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The Game.cfg file contains all your control key bindings and some important mouse settings.
Changing the above values will affect the way HDR Rendering affects image quality (only if HDRRendering is enabled - see above). Changing these two settings will allow you to run in resolutions of less than 800 width and 600 height (the officially supported minimum resolution for Far Cry). However if you look around the Devmode.lua file, you will see several key bindings which have -- marks in front of them. To switch them around, insert -- in front of the first line, and remove the -- from the second line. Copyright © 2016 Cshile, Counter hileleri, cfg indir, Cfg download, Counter Strike, sxe, Counter Strike Hileleri, Wall, 3D, cfg, cs hileleri, sXe injected. Resume ESC Bast?ktan Sonra Gelen Yaz?d?r RESUME EN USTTE Yazar Bu Arada Adm?n?m Editorum Ben Bunu Yap?orm Ama Duvarllar?n Arkas?n? Gorem?orm Her Yer Bembeyz Ama Yok Ger?s? Gozukmuor.. These files are read, and written to, by Far Cry each time the game launches and also when any of the game's settings are changed in-game, or by the Far Cry Configuration Tool, and sometimes when certain settings are changed in the Console.
You should change all your major control bindings in the Control Options screen under the main Options (See In-Game Settings section).
It includes the types of settings found in the Far Cry Configuration Tool, the major in-game settings, as well a bunch of other video and audio settings.
The same as the Console command, it displays a range of information including number of polygons drawn and frames per second (FPS) at the top right of screen. High Dynamic Range (HDR) Rendering is a rendering method which can present incredibly realistic images by using vivid colors and lighting. The higher the value the better the quality of image processing used, but the less your FPS.
The higher the level of FSAA, the cleaner and less jagged the image but the significantly lower your FPS. Disabling this setting will use a lesser quality fog effect which is far less realistic, but may resolve problems and improve FPS in such areas.

If you are having problems with enabling hardware sound on a sound card, try lowering this value and see if it helps. This file contains the Developer Mode (Devmode) settings, but to access it first you must go to your Far Cry game icon, right click on it and select Properties. The next time you run Far Cry from this icon it will begin in Developer Mode, which is essentially a cheat mode. If turned off, this setting removes all traces of the Heads Up Display (HUD) on the screen. This means they won't be read by the game engine and loaded up when Far Cry starts in Devmode. See the Console Commands section below for some useful Devmode-only console commands which you can use in the Devmode console, or insert into Devmode.lua.
You can also edit them here if you wish, however while you can edit the existing settings in the file, if you add any additional lines to the file they will be deleted the next time the game starts.
While there are many commands you can change in the System.cfg file, this section only covers the major commands and what they do, and also will not cover again the settings and commands already explained in detail in the In-Game Settings and Far Cry Configuration Tool sections above.
The higher the setting the more realistic weapons fire is, but the lower your FPS when firing or observing weapons fire.
Note that this will also show the Shader type used on the bottom line of the information display ('Render Path'), if you're wondering whether SM3.0 has been enabled for example.
Setting the renderer to OpenGL may resolve problems and improve performance for some users, especially Nvidia graphics card owners. By default this setting is disabled, but if your graphics settings are equivalent to 'Very High' and you have a graphics card which supports Shader Model 3.0 - that is the GeForce 6600 series and above or the ATI X1000 series or newer - then you can enable it by assigning a value between 1 and 11 for this setting. You may experience glitches and problems at color depths below 32, and also if your desktop color depth doesn't match the one you select here for Far Cry.
This should mean that when turned on, vehicles and characters will also cast shadows on themselves. In the Target box, insert a space after the last " mark and type "-Devmode" (without quotes).

Aside from now having access to every level in the game, there are some nifty commands and functions available in Devmode, and the ones which are accessible in the Devmode.lua file are detailed here.
You can control him the same as usual, and also use the F1 button (default binding - see below) to switch between 1st and 3rd person views. You can now use F11 in Devmode to toggle the special "Screenshot mode", which if turned on, removes the HUD and crosshair, as well as any info displays on screen, and the enemy AI also no longer sees or hears you. Devmode is great for experimenting, but I take no responsibility if you ruin your savegames for example, so backup everything before playing around. Keep this in mind, so that when you switch profiles you don't wonder why you've lost some of your tweaks.
I am currently unaware of how to make additional key bindings "stick" in Far Cry, but I will update the guide when I know how. If you wish to change those settings, I strongly recommend you use the above methods to do so, and only edit System.cfg to change settings which cannot be accessed in any other way. Also note that changing this setting affects whether the game boots up with this information displayed by default or not.
The values determine the level of glare from this effect, with suggested values being 7 or 2. This is perfect for wandering around the game and taking screenshots (using F12), especially when combined with F4 (Fly mode).
If you want to use additional keybindings you'll have to use Devmode for now (See Devmode.lua section below). Also note that HDR will not normally work if Antialiasing is enabled, unless you have a GeForce 8 or ATI X1X00 series card or above.

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