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If you are staying far off from the herbal drug stores and do not have access to Chinese herbal tea, then this is the perfect halting point for you. The Healing energy drink for bumps and bruises, endurance tea, tea for circulating blood and warming the body,  tea for reducing muscle pain, drinks for easing out fatigue in feet, legs & waist and bone strengthener teas are available at Oriental Herbs in different quantities.
Yuan Chi Tea is a Chinese herbal remedy meant for providing energy to the body and increasing stamina. For strengthening and bringing life to fatigued bones, there is the Powerful Bone Strengthener tea. Another tea which you will find here at Oriental Herbs is the Healing Energy tea for bumps and bruises, also known as Bruise tea. The teas available at Oriental Herbs are natural nutritional supplements meant just to invigorate your mundane life and add extra strength to your health and spirit.

The health benefits obtained from Chinese herbal tea is immense and beyond the understanding of few modern medicines.
For people who remain standing on feet for an entire day, this tea works like a wonder agent.
This tea contains ingredients like Rheum Pyrite, Rehmannia, Tienchi, Paeoniae Lactiflora etc. It has a Wu Shu formula imbibed into it that soothes the energy flow and enlivens the blood flow. However in the case of Chinese herbal tea, the ingredients are devoid of caffeine and therefore you can even try them during night hours before sleeping.
These ingredients are mixed together in the right proportion to create a unique combination of tea that is not only satiates the taste buds but also resolves different health issues.

The effective constituents like Ginseng, Angelica, Glycyrrhiza, Discorea are the active ingredients of this tea.
Several teas will induce good sleep in night and can even help people to recover from somnambulism.
The traditionally made teas out of rare herbs improve health related issues like stress, overweight, indigestion and many more.

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