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Medicinal herbs are combined to create individually customized formulas that address a wide range of conditions and diseases. Each herb has unique properties and medicinal functions and when used in a formula works synergistically to maximize the therapeutic effects. Formulas are used to strengthen and nourish the body, unblock stagnation, and address other imbalances that cause disease.
Chinese Herbal Medicine comes in many different forms: Teas, Concentrated Herbal Powders, Pills, Tablets, Tinctures or Raw Herbs that need to be decocted.
Herbal medicine encompasses everything from roots, leaves and vines to minerals, mushrooms, seashells and fruits.

At Driftwood Acupuncture and Wellness, we do not support or use any herbal products made from any endangered species or inhumanely collected from animal sources.
We only prescribe herbal concentrate powders and pills that have undergone thorough third party testing for guaranteed safety, purity and potency.
Reiki has been used very successfully with both children and teenagers who are exceptionally receptive to healing and energy changes. Children and teenagers (young adults) have to deal with many issues on a daily basis including: Bullying, peer pressure, school and exam pressure, worrying about things that maybe happening at home. All reiki healing can be done either in person or via distance healing using either phone, email or skype, which ever you and your child are more confortable with.

For more information on how reiki can help your child please contact us and we will be glad to assist. A reiki session for your child is £25 and last as long as the child is confortable and is usually around 25-45 minuites.
Reiki is exceptionally good for children on the autistic spectrum including ASD, Aspergers and ADHD..

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