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Place the blanched chicken and all the chinese herbs (except wolfberries) into a pot with water.
Nothing and I actually mean what I say by nothing can beat a perfectly made chinese fried rice. Never mind that we just experienced one of the hottest weekends in Southern California and it was 93? today and currently 80? at 9:30 PM.
This chicken loaf is most in demand at home over the weekends and the family knows I love baking this one! Lee Woodruff’s latest book, Those We Love Most, is about family, love, tragedy, coming together and healing. Now winter is upon us and the best way to keep warm is to have something good yet warming like this velvet corn soup.
Summer soups that help relieve heatiness, cool the body and provide additional internal moisture for those extra hot days. Soups designed to be consumed in the dry and cold winter months where the body needs replenishment of moisture and warmth. A mildly sweet soup containing mainly Chinese herbs and dried additives, it’s an easy make and great for cold days or someone who needs to replenish their heat and warmth. Dear Rebecca, consider using: 3-4 pieces of large dried Chinese Yam, 10 dried longans, 20 dried wolfberries, 3-4 pieces of each root. As illustrated above, I’d just chuck the herbs into the double-boiling jar with the chicken. I suppose slow cookers and some rice cookers can perform similar to a double-boiler in that the temperature of cooking is maintained below a certain maximum. These are the Chinese herbs that goes well with this chicken soup, I got the proportions and a few handy tips from fake father-in-law. I think for soups, the breast portion (right) will suit poaching more, while the thigh portion (left) will suit double boiling better.
I really like this recipe because the balance of Chinese herbs really gives a delicious, nourishing soup that isn’t overpoweringly herby. What I like about fake father-in-law’s poached herbal chicken is you really get to taste all the freshness still inside the chicken.
Ssh don’t tell anyone but I secretly love stringy chicken and don’t have any problems with it all! And now we’ve had our baby, have defrosted our organic chicken, got our herbs and are about to cook our soup in the slow cooker tonight. You should also google ‘the Chinese soup lady’, she probably has recipes for confinement soups!
Copyright WarningThis site actively monitors for unauthorised copying and republishing of its content. For this recipe, you’ll need: A bunch of Chinese herbs (in mine, I have dried dates, dried longans, dried conpoys or scallops, dried Chinese yam, and wolfberries), some pork, a whole chicken, fuji apples, and snow pears. Start boiling your double-boiler (inner pot) outside on the stove with half the volume of water that the container will hold. You’ll know your soup is progressing well when you see the pears and apples and colour of the soup turn into a rich golden liquid. May I use pressure pot for this as well as the soups that require long simmering time or double pot methods as I do not have more than 45 mins to prepare in the day before work.

Hmm, without a double-boiler, it’s boiling it longer, and on a low, steady heat with the cover on to prevent as much evaporation of the water as possible. Would it be the same to put the ingredients cold in a slow cooker and let it go for 8 hours on low? It comes highly recommended as a basis for confinement and you can double-boil it with Chicken as well for added warming and healing properties. Can you roughly tell me using 500g pork, 4 person, how many pcs of dangsheng, Beiqi, Chinese Yam, Longans? However, those who have not fully recovered from these illnesses should avoid drinking this soup. In the past, I used to just simmer a whole chicken to death with random ingredients and wonder why it’d turn out both good, but also a bit meh.
But I will be showing photos of the double-boiling method only because it is the more fiddly method of the two. The soup does not evaporate, all the ingredients’ goodness is sealed in, water level is maintained and the soup remains clear.
If you want to know more about the properties of each herb and how to use it to good effect, check out my recently blogged post Traditional Chinese Herbs for Dummies. Just simmer all of the herbs in a pot for two hours, and then lower the chicken into the soup, bring to a bubble, then simmer for 15 mins. I think I may have to get myself a double boiler but I never have time for these slow cook numbers. Do you ever put traditional western chicken stock veggies in your chinese herbal soup ie carrot, onion, celery? I found a very simple, but delicious apple and pear Chinese soup with pork and chicken and Chinese herbs. You can also scrub the Chinese Yam in running water before soaking to rinse off the sulphur that is sometimes used to process it. Do note that snow pears actually RELEASE more water as it boils, so the risk that it spills over is almost certain!
Once it cools sufficiently for you to put into its outer double-boiler, add the inner pot into the larger outer pot.
Most double-boiled soups some in this golden colour and you’ll know that the flavours are intense and rich. You can rinse the dried Chinese yams under running water and rub them to remove any sulphur from the drying process. Yah, the sweeter soups are probably an acquired taste when we expect a more saltier soup for our dinner palettes. Cool enough for your boots to see some daylight yet not so cold till you need to wrap yourself up like a bak chang (a chinese rice dumpling). It’s not an overly powerful soup and is appropriate for the whole family (use a more dilute concentration if children are drinking it).
In this way, I’ve recently made two independent discoveries that may or may not be common cooking knowledge. The key thing here is to get the correct combination of Chinese herbs that will make a pleasant tasting stock. Technically, you can pretty much eat any of those herbs, although I think astragalus is abit too barky to be eaten unless you’re a herbivore.

One good thing about these jars is you can serve them directly after cooking, so they double up as tableware.
Bring the pot to a boil, then allow to simmer under low-medium heat for 3-4 hours (or more). Place all ingredients in, place the inner pot on the stove for 30-1hr, pop the inner pot into the outer pot and let it contine to cook. In this age of time-poor-ness (work etc) recipes and know for dishes like these will disappear!
You can add water later – but when you add water to the outer pot – add hot water! The first is that you can double boil chicken soup for a very long time and the chicken won’t turn dry and stringy. Ensure water level in the pot is adequate, top up with hot water if needed (cold water may crack the jar).
I usually do it the night before and it’s all ready for dinner when I get home from work the next day. Quality of the herbs there definitely seemed fresher than going into say the local Asian supermarkets. The purpose of double-boiling is really to maintain density of the flavours and lock in (better than regular boiling) all that goodness. In a separate pot, blanch the meats in boiling hot water for 5 minutes to remove scum, oil, dirt, blood and any extras that like to make their way out of the bones and meat and into your soup. In a separate pot of boiling water, blanch all the meat in the boiling water for 5 minutes. Make it a healthy tonic soup and your body will thank you for it.My mother-in-law bought me a variety of chinese herbs when I was last back home.
And the second, thanks to fake father-in-law, is how you can poach a chicken briefly in a good herbal stock and that dish will also come out marvellous!
Also, the chicken needs to be at room temperature, if it’s still a bit refrigerated, then poach the chicken for 20 mins or more.
I was still missing one snow pear and 1 apple and ended up removing the ends of the drumsticks to make it all squeeze in. In my situation, I had leftover fruit, so I simply drank 2 bowls the size of rice bowls, threw in the rest of the fruit and added some more water and continued to double-boil it for another hour until dinner. Cut, core, remove seeds and cut the apples and pears into large bite-sizes, keeping on the skin. For fear that my nose will bleed after drinking a soup with so many different herbs thrown in, I asked her (twice) if it’s really ok (confirm and re-confirm ya). When the water boils, add all the ingredients into it and top up with hot water (or boiling water from a kettle). Turn off heat and set to cool enough that you can move the pot into the outer double-boiler pot. Put inner pot into outer pot and fill with enough water to cover up to at least ¾ of the inner pot.

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