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Chinese herbal medicine is a major aspect of traditional Chinese medicine, which focuses on restoring a balance of energy, body, and spirit to maintain health rather than treating a particular disease or medical condition.
Chinese herbal medicine development is seeing an explosion of investment from corporations worldwide.
Investment beyond supermarket distribution of herbal medicines is firmly within the pharmaceutical industry. Tasly made the headlines when one of their flagship products, Danshen Plus, passed FDA Phase-II clinical trials. Herbal medicine companies in the US market have taken a strong leadership position in promoting the quality and purity of herbal medicines along with sustainability and environmental sensitivity.
Mayway and Sun Ten are important examples of established companies dedicated to the quality and purity of herbal medicines. Herbs are used with the goal of restoring balance by nourishing the body.Chinese herbal medicine developed as part of Chinese culture from tribal roots. Not surprisingly, companies like Nestle and Coca-Cola have poured resources into developing healthy beverages and products using traditional Chinese herbal medicines. Zi Cao, for example, is included in conventional over-the-counter creams throughout Asia for the treatment of psoriasis.
These companies use a variety of scientific procedures to ensure that herbal medicines are both safe and effective. By 200 BC, traditional Chinese medicine was firmly established, and by the first century AD, a listing of medicinal herbs and herbal formulations and their uses had been developed.
Already, Coca-Cola is growing their Asian market sales with an array of herbal beverages containing Bai He, Ji Gua Cao, Xia Ku Cao, Bai Mu Er, Xi Yang Shen, Hong Zao and more.
However, unregulated industrial practices have depleted Zi Cao beyond sustainability and the herb is now an endangered species.

Mayway herbal corporation has publicly promoted the protection of endangered species and the prevention of animal cruelty.
Testing for microbiological contamination is a standard procedure along with microscopic examination, thin layer chromatography, mass spectrometry, gas chromatography, coupled flourescent detection, liquid and gas chromatography and several other methods to determine the purity and quality of herbal medicines. The classic Chinese book on medicinal herbs was written during the Ming Dynasty (1152-1578) by Li Shi-Zhen. The upside to conventional use of Chinese herbal medicines is access to healthier choices for consumers in the food and beverage industry. This Chinese corporation has an array of biomedicine drugs, Chinese herbal products and extracts.
Recently, Tasly entered into a partnership with Hamsoa Pharmaceutical, the thrid largest distributor in the Korean marketplace, thereby immediately extending the reach of their natural extracts and Chinese medicine products into 30 Korean hospitals and over 100 clinics.
They back this up with only offering herbal medicines that do not involve unethical practices. In many ways, the challenges to the implementation of Chinese herbal medicine within the food supply are  the same as those facing all foods.
In addition, this company has very strict standards regarding pesticides and preservatives. By 1990, the latest edition of "The Pharmacopoeia of the People's Republic of China" listed more than 500 single herbs or extracts and nearly 300 complex formulations.
Tasly is China’s second largest producer of Traditional Chinese Medicine products and devotes significant resources into research, product development and planting. If the Danshen Plus product reaches the United States market, expect a fundamental shift within pharmaceutical industry research and development towards complex natural products. Mayway surpasses government guidelines and has been a leader in sulfur-free, preservative-free herbs since 1969.

In today's Chinese herbal medicine, over 3,200 herbs and 300 mineral and animal extracts are used in more than 400 different formulas. Additional concerns are the use of pesticides, preservatives and other forms of contamination. Tasly has partnered with SemBioSys of Canada to produce nutritionals, beverages and foods made from oilbodies in plants using a continuous cold system that does not denature the oils. Currently, the overwhelming investment in the US market is in the development of isolated, single ingredient drugs. Herbal formulations may consist of 4 to 12 different ingredients, to be taken in the form of teas, powders, pills, tinctures, or syrups.As Western conventional medicine spread to the East, some traditional Chinese medical practices began to be regarded as folklore. The success of Tasly in broad spectrum based ingredients may open scientific investigation to further interest in complexes of ingredients including herbal formulas. Sun Ten also adheres to strict quality controls and purity guidelines including high standards for limiting pesticides, heavy metals and microbiological contamination. However, since 1949, the Chinese government has supported the use of both traditional and Western medicine.
Chinese herbal medicine first came to widespread attention in the United States in the 1970s, when President Richard Nixon visited China. Today, at least 30 states license practitioners of Oriental medicine and more than 25 colleges of Oriental medicine exist in the United States.

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