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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been treating stroke for thousands of years with herbal formulas known as Ren Shen Zai Zao Wan (a€?Ginseng Restorative Pills,a€? which actually contain 15 different herbal ingredients in its formula) and An Shen Bu Xin Wan (a€?Pacifying Spirit and Tonify the Heart Pillsa€?, which contain 9 different herbals). Yet, the established medical community turns up their nose at the thought of medicating patients with a€?natural ingredients.a€? They claim there is no proof of their efficacy and that people may die if taken. Well, I hope the tables will soon turn, based on research that shows TCM is effective at helping stroke victims recover. In 2011, an overseas company released a natural supplement based on these TCM formulas that found great results in clinical trials.
According to a World Health Organizations (WHO) report, a€?Stroke is a leading cause of acquired disability in adults.a€? It strikes 15 million people annually. Ia€™ve previously written here about how stroke deaths are higher now than just a decade ago, and here about how those who suffer migraines are at double the risk of stroke.
When a stroke hits, the victim has only a short time before brain cells die that can cause physical disabilities including loss of motor skills, sensory perception, language and visual issues and memory loss. In 2011, biopharmaceutical company Moleac announced the launch in France and Belgium of a natural supplement called NurAiD II.
For their study, the researchers demonstrated the effects of the product in mice who suffered ischemic stroke. NeuroAid II (MLC901) pre- and post-treatments up to 3 h after stroke improve survival, protect the brain from the ischemic injury and drastically decrease functional deficits. MLC601 and MLC901 also prevent neuronal death in an in vitro model of excitotoxicity using primary cultures of cortical neurons exposed to glutamate. Studies in mice are well and good, but how does this herbal supplement work on humans who have suffered stroke?
16 patients on MLC601 attained mRS scores similar to their prestroke state, compared with only 8 in the non MLC601 group. Mean improvement in mRS from baseline was better in the MLC601 group than in the non-MLC601 group. Many more studies show the promising and real recovery effect of using NeuroAid after ischemic stroke. Of course more human trials need to be conducted on the efficacy of NuroAid and its long-term effects on humans. Sea cucumber extracts help in killing the cancer cells and prevents the growth of tumor cells.
This is most of the widely used herb in traditional Chinese medicine which helps in boosting the immunity and preventing infection. This is another kind of Chinese herb which is in fact, not very popular but is highly effective to deal with cancer. Chinese skullcap which is also known as Baikal skullcap helps in preventing the formation of tumors in the lung cancer patients. Conventional drugs to treat type 2 diabetes are significantly more effective when paired with traditional Chinese medicine. Results show patients treated with traditional Chinese medicine were more than a third less likely to experience hypoglycaemia—dangerously low levels of blood sugar—than those treated with Glibenclamide only.
Many people would be surprised to hear that Chinese herbs can help for herniated disc problems and would expect that acupuncture take precedence as the main treatment. Ideally, treatment would involve a combination of acupuncture, moxibustion as well as Chinese herbs. The main symptoms associated with a herniated disc are of course pain and numbness coming about as a result of the disc bulging and squeezing the nerves coming out of the spine. Over time, in many cases the bulge will rectify itself and there will be a lessening of symptoms as time progresses.
When Chinese herbs are prescribed, an individually designed combination formula is put together that could contain up to 20 different herbs. Traditional Chinese herbal medicine aims to restore harmony and balance and enhance the body’s own recuperation process. What are some causes that may have given rise to a disposition to getting a herniated disc according to traditional Chinese medical theory? Some of the herbs have a tonic type quality to enhance kidney function such as gu sui bu and xu duan. Is it best to combine acupuncture treatment with Chinese herbal therapy to obtain optimal results? Mark Crain is an Australian registered acupuncturist and  Chinese herbalist practising in Brisbane who sees many patients with herniated disc problems.

In New Zealand, ACC covers acupuncture for the treatment of herniated discs if it has been established that it is as a result of an injury. About Heiko LadeHi, I'm Heiko Lade - qualified acupuncturist at The Acupuncture Clinic in Hastings, New Zealand. According to a new research review, Chinese herbs may help people at high risk of diabetes. The research review examined 16 clinical trials of 15 herbal formulations and found that herbal medicine helped lower glucose  levels in people with pre-diabetes. Pre-diabetes is a condition with impaired blood sugar control and can progress to full blown type 2 diabetes. Researchers found from the studies that adding herbs to lifestyle changes doubled the likelihood of patients’ blood sugar levels returning to normal. People who used herbal remedies were two-thirds less likely to progress to diabetes during the studies, which ran for an average of 9 months. How absurd, given that thousands die from prescription drugs when compared to almost zero from taking herbals. The only problem is, even with clinical trial proof, they are restricted from selling it in the United States.
This silent killer is one of the toughest to prevent and to treat in terms of restoration of normal brain and motor function after the fact. Eight out of 10 strokes are called a€?ischemic,a€? killing brain cells by cutting off their blood and oxygen supply. Time is of the essence a€” and if a supplement were on hand, or readily available, that is proven to help stroke recovery, all the better their chance of recovery.
It is a natural health supplement based on classic TCM formulas, a€?engineered to stimulate neuroplasticity and recoverya€¦ to support the restoration of neurological functionsa€¦a€? after stroke.
I have no connection to or with this company and have never met any of its representatives.
Precisely, NeuroAiDa„? triggers the production of new neurons in our brain (neurogenesis) and favors connections between neurons by stimulating the formation of new dendrites and synapses (neuroplasticity). I did a search of the literature on PubMed and found several clinical trials that, in fact, support these statements. To be clinically accurate the researchers relied on use of the modified Rankin Scale (mRS), the most widely used clinical outcome measure for stroke clinical trials. This is a retrospective cohort study comparing 30 post stroke patients given the supplement over a three month period against the same number of patients who were not given the supplement.
One study even showed there are positive effects in cognitive tasks when using the supplement without having a stroke. But in the meantime, the product is registered as a a€?natural supplementa€? and should be made available in the United States.
Our site changes DAILY to highlight local trends in Real Estate, recreation, lifestyle, and tourism. The death rates have continued to increase when we started recording them and this is worrying most of the research scientists across the world.
A special compound present in sea cucumber kills multiple types of cancer cells including leukemia, colon cancer, skin, breast, prostate, pancreatic etc. It helps in inhibiting tumor growth, reduces the immunity suppressing effects caused due to chemotherapy etc.
There are several active compounds in this amazing herb which help in reducing the symptoms of cancer. This amazing Chinese herb helps in killing the cancerous cells without damaging the healthy cells.
People who are undergoing cancer treatments can use this Chinese herb to experience better results. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
This absence of scientific understanding has caused skepticism and criticism about traditional Chinese medicine,” says Sanjoy Paul of the University of Queensland.
The herbs themselves come from a vast range of plants and the different parts of the plant including the leaves, stems, bark, roots, flowers and sap. Chinese medicine says that the kidneys control the bones including the spine and they also give strength to the lower back.
Chinese medicine also states that the spleen is responsible for the muscles so a herb such as  huang qi may be used to help support the muscles around the spine.

He says “I use acupuncture and moxibustion to promote circulation and reduce pain as the first foremost treatment.
If you would like to make an appointment for a consultation and treatment, please contact me. Moleac develops its natural health products by drawing on traditional knowledge, combined with modern-day molecular, cellular and clinical studies. But I do belief in TCM, and natural wellness overall, and the fact that this company seems to use traditional formula with modern research and manufacturing, and readily subjects its products to clinical trialsa€¦ is very interesting and worth investigating.
This favors the formation of new functional neuronal circuits, which are key for achieving a full post-stroke recovery.
Leta€™s look at a few that refer to NeuroAid by its scientific formula numbers MLC901 and MLC601. At the close of the third month they found that results as positive as those in the mice studies.
We have only heard about chemotherapy and radiation treatments for treating a cancer patient. Also, this traditional Chinese herb enhances the T-cells which can, in turn, kill the cancer cells. This herb has healing powers that help reduce the compounds that promote the growth of cancer.
This incredible Chinese herb helps in treating breast cancer by inhibiting the growth of the cancerous cells. In addition, as we age, the kidney energy is said to decline and the kidneys are responsible for many age related problems. In any area of injury, according to Chinese medical theory, blood circulation would become inhibited so herbs such as mo yo and ru xuang could be added to help promote blood circulation. In most cases there is also an underlying kidney deficiency with concurrent inhibited blood circulation and I find Chinese herbs to address these issues most useful“. Ischemic strokes are caused by blood vessels being blocked by a blood clot or by narrowing arteries caused by cholesterol-induced plaque buildup in the arteries. During the course of its development, Moleac has set up various partnerships with research institutes in France (the CNRS), China and Singapore. The changes in the brain materialize into faster and higher improvements of neurological functions during rehabilitation.
Our professionals take active leadership roles in efforts and causes to better the quality of life for Treasure Coast residents. But, there are certain Chinese herbs that help in eradicating cancer and the whole world is now interested to know about these Chinese herbs and how they work.
When injected, this herb helps reduce vascular permeability and inflammation, making it difficult for the growth of the cancer-promoting compounds. Apart from treating lung cancer patients, this herb helps treat liver cancer, breast cancer etc. According to the individual needs of the patient and their diagnosed pattern of disharmony, other herbs would be supplemented to address any issues there. Additionally, the usual suspectsa€“genetics, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, smokinga€”all place one at higher risk of stroke.
But with such positive results coming from clinical trials and published in peer-review journals, it makes one wonder.
The appropriate mix of medicines is all boiled together with a larger amount of water being slowly reduced to about 1 cup.
Even the National Cancer Institute have confirmed the effectiveness of these incredible Chinese herbs and in the research experiments, they have shown great results in treating ovarian cancer, lung cancer, melanoma, colon cancer etc. Chinese doctors have mentioned that using these herbs helped in reducing the cancer symptoms in 85 out of 100 patients. Modern times has seen that the herbs can be obtained in a highly concentrated freeze dried powder and then 1-3 spoons of the powder may be diluted with water or washed down with water.

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