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Patients who inherit the tendency to have eczema may have a disease called atopic dermatitis. Children and adults who presents with itching and a rash in the crease areas of the elbows and knees and about the wrists and ankles have atopic dermatitis. Hand eczema is a common presentation for people who have atopic dermatitis. The disease can look just like psoriasis. Use of images for any purpose including but not limited to research, commercial, personal, or non-commercial use is prohibited without prior written consent. A clear understanding of the causes of chronic gastritis was formed relatively recently, after the discovery of the bacterium Helicobacter pylori.
Without timely and comprehensive treatment of gastritis can lead to ulcers and stomach bleeding. Only a doctor can diagnose gastritis and appoint competent therapy, depending on the shape and severity.
In chronic gastritis with low acidity from the diet should also exclude acute, smoked and spicy food, which, as we already know, not only uselimit acidity, but also irritates the stomach lining. In addition, you may be given a blood test to detect anemia, a blood test for the presence of antibodies to Helicobacter pilori, fecal occult blood test, x-rays of the abdomen and other research.

On our website describes the most common disease of adults and children, causes and symptoms of these diseases, as well as the most effective treatments for these diseases.
The information on this health site are for informational purposes only, professional diagnosis and treatment of the disease should be done by the doctor in the clinic. Patients who are allergic to any number of chemicals present with contact dermatitis also referred to as contact eczema.
It became apparent that these bacteria colonizing the mucosa of the stomach, are the most frequent causative agent of gastritis gastritis with high acidity of gastric juice. Because the treatment of this disease requires a long period of dieting and rigorous taking the prescribed medicines. But meat and fish broth, which stimulate acid-formation, it is necessary to enter in the daily diet. Therefore, diagnosis and treatment of this disease should be done by a qualified doctor of the gastroenterologist. Babies can present with redness and scaling of the face or widespread inflammation of the body. Acute gastritis develops as a result of poisoning by acids or alkalis, radiation injury, when taken in high doses of some drugs, such as aspirin.

Thus there is a sharp burning pain in the upper abdomen, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and weakness. Acute gastritis requires urgent treatment by a doctor and, in severe cases, hospitalization. After treatment of acute gastritis can become chronic, however, often chronic gastritis is a disease. In addition, you have to abandon the products of irritating the gastric mucosa from all spicy, smoked, marinated and grilled. For example, a lung abscess may form following a bout of pneumonia; a brain abscess may form after a penetrating head wound (an injury in which the outer covering of the brain is pierced), etc. For a skin abscess, this involves a small operation to cut the top of the skin and allow the pus to drain.

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