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If you have a concern, simply ask your practitioner if the herbs are tested and safe to consume. Chinese herbs are most often used in combination to make a formula, as there is a synergy to using them together than cannot be achieved when used alone.
There are many forms Chinese herbs can be taken in, including raw, powder, pill or tincture.
The herbs I use in my clinic are tinctures from Herbalogic, as I find them to be very fast acting and effective.
Pharmaceuticals tell the body what to do in a very forceful way, hence all of the side effects that come with most drugs.
Any interaction between a pharmaceutical and a Chinese herb is well known by your practitioner.
The only experience I have with Chinese herbs are the ones that I would boil in water and they would make my whole house smell like a wet dog. Since it is Interfaith month at Muzlimbuzz, we are looking at how Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) intersects with Prophetic Healing. The preservation of health is necessary in Islam and any other religion one because it leads to a better way of life and second Allah SWT has provided bodies to humans as His keepings and we have to protect it and take care of it throughout our lives. Islam does not separate science from religion and provides teachings to acquire a physically, mentally and spiritually healthy lifestyle. In the years following Islam the Muslim healers of that time mostly referred to the prophetic healing laid out by Prophet SAW himself and also to western medicinal concepts to provide advanced solutions. From birth, nutrition, personal hygiene, diet, diseases to spiritual healing, Islam focuses on all the aspects of personal health as well as environmental health.
Where other religion and cultures of the world also focuses on health issues and provide their own medicinal value to the people there exists many similar factors between medicine of other cultures and Islamic medicine.
Contemporary Islamic approach to health deals with usage of healthy food in routine life, natural products or compounds as cure to diseases, physical activity and treatment of the soul through prayer, supplication and Zikar. Because of their unique concept of healing diseases, the Chinese people isolated themselves in medicine from the rest of the world by their own choice. Because of these unique concepts not many people are able to comprehend the methodologies of TCM as other cultures take health to be directly related to anatomical human aspects. Though the practices of TCM may appear different, Islam does agree with some of the concept as endorsed by the Prophet SAW himself.
This is true in the sense that through dedicated supplication and practicing of our religion many Muslims are able to control the way of life in a healthy manner.
Creating a positive environment through following the practices and peaceful teachings of Islam will have a positive effect on individual’s physical, mental and spiritual development. Muslim medicine practitioners were the first who bridged the gap between oriental and western medicine with Islam. Muhammad Alif Bin Abu Bakar on Why Do Muslims Behave As if They Are Afraid of the Opposite Sex? Qigong is therapeutic movement that releases tension, restores vital energy and heals your body. He has found intelligent and efficient ways to address whatever discomforts I showed up with.

I was happy to recommend Blaise to friends, students and patients in need of efficient treatments. Traditional Chinese medicine is the oldest known intact medical system, which has evolved and grown in popularity for over 3,000 years.
Hundreds of scientific studies and reports confirm it's effectiveness with pain, a variety of chronic and acute health problems, as well as for maintenance and prevention.
New patients start with a full TCM health evaluation to determine the health of the organ systems and reach a TCM diagnosis and treatment plan. The most commonly used treatment methods are acupuncture, herbs, qigong, tuina and food healing. This makes me happy because it get’s the conversation going around a 4000 year old medicine that is amazingly effective!
I don’t know of any practitioner who is not conscious of the safety of the herbs they offer.
There are climates and terrains in China that are conducive to the growth of certain herbs, which cannot grow in other places and produce the same medicinal properties. You can’t tell your body to do one thing with that much force and not get another equal reaction (usually an undesired one). Our Prophet SAW himself at many times not only provided people with a treatment for disease but also let them know about medical practices and procedures of other cultures that he had heard about and did not prohibit. Chinese are ardent followers of the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which is based on Yin and Yang since 1600BC.
Practices like acupuncture, cupping nutrition therapy, physical exercise, massage and herbal preparation are applied to control health in TCM.
Talking about the energy channels many Muslim scientists and health practitioners relate the concept of Chi with Qudra. The positive flow of spiritual energy is acting as a driving force for the organs of the body. There are nutritional aspects as well that relates the Islamic and oriental healing which had been laid out by our Prophet SAW. Ryan made it very easy and I would recommend his services to anyone curious about acupuncture.
His combined knowledge of Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine and Herbal Supplementation is remarkable and it support the body at all levels: muscular, skeletal, glandular, neural, and digestive. Much like the herbs I use in my clinic, which are from a fantastic company called Herbalogic. Most Chinese herbs need to be prescribed by a licensed practitioner, other than a few formulas you can find at your local health food store for common ailments. There are, however, many more common herbs that are grown all over the world that we often use in Chinese herbology, like ginger, cinnamon and peppermint. It’s like pharmacy school in many ways, as we learn the properties, temperature, indications, dosages, interactions, etc for each herb. Raw herbs are the raw form of each herb cooked together in water for a certain amount of time, with the water from the boilings being the medicine.
Chinese herbs don’t force your body into a reaction like drugs do, they have a gentle effect and can therefore take longer than a drug to produce a result.

Herbs are great because they work with your body and gently nudge it in the direction of balance. The more information out there about this fantastic natural medicine, the more trust we can develop around it and the faster we can all get well! Our Prophet SAW has continuously asked Muslims to pray for forgiveness and health in various Ahadith.
However Chinese medicine takes the approach of treating the imbalances in the body rather than symptoms to prevent illness. This might be new information for many readers but a research paper at Harvard Medical School on spiritual healing in Islamic tradition by Dr. Such flow calls for the spiritual healing aspect of human body in Islam which is achieved mainly through prayer and Zikr (the constant remembrance of Allah SWT). The oriental approach although may seem less credible or weird for people who believe in modern medicine but the truth is there lies reality in some of the concepts when looked at from an Islamic perspective.
I have had constant neck and shoulder pain for months and tried a chiropractor and massage therapy, but would only get a few moments of relief that were short lived.
There’s been enough bad press for Chinese made goods and products in the last few years to last a lifetime. Powder herbs are the liquid from raw herb preparation powdered and then dissolved in water. Of course, when used improperly, they too can cause unwanted effects, but when prescribed by a licensed practitioner, Chinese herbs are very safe and effective, with no nasty side effects. The general concept of health in Islam relates not only to building a healthy lifestyle in the worldly life but also building a healthy soul for the hereafter. TCM views the body not in an anatomical way but relates to more with the functional aspect of the body like digestion and breathing etc. This form of spiritual healing concept has caused many disagreements with the western medicine who believe in the scientific proof for a cure.
The disease cannot manifest and de-harmonize the body if the energies flowing in the body are balanced. Shaikh Hisham Muhammad Kabbani shows the working of spiritual energy in the body to augment the working of weak organs.
However, A LOT of things you consume come from China (and are safe) and therefore cannot be automatically discredited for this reason alone! Like I said before, it’s 4000 years old, so the Chinese have had LOTS of time to figure it all out. Pills are the herbs compressed into pill form and tinctures are a liquid form that also comes from the raw preparation with a bit of added alcohol for preservation. Health is very much perceived as a harmony that exists between these entities and the outside world. A trained and licensed Chinese Medical Practitioner will give you the formula that’s right for you, and will make sure they are safe for you to take.

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