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The world of alternative medicine is wide, beginning from Chinese medication and reaching to massage therapy. Alternative medicine practitioners do not perform surgeries on patients or even recommend drugs, rather they believe in the concept of herbal and natural remedies clubbed with homeopathy and massage therapy.
The primary precept of alternative medicine is simple and straight: bring respite and balance to the body, mind, and soul to be able to promote wellness.
An acupuncturist uses small needles at particular points on one’s body to take away the stress and relieve all the pain and illness.
Massage therapy is another in the list of alternative medicine that is becoming more popular and acquiring accolades by more conventional healthcare providers and insurance providers. To find a substitute to Western drugs and all of the side effects emerging from it, herbal medicine supports more and more use of herbs that work together on the body to recover the poise and wellness. After obtaining a master’s degree in alternative medicine, students are licensed by their resident State before they start practicing legally.
Some Institutes or medicine schools offer licensing as part of the educational procedure, making it much accessible for students to take a transition from an educational environment to a professional one. Subscribe to our NewsletterJoin 103,000+ readers and receive daily career tips in your Inbox! If you are in a group of four American adults, and you have never used at least one form of complementary or alternative medicine, chances are you’re the only one.
Americans’ use of and belief in complementary and alternative medicine have grown, as have career opportunities in that field.
The National Institutes of Health defines complementary and alternative medicine as a group of diverse medical and health care systems, practices, modalities and products that are not currently considered to be part of conventional Western medicine. They’re also focused on prevention and wellness, and place a high value on the body’s natural ability to heal itself in conjunction with other natural forces. Natural products include herbs (also called botanicals), vitamins and minerals, and probiotics.
According to the NCCAM, 40 percent of American adults look to CAM to “improve well-being, relieve symptoms, and enhance traditional care.” This is confirmed by surveys conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Although that might seem small — certainly compared with overall health expenditures that topped $3 trillion last year (nine times as much as spent on CAM alone) — it is still a large and growing market, with career opportunities popping up everywhere. Data collected from reports in the Journal of the American Medical Association and the Wall Street Journal show that in 1977, one-third of the American population was using some form of CAM therapy, but by 2001, subsequent analyses of lifetime use demonstrated that 67 percent of those surveyed in 1977 reported continual use of at least one therapy. Today, as a result of intense study of, deep research in and close attention to the whole field — predominantly by the National Institutes of Health and many leading colleges and medical schools — CAM has become widely accepted. Consequently, you will find that, although a few decades ago CAM practitioners were on their own (and marginalized), they are now employed by medical centers, hospitals, nursing and rehabilitation centers, hospice facilities, and other mainstream establishments in the care of almost every type of patient with every kind of condition, from cancer to colitis to asthma, and for dealing with situations as varied as childbirth, depression, addiction, pain management, sleep disorders and post-traumatic stress disorders.
Demonstrating this trend, the American Hospital Association reported, in 2011, that 42 percent of hospitals in the U.S.
As in any other field, different jobs require different qualifications such as certificates or degrees. Certificate programs are widely available for — and are sufficient for entry into — the fields of reflexology, massage therapy, spiritual or energy healing, life coaching, yoga, Pilates, Reiki and others.
You can earn degrees at a traditional (brick and mortar) campus, through distance learning or through a blended approach using both.

In addition to traditional courses — biology, chemistry, math, health systems and so forth — many schools now include courses in herbal remedies, nutrition science, traditional Chinese medicine and homeopathy. Aside from jobs as listed above (with associate or bachelor’s degrees), holders of Master of Sciences degrees in CAM become health care educators and practice managers, as well as higher level and higher paid practitioners and therapists. Depending on the studies you read and the data you access, Americans’ expenditures on complementary and alternative products and practices are growing from 4 to 10 percent per year. These numbers do not even take into account several major, looming factors that will exert enormous pressure for change: the Affordable Care Act, intensified research (the NIH consistently pours $250 million into research and training each year), Americans’ total health care expenses spiraling out of control to more than $3 trillion, and difficult-to-measure changes in Americans’ attitudes toward more natural and self-directed health care practices. Two recent statements in The Natural Medicine Journal put everything you’ve read above into clear and compelling terms. The below comment section contains thoughts and opinions from users that in no way represent the views of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. If compared to most of the Western medical methods, alternative healthcare often looks for taking an insight to know the deeper cause of illness, instead of simply dealing with the symptoms of it. The theory of acupuncture came into existence in China and is one of the earliest forms of medicine.
This therapy is used to cure general pain, stress, injuries, pregnancy related pain, and more such kinds of discomfort. The original extract is watered down many times using a method called potentization until there appear a few traces of the unique substance in the remedy. When selecting the best degree program from all the demanding alternative medicine courses and training, find out if they offer licensure, and then apply. Practitioners take a holistic approach to patient care; that is, they see the patient as a whole person, not just a set of symptoms or a series of isolated conditions. This proactive stance is a dramatic divergence from linear, interventional approaches to medicine in which most efforts are aimed at curing illness once it occurs. They are heavily marketed, readily available to users, often sold as packaged dietary supplements and can include many products sold loosely.
One, mainstream medicine — and all its literature and news — is slow to recognize some of them. Americans’ annual CAM bill comes to $34 billion, or about $350 for every American adult who uses it. Further, the reports state, although “it is often difficult to project long-term trends, past utilization of CAM therapies forecast a promising future.
What’s more it has been woven into much of the mainstream in what is called integrative medicine, the practice of combining complementary and alternative modalities with traditional biomedicine. Many of these programs will qualify you to become a technologist, health assistant, aroma or other kind of therapist, aesthetician, herbalist and even writer in the field.
With your BA or BS, you can qualify for jobs such as holistic health practitioners, herbalists, naturopathic health practitioners, nutrition counselors, research assistants, program coordinators and writers. In addition to master’s degrees in any of the biological sciences or chemistry or other sciences, there are now Master of Sciences degrees specifically in CAM.
They also find positions in regulatory, legal, and administrative affairs of integrative, complementary and alternative health care. All of these programs require at least a bachelor’s degree and many require a master’s degree.

Graduates with these doctorate degrees typically practice as chiropractic, naturopathic, or osteopathic physicians, nurse midwives, acupuncturists or even college professors.
The market for CAM — and across-the-board career opportunities along with it — will likely double in 7? years, a growth rate much faster than that of the U.S. Real growth rates in CAM and CAM careers could very easily be double to triple what they’ve been. This report is designed for practitioners, educational institutions and professional groups in CAM. Another significant tenet of alternative medicine speaks out the idea that each individual belongs to separate arena when it comes to physical merits and demerits, and therefore, a strategy which is personally tailored must be developed for each individual (to help them attaining optimal wellness).
This exercise is helpful against pain, infertility, heart related diseases, migraine, digestive ailments, and more. The massage practitioners are going through an increased demand for their services, which showcases the fondness and fame that this therapy is grabbing presently.
As the name itself can clarify as to why, this therapy is rapidly getting approval in the traditional medical care world. In addition, there are also a couple of states not as of yet offering license in alternative medicine. Two, growing research validates many practices and even separates some into smaller but distinct practices.
According to the VA, 89 percent of their facilities offered complementary therapies in 2011.
It is advisable to take these courses from accredited schools, whether they are two or four year colleges or technical trades schools. Users must follow the guidelines under our Commenting Policy and are encouraged to use the moderation tools to help maintain civility and keep discussions on topic.
It provides a description of the data collected for the study and explains the four key messages that are most relevant for the profession. Most commonly, they treat neck and spinal pain, but many chiropractors cure a wide range of other conditions, too, such as headache. In order to be accepted as an efficient practitioner in alternative medicine, licensure is quintessential. And three, some are becoming so widely accepted and used that they are no longer considered by many people to be out of the mainstream. Therefore, music therapy will keep on earning accolades as it is being increasingly recommended by the providers. It has also started taking its place in the treatment strategy for an array of health problems.

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