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Bipolar disorder is a type of depression that leads to frequent but alternating incidents of mania and depression in the sufferer.
Typically the symptoms of bipolar are fatigue, insomnia, sadness, excessive sleeping, loss of appetite or excessive eating and suicidal tendencies. Kava tea, the official herbal drink of the Pacific Islands is known for its calming and rejuvenating properties.
The flowers and roots of St john’s herb are blessed with healing powers and supplements of the same are often used for treating fatigue, depression, stress, anxiety and bipolar disorder.The herb contains hyperforin and hypericin that are naturally occurring flavonoids and have been found useful in boosting the supply of feel good hormones to the brain. Free and Easy Wanderer is a herbal formula developed by doctors of ancient Chinese medicine and is known as Jia Wei Xiao Yao Wan in local language. The medicinal properties of Gingko biloba are well known throughout the world and this is one reason the herb is widely used for treating many problems.
American ginseng is a natural adaptogen that helps treat various conditions by bringing back the disrupted balance of the body. Page Content Introduction What hawthorn is used for How Crataegus is used Science Says Cautions and side effects Introduction[Top] This species is also known as Crataegus laevigata. Page Content Orientation of the sweat lodge Construction with care Offering to the gods Orientation of the medicine house[Top]The door of the medicine house nearly always faces the fire. The condition is also referred to as manic depression and the intensity and frequency of the episodes differ from person to person. In many cases of bipolar doctors prescribe antidepressants and sleeping pills for the treatment. As the name suggests, kava tea is prepared from the herb kava kava that is known to help treat various forms of mental disorders including bipolar, insomnia, anxiety, tension and depression.The herb is available in tea as well as capsule form but is popularly used in tea form because of the easy availability.
This herbal mix comprises of seven Chinese herbs that are used for treating variety of problems including depression, fatigue and excess heat.

Ginseng has been successfully used in the treatment of bipolar because it reduces the feelings of depression and anger.It composes the mind so that the person is less likely to give into feelings of manic, depression, impulsivity and suicide. There are many species but the species I am looking at on this page grows all over the world and is indigenous to northern European regions.
However, one can also look into the use of natural and safe herbs that can help treat bipolar.
Drink 4-5 cups of kava tea to help you remain relaxed and calm irrespective of the situation. Consult your doctor as to the proper dosage of St John’s wort for treating bipolar disorder.
It is commonly used for treating episodes of dementia in the elderly.The herb has been effectively used for treating ADHD in adults as well. It relives one of chronic stress and fatigue by boosting energy and by relaxing the nervous system. What Crataegus is used for[Top]Hawthorne fruit has been employed to treat heart disease since at least the first century. The recommended dose of the herbal supplement is 36 gram daily but should be used only after consultation with an herbalist and a doctor. Gingko can treat bipolar disorder because it has a calming effect on the mind and uplifts the spirit relieving depression. A medicine house built near a lake may be often run with the purpose of connecting with the lake spirit.
Dry extracts are put into tablets and capsules.Science Says[Top]Four studies that have been done conclude that crataegus notably improves heart function. Depending on how the it is placed within its environment it will influence the way the ceremony is connected to the spiritual world.

The studies discovered that the crataegus can improve a patient who has heart failure, ability to do exercise. Do you see a similarity between their philosophies concerning direction and the philosophy of feng shui here?
Patients reported that crataegus considerably improved their symptoms such as fatigue and shortness of breath. One study found 900mg of hawthorne extract per day taken for two months was just as effective as low dosages of captropril (a heart medication) in improving heart failure symptoms.A large study showed a standard crataegus supplement to be effective in nine hundred and fifty two heart failure patients. Construction with care[Top] The medicine house is constructed with the utmost care and consideration about the environment and the kind of materials that are being used. After two years, heart failure symptoms decreased considerably in the patients who took the crataegus supplement. The patients who took crataegus also took fewer medications to treat their condition.Cautions and side effects[Top]crataegus is thought to be safe for most people when employed for short time periods.
Just as the modern construction worker might prefer to listen to a music station on the radio while he is working.
Then before the pole of willow is placed they pray over it.Offering to the gods[Top] Tobacco, red and white cedars, white sage as well as some other plants are frequently used to give thanks or prayers by the shaman. There are several ways to distribute these offerings these include Smoking it in a pipe that is made of stone.

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