procurement and purchase department of a company where they are needed to source technical equipment for the company.
A dental assistant can receive certification in a short time, and can work either full time or part time upon completing their certification.
A web developer takes care of the technical aspects of building and maintaining a website, while a web designer deals with the visual layout of the site, yet a lot of web developers are web designers at the same time. If you like to exercise and feel that you are able to turn that into a job, you can become a fitness instructor.
Any one of these vocations can bring immense satisfaction to the individual who decides to pursue them.
About Meghan: Meghan Belnap is a freelance writer who enjoys spending time with her family.
Come out to meet the Easter Bunny and bring your Easter baskets to gather all kinds of goodies from local sponsors! It will boost your confidence, focus your mind and take you on dozens of brief career journeys with fellow professionals.
After ten years in public libraries she is now self-employed, "stitching together multiple threads to create a personal career path, outside of, yet related to libraries".
It starts with useful suggestions on how to approach the process of change, how to adjust your attitudes, assess your values, analyse your strengths, make plans and weigh your options.
This book will help you look at all the skills which fit any particular choice you are ready to make. For those who are interested and have specific skills in IT there are many options too – from user interface engineer to director of Web services. There is a comprehensive list of useful Web sites and as you would be very busy planning your move, you would be grateful for the facilities provided by the accompanying Web site. However, its good structure allows you to read as much or as little as you need in order to face your future career options with confidence. See also our explanations of how to cite Ariadne articles for examples of bibliographic format. They take care of the time schedule, quality, logistics, quantity, and vendor management for the company.Many times, engineering graduates feel the need to look for alternative career options as they want to advance in their careers or pursue other interests.
If you want to focus on a way to start a real career that can keep you going even if you change jobs, there are plenty of career paths out there that you can begin instead.
At the end of 9-15 months, you will have the certification for a marketable skill that can get you a job. The work to become certified can be done at vocational schools, community colleges, technical institutes or dental schools, and there are currently 270 dental assistant programs in the United States that are accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA). If websites are your thing, you may have the ability to pursue one or both of these options as a job. Consider all the pros and cons of each path before setting out and make sure you are willing to make the appropriate sacrifices to get involved in these high-octane careers.
She also enjoys being in the outdoors and exploring new opportunities whenever they arise as well as researching new topics in an effort to expand her horizons.

It is not only new technology, changes in society's perception of information and new curricula at library school which drive this shift towards career experimentation, it is driven by the changing nature of work itself. Examining your personal change drivers will help you decide whether the leap is worth taking. And because a lot of the content is based on an online survey on alternative careers conducted by the author, you benefit from the comments of those who have taken the leap before you. And if the thought of never being a librarian again scares you, and has so far prevented you from taking the leap, the author re-assures you that there is always a way back.
As engineers are adept at troubleshooting and technical knowledge, many MNCs hire them for non-engineering jobs like sales and marketing, supply chain management, operations, governance, etc. Spend that college tuition on vocational school, and you can save yourself a lot of money and not have to spend as many years in school. During school, you will be spending between 1,000 and 2,300 hours getting hands-on practice cutting and styling hair, waxing, giving facials and more. After completing a dental assistant program, like the ones at the Dental Career Academy, you will need to pass an exam to become nationally certified.
HTML and CSS knowledge is the first thing you need in order to become a web developer or designer, and if you have more coding knowledge than just those, that makes you even more hirable. Tickets can be purchased at the Millcreek Mall Information Booth, Achievement Center, and Sarah Reed Children’s Center beginning March 1st. Today's professionals average five different occupations in the course of their working lives. While a few of these alternate jobs require further education, there are some wherein your work experience will matter the most. A dental assistant who has been trained on the job rather than in a program must complete two years of full time dental assistant work in order to take the exam. In addition to coding knowledge, you should learn about e-commerce platforms, media queries, and perhaps even WordPress themes in order to meet the needs of specific clients.
Once you have gotten better acquainted with the craft of fitness teaching, you should look for a program accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA), or another independent third party qualified to be accrediting a fitness program.
And if you are alarmed by this, don't be; all you need is Rachel Singer's guidance and you will find your confidence and build on your transferable skills to follow where your imagination leads. For example, in order to pursue a career in patent law, you will have to undertake legal studies. Some cosmetology schools allow you to enroll at as young as 16 years old, provided you have completed a GED. If you are needing to brush up on your web development knowledge in the hopes of making this your career, you can look up classes near you. Then, find someone you admire who teaches the kind of class you are hoping to teach, and have them mentor you. Join the Engineering FacultyAfter you complete your engineering, if you are interested in becoming a faculty member at a renowned engineering university or college, you will have to complete a doctoral program. Apart from this, as you will be interacting with the students on a one-on-one basis, you will have to hone your communication skills.
Also, you must encourage and inspire students to undertake world-class engineering and innovation. Become an EntrepreneurIf you are ready to digress from the beaten path of doing an engineering job, pursue entrepreneurship.
A few years back, who would have thought that computer programmer and Internet entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg would become a billionaire. Similarly, if you have good entrepreneurial ideas, you can go ahead and start your own business. All you need is a click-able idea, a foolproof business plan, and some investors for funding. Today, many crowdfunding websites allow entrepreneurs with great ideas to get the necessary funds. Remember, by being an engineer, you can create something innovative that can be path-breaking in this field.Be a Recruitment SpecialistThere are many engineers who become a part of the recruitment team of multinationals.
The job of these engineers includes interviewing the right candidates for the company by judging their technical and organizational knowledge. They may also look at the years of your work experience before allowing you to take recruitment decisions for the company.

It is important that you have strong communication, interviewing, analytical, and management skills to choose the best out of the lot. It is expected that you have strong technical knowledge and are able to judge a prospective employee's technical know-how. Work as a ConsultantThere are many engineering conglomerates who are looking at hiring consultants who will guide them in the technical aspects of the business. This may include scouting a place for a new plant, sourcing and installation of plant machinery, looking after the commissioning of the equipment, raw material composition, etc. You need to have a considerable technical experience before companies will hire you for your expertise. For example, if a company is looking forward to install eco-friendly equipment that will bring down its carbon footprint drastically, you must be in a position to suggest the necessary options. Apart from technical knowledge, you must also have strong research, analysis, and troubleshooting skills. Consultants are paid excellently, and you may have to interact with the senior management on a daily basis.Become a Patent AttorneyMany engineering companies and engineers file for patents every year. For this, they need the help of a patent attorney who will prepare their patent application according to the specifications.
Such an attorney has complete knowledge about the rules and regulations of the patent office and its guidelines. It is a very interesting field, if you have an inclination towards pursuing a career in law. Also, as you will be dealing with the inventors of innovations, your engineering knowledge will get utilized. You will have to pursue further education in intellectual property law programs and specialize in patent law. However, remember that it is mandatory to register yourself as a patent attorney with the USPTO, otherwise you will not be eligible to practice.
You can either work for a legal firm or practice on your own.Be a Technical WriterYou can work as a technical writer and write on a number of technological-driven subjects. Due to the increase in technical drafting requirement of companies, there are many organizations that hire professional technical writers. In most cases, the company that will hire you will provide you with the necessary training. If you have pursued a program in technical writing after your engineering, it will be an added advantage. Also, if you are an introvert, making a career as a technical writer can be a good career option for you.
Although it is a creative and interesting career opportunity, it may not be as lucrative as your engineering career.Work as a TrainerMany companies require engineers to explain the technical aspects of a product to their customers, dealers, and employees. At times, you may also require to travel to the customer's or dealer's place to demonstrate to them about the working of the equipment.
Apart from this, you may be required to undertake product-based presentations from time to time.
You must possess in-depth knowledge about the product so that you can answer others' queries promptly. You will also have to interact with people at all managerial levels and hence, possess the confidence to communicate with them. You will have to be abreast with the latest technological breakthroughs in the market.Many engineering graduates who are adept in foreign languages also work as interpreters and translators for engineering conglomerates. There are graduates who pursue programs in green engineering and sustainability work for companies who give importance to these. Many also join R&D departments and work strictly for innovation and new product development. Now that you know the alternative careers, hopefully you will be able to land an opportunity in a field that interests you the most.

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