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Although acupuncture has been used in China and Asian nations for centuries, there is debate in the West over whether or not it is really effective. Some people find that the local Chinatown is a good place to look for someone who practices traditional Chinese medicine.
There are thousands of medicines available in China, many using animals, plants, herbs, trees and more. The main difference between Chinese medicine and Western medicine is that Chinese medicine seeks to treat the body as a whole, while Western medicine focuses on the main problem area.
A crucial difference between Chinese medicine and Western medicine is that Western medicine focuses solely on the body as an organism. Chinese medicine views yin and yang like the two sides of the moon — one seen and one hidden in shadow. TCM also focuses its attentions on the functions of the body, as opposed to its anatomical structure. In Western medicine, diseases and viruses are caused by bacteria, rogue cells and genetic disorders. I don't know how common the practice is, but there are some medical offices where both Western and Chinese medicine is practiced. I have heard many patients come into their physician's Western medicine practice and ask him to provide them with alternative medicine, Eastern medicine or Chinese medicine treatments.

If Chinese (Asian) medicine and Western medicine truly complemented one another in medical practices then I imagine we would find that doctors would be even better able to treat illness.
What is a mega Buddha monument doing in the middle of San Francisco?  Apparently San Francisco city officials wanted to underscore the bond between Shanghai, China and San Francisco, two cities of art and culture.
If you are ever curious what an herb shop or traditional Chinese herb pharmacy looks like in China, check out Stockton street in San Fran.
I take great delight in your blog, Its great to discover not every body is just posting a bunch of trash these days! The differences go deeper still and cover the philosophy of medicine, preventative action, diagnosis and treatment. Chinese medicine, on the other hand, as with other Asian practices, includes the soul or spirit as an integral element of the body.
A major difference between Chinese medicine and Western medicine is that TCM believes disease to be a kind of imbalance between its functions. The difference between Chinese medicine and Western medicine is that these treatments aim to activate whole systems rather than specific areas and troublesome elements. These places have doctors trained in each discipline, so you can choose, and doctors can confer on individual patients. These patients then accuse the doctor of refusing to have an open mind when he says he can't accommodate them.

Unfortunately, the two sides are more often in competition with one another--Traditional Chinese Medicine vs Western medicine. Many doctors who practice Western medicine are unwilling to see any of the benefits of Asian medicine, and the same can be said in reverse. It owes its roots to Taoism’s beliefs in yin and yang as well as other religious belief systems such as ancient animism and shamanism. The Chinese, therefore, treat the entire body in a holistic manner in order to solve one ailment. The Chinese divide the body into Qi, or functions, Xue, or blood, Jinye, or bodily fluids, and the Zang-fu, or organs. Moxibustion is combined with acupuncture and is the application of heat to an affected area. However, in the last decade, I have noticed more doctors who are open to listening to medical ideas and practices other than the ones they have been taught.
Western medicine owes its origins to ancient Greece, with the Middle East and Egypt before that.
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