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Just as lab work using blood or urine can give us certain kinds of information, and x-rays can give us other kinds of information, CBEA gives information, in large amounts, allowing tremendous insight into the health of a person.
The original concept for interfacing Resonance Analysis technology with the human body was brought about by Dr.
When you think about it, it makes sense for our cell membranes to have specific receptors for hormones, vitamins and other a€?normal humana€? substances, but does it make sense for our cells to have receptors for drugs?A  Why should Nature or Evolution provide us with receptors for molecules that havena€™t been invented yet?
In the vibrational paradigm, the paradigm of Imprinting or Homeopathy, the molecules that we give you as well as the molecules produced in your body (the molecules that govern your physiology) work not by binding to a specific anatomic receptor on the wall of a cell, but by emitting an electromagnetic signal or signature, vibrating at a specific frequency, termed a€?resonance frequency,a€? that can be sensed and responded to by the cells of your body.A  Drugs work not by binding to the cell, but by getting close enough to the cell so that their resonance frequencies can be picked up and responded to. In 1933 a Russian physicist, Alexander Gurwitsch proposed, but could not conclusively prove, that all cells radiate light.A  It was not until the 1970s that German physicist, Professor Dr. Everything, you see, has its own specific frequency (based on the electrons spinning around the atom of any substance).A  That is, every bacteria, every virus, every organ, every heavy metal, every disease, everything has its own specific frequency that can be neutralized by the body, with the effect of restoring the healthy steering signals that govern the biochemical process. Since the Chiren treatment is effected through fiber optic cables and glass rods, the higher frequencies associated with emotional disturbance can also be accessed and used, enabling restoration of the head-heart connection which is disrupted in so many people. Most electro-magnetic frequency devices pump electrons into the system, assuming that the body will know how to distribute the extra electrons. The Chiren biophotonic device uses measurement of light frequencies, and is able to demonstrate coherence of each point by means of an audio signal. The reason individuals often take so many supplements is because they are either attempting to compensate for the inadequate and disordered light in their cells or because their food supply is failing to provide the body with nourishing biophotons.A  Dr. As her private practice flourished, she continued learning through diverse courses and seminars. My nephew has a tbi and is bedridden and takes a lot of medication and has a foley cath, colostomy and gtube.
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Thermography can be used for early detection in cardiovascular disease, disc disease, dental issues, breast cancer, and more. With those staggering numbers in place, and “prevention” now being considered more valuable than “cure”, women are beginning to educate themselves and are seeking the option to include thermography in their annual check-ups.  This infamous assessment tool (thermography), used to measure thermal emissions from the body, is a key indicator for health.
When asked if she wanted to add anything concerning the program, she stated that a 3rd enema per day, along with some hazelnut creamer, would have rounded things off very well.  She was joking, but seriously, she was hoping for the high doses of vitamin C that we were in the process of adding to our program. Anyone, both men and women, can overcome any addiction; be it addiction to drugs, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, etc. Close to 90% of our bodies is water, so it is a given that “drinking water” is on this list.
Overcoming addiction can be a draining challenge until you have found it in your heart to end the suffering. That following winter, after completing her first triathlon, was difficult for her to ride — it was too cold, so some of her friends introduced her to a boot camp, where they ran 3 to 4 miles, 3 days a week. Depending on the location, size, and how it affects organs or tissues, cancer can cause almost any sign or symptom, and if it spreads, or metastasizes, symptoms can respectively appear in different parts of the body.
No one wants to find out they have cancer, but at the same time, it is best to acknowledge symptoms of cancer in its potentially early stages.
Sores that do not heal – Sores on the skin that bleed and do not heal could be a sign of skin cancer. Fatigue – Fatigue may happen in early stages of cancer such as leukemia and can be a primary symptom as cancer grows.
Unexplained weight loss – An unexplained weight loss of 10 pounds or more could be a first sign of cancer. Skin changes – Skin cancer and some other cancers can cause visible changes in the skin, such as darker skin, yellowish skin and eyes, reddened skin, itching, and excessive growth. In addition to the general symptoms of cancer, there are specific, common signs and symptoms of cancers as well. Indigestion or trouble swallowing – Indigestion and swallowing problems may be signs of cancer of the esophagus, stomach, or pharynx. Change in bowel habits or bladder function – long term constipation, diarrhea, or change stool size can be a sign of colon cancer. Recent change in a wart or mole or other skin change – Any change in size, shape, or color loss of sharp border in a wart, freckle or mole, should be of concern.
Nagging cough or hoarseness – A cough that won’t go away could be a sign of lung cancer, and hoarseness could be a sign of cancer of the larynx or thyroid gland.
White patches inside the mouth or spots on the tongue – This could be a sign of leukoplakia, which is a pre-cancerous area caused by frequent irritation.
Thickening or lump in the breast or other parts of the body – Many cancers that can be felt through the skin are mostly in the breast, testicles, lymph nodes, and soft tissue of the body. If you’re reading this article, it’s apparent that you’re ready to take control of your health and wellbeing; to detox your body is a great place to began the process. Boost your immune system – When you detox your body, it allows your organs to function within its natural order, better absorbing nutrients, and overall becoming stronger to fight off disease. Weight loss – If you do not maintain healthy eating habits after detox, weight loss could be short term. Anti-aging benefits – Because detoxing the body reduces the amount of free-radical damage done to the body, you will began to look younger, feel younger, and even increase your chances to live longer. Clear, smooth skin – Detoxing your body will leave you with clearer skin, but during the process, you may experience itchy or patchy skin before it gets better. Improved sense of wellbeing – Completing a detox will leave you feeling great, with an overall vigor for life. One thing to keep in mind as you detox your body is the cleaner your diet, the better your results.
Detoxing your body is a strict, disciplined process, and may even get slightly overwhelming.
In times of grief (dealing with loss), we find much support from those who are closest to us, but in some cases, more support may well be needed. A blood test called micronutrient testing, done on your white blood cells, can give detailed insight on what nutrient(s) your body is deficient in.
Because the foods we eat contain the nutrients we need, we should learn to consume them in correct proportions. After testing and getting you back on track, your doctor may advise an all-in-one dietary supplement or multivitamin such as intraMax. Calcium – too much calcium can cause constipation, kidney stones, get in the blood stream, indicating parathyroid disease, and more. As crucial as it is that we intake all essential vitamins and minerals for good health, it is equally crucial that we intake these nutrients from a synergistic approach. We can reduce our risks of heart disease if we quit smoking and eat a diet low in fat and sodium (Kulas, 2013). We can reduce our risk of cancer by not smoking, eating a healthy diet, using sunscreen, and getting regular cancer screenings (Kulas, 2013). We can reduce our risk of stroke by quitting smoking, losing excess weight, exercising and eating a healthy diet (Kulas, 2013).
After we’ve attained the knowledge needed to get healthy, we will also have made it possible to sustain that health while becoming disease free. On a personal level (individually), we can sustain by immersing ourselves in the attained knowledge, making it a way of life. The more that we learn about preventing health issues and diseases, and the more that we apply and practice these ways, the better our chances are to overcome them and live longer, healthier lives.
The Vivatek Treatment System is a Drug-Free, Non-Surgical form of treatment which stops pain, stops progressive and catastrophic deterioration and increases the quality of life.
Disc injury, back and neck pain, Degenerative Disc Disease and all other related neurological, musculoskeletal and physical disorders have plagued mankind from the beginning of time. Serious research into the feasibility of a highly effective non-invasive, non-drug therapy began in 1978. The first working prototype developed for clinical trials was a sophisticated (for its era) machine utilizing Z-80 computer technology. And now, for the first time, computer technology has allowed ITM to blend the best healing technology, the best engineering technology, and the best computer and information processing technology together into a completed Vivatek Treatment System. Chiropractic and acupuncture has been around for centuries, but many still have little knowledge of their techniques and benefits. When people, who don’t know any better, hear the word “acupuncture”, they immediately think of needles sticking them and assume that it hurts. Acupuncture can help with disorders such as digestive, respiratory, and neurological and muscular disorders.
Dry needle acupuncture is performed when the practitioner uses a small, solid filament needle to insert into the contracted, painful, and knotted muscle to create a twitch reflex. Meridians are the fourteen major pathways that lead to different parts and organs of the body.

Battlefield acupuncture is a technique where small needles are placed on points of the ear.
This article was intended to give you a generalization of chiropractic and acupuncture and some of their benefits.
CBEA is a cutting edge technology which gives us an immense amount of information about these energetics. Benveniste demonstrated that the frequency given off from a given therapeutic agent could be recorded, digitized, emitted or imprinted into a liquid medium and then given to a biological system to generate a biological effect a€“ the same effect that would occur if the original molecule was administered in intact form.A  This is Digital Homeopathy or Imprinting.
A Evaluation and treatment with the Chiren does indeed get to the deep, underlying cause of why we continue to be not well even with an improved diet and taking lots of supplements.
And since no negative or incoherent signals are returned to the body, but only positive coherent signals, no harm accrues to the system from treatment. A Sometimes this works well.A  But then sometimes it simply strengthens that which is unhealthy in the body, as well as that which is healthy but not sufficiently enough.
When the correct remedies are added to the treatment, points become coherent, the audio signal becomes steady, and treatment can be accomplished rapidly.
A No living being on this planet, whether animal, plant or man can exist without the light of the sun.A  It is the principal source of energy for the production and utilization of nutrients and the catalyst of enzyme reactions. Jin Li Dong graduated from the Capital Medical College in Beijing, China in 1983 where she practiced medicine as a specialist of Obstetrics and Gynecology. As a result, Alternative Health Clinic can offer chiropractic care (manipulation, pro-adjuster), acupuncture, herbal medicine, de-toxic therapy, mild hyperbaric oxygenation therapy, applied kinesiology, physical therapy, live blood cells study, oxidative stress test, body metabolism analysis and Vivatek (spinal disc rehabilitation) treatment all within one office.
Jin Li Dong established the Natural Healing Center in 2013 with the goal to help patients make lifestyle changes: eating right organically, balancing nutrition intake and detoxification along with spiritual consultant and meditation.
Brown recommends that you should strive to live a balanced life starting with balanced organic nutrition, regular detoxification, and regular Chiropractic adjustments.
Drawing, writing, painting, and being in nature can help with opening the creative channels. The true desire to overcome and decision to take action will totally turn your life around.
Dong to ask her about the running and exercises she does on a daily basis and would like to share her answers with you. Dong accomplished her first full marathon, (The Myrtle Beach Marathon), in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and is now training to run the Great Wall Half Marathon. Dong stated that her training has made her muscles and joints stronger, but she also incorporates nutrition and supplements in her regimen. There are all types of cancers such as cancer of the brain, bone cancer, cervical cancer, breast, eye, kidney, and many more. As a cancer grows, it can start pushing against nearby organs, blood vessels, and nerves, thus creating symptoms. The earlier that you recognize symptoms of cancer and are able to confirm it, the better the chances for a successful treatment if diagnosed. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, it is not meant to be diagnostic but also shouldn’t be taken lightly.
Long lasting sores in the mouth could be a sign of oral cancer, especially if you smoke, chew tobacco, or drink alcohol. Coughing up blood can be a sign of lung cancer, blood in the stool (very dark or black stool) could be a sign of colon or rectal cancer, abnormal vaginal bleeding could be a symptom of cervix r endometrium cancer, and a bloody discharge from the nipple could be a sign of breast cancer.
Almost every one with cancer will experience fever, especially if the cancer treatment affects the immune system. Pain while urinating, blood in the urine, or change in bladder functions, such as needing to urinate more or less frequent then usual, can be related to bladder or prostate cancer.
Lumps or thickenings could be either early or late signs of cancer and should not be ignored.
In addition to healthy eating, a good tactic to sustain your weight loss would be to use the extra energy you’ve gained from detox to exercise and keep the weight off. Alkaline water helps raise your body’s pH from acidic to alkaline, eliminating free radicals, creating an environment where cancer and other illnesses cannot survive.
According to Mercola, juicing allows you to get vast amounts of nutrition, which is embedded in vegetables, into your body. The vegan diet is free of GMOs, animal byproducts, processed foods, and other toxins that contribute to health issues. If you feel that this will be the case for you, you can always have a spouse or family member to assist you in the process. Dong uses a technique called Applied Kinesiology (AK), where she is able to quickly and accurately assess patients to determine their health needs. Dong, grief can exacerbate underlying problems in the body’s organs, thus causing imbalance. Dong goes through a series of (AK) muscle tests in which the patient is tested for strength. Becoming too focused on one type of vitamin or nutrient can have you overlooking some important stuff. Fore example, our bodies need vitamin C, which are found in fruit and green veggies, to absorb iron that is found in meats, fish, beans, and some leafy veggies.   Being low or deficient in iron may not necessarily mean you should go out and buy an iron supplement. According to WebMD, scientists are not sure yet if routinely getting a little bit too much of a vitamin or mineral can be harmful as opposed to getting mega-doses, which “are” harmful. It has 71 organically bound trace minerals, vitamins, macro-minerals, herbs, antioxidants, digestive enzymes, essential fatty acids, and more. Being deficient in one area does not necessarily mean that we should be supplementing that nutrient.
We can attain by getting educated on the aspects and then applying and practicing that knowledge. The dangers of surgery coupled with the extremely low success rate of spinal surgery motivated ITM to develop a non-surgical approach to one of mankind’s oldest problems. The Prescription Treatment Card used to program the therapeutic application for each patient was the size of a credit card with holes punched at strategic locations.
The reduced costs of computer technology made it possible for ITM to economically produce the Vivatek Treatment System to be utilized by individual physicians in office settings. The blending and combining of these different forms of technology has resulted in a form of treatment. Both chiropractic and acupuncture can care for a myriad of conditions and problems, leaving patients with positive results.
Acupuncture does utilize needles but very fine, hair-thin needles that normally are not even noticed when inserted. It can also help with urinary, menstrual, reproductive, and physical problems related to stress and emotional conditions. This twitch is both diagnostic and therapeutic and is the first step in breaking the pain cycle. Energy, also called chi, which is the vital force of all life, circulates through every part of the body, via meridians. The procedure was introduced in 2008 as it was applied to wounded service members for pain. Chiropractic adjustments and alignments can relieve the spinal cord of pressure, helping the entire nervous system to function effectively. So now that you’ve had a peek, call your nearest chiropractic office and see how they can help you. It is widely understood that energetic imbalances are precursors to disease, and treating these imbalances prevents disease.
The remedies (similar to homeopathics) are like a blueprint which contains instructions for the body. It is rather to enhance assessment and treatment giving even deeper, more thorough results. This provides the means whereby the body can then eliminate the disruptive chaotic frequencies and thereby promote their excretion from the body.A A  The Chiren will also support and intensify the coherent light frequencies to the benefit of the entire body.
A Our advanced healing center offers multiple electronic medical devices to build your bodya€™s immune system, kill unwanted microbes, improve circulation, increase energy level, and more. Brown started his marathon of a college career at Villa Maria College of Buffalo where he received an Associate Degree in Applied Science. By giving your body the strong building blocks it allows the human body to utilize its self-healing ability to find the balance it seeks. You have to reach a point in life where you’re tired of the circumstances — a point where you really want to take your life back. These gentle movements or exercises may inspire you to reconnect with your mind and body, creating more natural energy and reducing the need for stimulants. Adapting a health conscious way of life and choosing foods with an emphasis on nutrition and supplements, you can began healing from within and rid yourself of cravings and addictions naturally.

Tapping your creative energy will help bring levels of awareness to your addictive thoughts and habits, allowing you the advantage to take better control of them. Practice deep breathing, keep your body in motion, supplement your diet, be creative in your expressions, and drink plenty of pure, clean water. Sometimes cancer can start in places showing no signs or symptoms until it has enlarged to advance stages. If you have noticed major changes in your body or how you feel, especially if symptoms lasts for long periods and get s worse, you should contact a doctor. Alkaline water also helps the body absorb minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium. Mercola, the Norwalk, or another single or twin gear juicer is going to be the most effective type juicer to look for. In addition, Mercola also states that you do not want to throw fruit into your juice diet unless it’s a very low fructose fruit, such as lemons and limes or, if you’re only consuming between 15 and 25 grams of fructose a day, it would be fine to use other fruits. Dong’s compassion towards her patients offers them soothing comfort when they need it most. Applied Kinesiology allows her to connect the dots on complex patients, such as those suffering grief.
Upon locating weaknesses or imbalances, she then taps on the corresponding acupuncture points in the meridians of the face, stimulating specific points to restore the patient’s strength and release weakness. Some people think, for example, if they are feeling tired, that they can simply take iron or vitamin B12 to build energy. It may very well mean that you eat a lot of meat, so you need to eat a lot more fruit and green veggies to absorb more iron. Depending on the nutrient(s) abroad though, going over in small doses, can show subtle signs of difficulty sleeping or concentrating, nerve problems such as numbness or tingling, or feeling more irritable. It could as well mean that the nutrient needs another to assist the body in absorbing the deficient nutrient.
We would like to believe that it’s surely attainable — attainable to the point where it can sustain through the generations to come. Take for instance, heart disease, cancer, and strokes: they are three of the top killers in America. Some of those beliefs and habits have been passed down out of innocence but others have been knowingly neglected. A form of health care treatment that can and will change the lives of the millions it will touch and influence.
Tagu University, one of the largest universities in the world, began conducting extensive clinical trials during the Olympics. FDA application was submitted and the long and torturous course of FDA requirements pursued. Depending on the technique (meridian acupuncture, for example), patients may experience nothing more than a light, pricking sensation during insertion.
The needle creates a controlled lesion in the muscle fibers that triggers the immune system to produce an inflammatory reaction that the body not only responds to locally, but all over.
When a misdirection or blockage occurs in the flow or balance of chi, pain, dysfunction, and ill health may occur. Jin Li Dong started a new practice in the Grand Strand, she has made it a priority to educate patients about their health and preventive care as well as treating patients with their illnesses and problems.
A In our commitment to you the patient, the Natural Healing Center is open from 8 am to 6 pm seven days a week to help our patients heal faster. To further his education he attended New York Chiropractic College, located in Seneca Falls, NY, where he earned a Bachelor of Professional Studies.
Meditation and yoga teaches deep breathing techniques, but you don’t necessarily have to take these classes to practice proper breathing. She appended that her family has been concerned that she could hurt herself,  but she trusts by supplementing, her muscles and joints will be protected from damage.
These available screenings include mammography, cytology, and an alternative non-invasive procedure called thermography. By combining these techniques with over 25 years of experience, positive progress is made to eventually resolve a patient’s condition. Meridians are pathways to the organs, and when there is an imbalance of a specific organ, there is an equal imbalance of the corresponding meridian.
Eating the proper proportions of foods and utilizing all-in-one supplementations can accomplish this.
Because too little or too much consumption of any specific vitamin can do you harm, it is wise to have a specialist give you a micronutrient test and began watching your daily IU consumption. If we are to look forward to longer, healthier lives, we must break the chains and become more conscious our health and well-being then pass that knowledge to our future — the children. World renowned athletes treated by Vivatek reported quick and complete pain resolution from injuries. FDA clearance for Vivatek was finally obtained as well as the stringent international approval, CISPR-22. Meridian acupuncture stimulates points along the meridians, restoring the flow of chi and allowing the organs and bodily systems to work together as intended, thus repairing itself and maintaining its own health. Brown is very eager to contribute to the positive treatment outcomes and overall well being of all the wonderful patients. Brown strongly believes alternative health care can benefit your entire family helping guide them towards a healthy and balanced life.
Upon deciding that you’re sincerely ready to kick the habit, a few simple and natural approaches such as breathing properly, moving your body, supplementing your diet, creative expression, and drinking water may be the only remedies needed.
You can start right away by simply inhaling and exhaling, through your nose, deep into your lungs — breathe long and smooth.
Dong ran 2 or 3 half marathons every year, while also running the 5 and 10K every chance she got.
She ended by saying again that she really feels great and looks forward to doing what she does when she’s 70 or 80 years old. By the time it has advanced, pancreatic cancer can cause belly and back pain and could also grow around the bile duct, blocking bile flow (American Cancer Society, 2015).
Thermography senses heat patterns in the body, caused by inflammation and is said to be able to detect problems up to ten years before any symptoms are present. Finally, if your symptoms are cancerous, early detection is best detection, so don’t be afraid — get checked if you have symptoms of any kind. She will repeat cycles of taps and strength testing, over and over, until desired results are obtained. Did you know for optimal health that your body requires, in proportion, a certain amount of vitamins and minerals?
Prototype development was contracted to Energy West who, at that time, was also building prototypes for Apple Computer. They also experienced increased physical coordination, stamina and performance following their treatment.
Once this process is completed, rescan in order to create the instructions for the next change that is needed. Brown took place on December 2, 2006 when he was awarded the honor of Doctor of Chiropractic. Only the brightest engineers, doctors, scientists and the most capable companies were contracted to participate. It was recognized very early in clinical testing that computer capabilities were lagging behind therapeutic demands and needs of multi-therapy applications to achieve synergistic results.
A With ongoing research into cancer, stroke, autism, and cerebral palsy, we see an opportunity to serve our patients, and we hope to offer our patients natural alternatives for healing.
Running, she said, was not one of her favorites, but she knew that she needed the stimulation.
Dong is truly the epitome of what she provides to her patients and is an inspiration to her staff as well. Dong also recommends seeing a counselor to help balance the mind because a healthy mind is essential for a healthy body. Constant computer capability enhancements were initiated and positive clinical trial results increased in proportion directly related to computer technology advancements.

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