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We purchased a central ac package from Sears in June 2010 and have been getting a run around due to a faulty TXV valve. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. Following the installation, our technicians will explain to you how to use your central air conditioner.
I would keep the Trane central air conditioner for the next 30 years if it has leaks in the joint of the copper.

We call and ask four different service companies to add refrigerant to our central ac unit, and they all need to charge us troubleshooting fee to charge our central ac unit. They insist the fee is mandatory a€“ not matter, if I know the problem or not or if they fix the problem or not. By the way, the Freon cost is per pound, the technician charge us 54 dollar per pound for Freon. We can sue, and the large company will just drag the case into longer time frame, and we again at lost.

Sorry for digress; it just make me mad to know that my newly high energy efficient central ac unit may not last more than 5 years without problem.

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