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There are a number of different approaches to weight loss under the umbrella of Chinese medicine.
The most viable Chinese medicinal treatment for weight loss takes into account the particular physical condition of the individual. Acupuncture ear points weight loss livestrong., Acupuncture ear points for weight loss; does acupuncture work for weight loss? Ear acupuncture hold promise weight loss – webmd, Webmd news archive but small study results from the few studies on acupuncture and weight loss have been mixed. When I was a child, my mother used to get me into an acupuncturist to hopefully treat my phlegm issue. Doctor Oz is one of the many experts that supports alternative medicine such herbal remedies and of course acupuncture, which is one of the oldest traditional oriental medicine today. Acupuncture mainly involves stimulation of points on the body (called qi) using insertion of pins or needles into the skin, either manipulated manually or by electrical stimulation. The hypothalamus has an important function that makes our body to work properly which includes hormone and nuerochemical regulation, body temperature management and thirst and hunger control.
Consistent application of acupuncture claims to help curb appetite effectively while boosting up your metabolism, improving digestion and more efficient nutrient absorption.
Before you turn into an acupuncture weight loss treatment, the acupuncturist must asses your over-all health first before any procedures. This part is the most common area where weight loss is said to be more achievable based on acupuncture principles.
Acupuncture is said to have big influence on your endocrine system by treating your water retention problem.
Kidney acupuncture helps relieve your hormonal imbalances, water retention, stress or anxiety attack.
Hypothyroidism leads to weight gain and to control this symptom, the thyroid type of acupuncture can help reverse weight gain from hypothyroidism patients. Before you opt for an acupuncture session, you first have to assure yourself that you really need this kind of treatment especially if your only goal is just to lose weight. First, you need to find the best acupuncture clinic near your area, with qualified acupuncture practitioner.
Now if you are decided in taking this kind of weight loss regimen, make sure that you complete the entire treatment course. There are a lot of positive reviews about acupuncture and both health experts and some physicians are even recommending it as an alternative treatment for various diseases. Since I don’t have a good experience with acupuncture and some of the articles you can find online are more like to be a promotional stint, I am not recommending acupuncture for your weight loss program. My advise is that, you can undergo acupuncture sessions with the purpose of treating your existing health conditions or for health improvement while applying weight loss acupuncture. Proactol is composed of the best organic ingredients that are known to help aid weight loss without any side effects.
All the information herein are based on research, opinions, testimonials and clinical trials.
Acupuncture has a history that goes back thousands of years, but it only began rising in popularity here in the United States in the last twenty years. Through the use of acupuncture needles at key points on your arms, legs, torso, and ears, your body is tuned to resonate at the frequency of health and wellness! Food cravings and addictions, when viewed via the lens of Chinese Medicine, are the consequence of imbalances in the energy of the Liver and Spleen.
At LYT we offer an exciting program called Acupuncture for Weight Loss – which entails a comprehensive Chinese medical evaluation to pinpoint your specific pattern of disharmony. Fads and weight loss gimmicks come and go, but the value of Chinese Medicine has endured for thousands of years because of its effectiveness.

Read on to find about the kinds of herbs used for weight loss in China and how they work.In recent years health problems related with excess weight and obesity have increased on a global scale. Some techniques are known to bear more fruit than others whereas others have certain health risks associated with them. This is the organ that is in control of the flesh and muscles and controls the movement and transformation of the fluids in the stomach. There are some food stuffs like excessive sweet, fatty foods or even lack of exercise that can damage the spleen. But at the same time one needs to develop a healthy lifestyle that involves regular exercising and healthy eating habits. If you do, then you are probably aware or you may already had experiences about an alternative treatment called Chinese acupuncture?
Unfortunately, it wasn’t treated and carried this uncomfortable condition until today. This process is said to benefit weight loss because experts believes that weight gain is caused by disturbed energy flow that runs in and out of the regulating  center of the brain (hypothalamus). With that said, acupuncture can influence obesity hormones and other factors such as increased in ghrelin while decreasing your leptin hormones. It is also said to relieve muscle stress along the stomach, which can help gives signals that you are full.
Other benefits aside from weight loss includes boosting the immune system, improvement of liver health, good circulation, treats nausea, supports fertility and many others. Depending on your eating habits, the acupuncturist may require a few numbers of needles to be pinned along your ear’s main three points, which will cover most part of your body. Whether you are a fast talker or a heavy eater, certain points in the mouth can help decrease these habits through acupuncture. Experts claims that several qi points along the stomach can give signals to your brain that you are full, which leads to less eating. While this is true, lungs also the treatment area for those who overindulge to sweet foods such as cake and chocolate products. If possible, seek your doctor’s recommendation or approval before you undergo alternative traditional medicine. With regards to weight loss, this treatment is practically inexpensive and provides a less physical effort unlike exercise and dieting.
Factors such as sterilization of needles and many others can spell disaster if erroneously done.
This procedure may help but you still need to apply intense workout and healthy dieting to be able to lose significant weight.
This will kill two birds in one stone, that is if you are truly decided to undergo acupuncture treatment. If you do, then please help share this post to your social media profiles by using the share buttons below.
Proactol Plus is guaranteed to help you lose weight by effectively binding 28% of your daily fat intake.
At first, people primarily sought out acupuncture treatments to relieve pain, but now people flock to acupuncturists for assistance with many ailments.
It is not a band-aid approach that solves the problem temporarily, but rather is a program of health enhancement that gets to the core issues behind why you gained weight and lost your natural vitality in the first place.
In the terminology of Chinese Medicine, we would say that the Wood element (Liver) is attacking the Earth element (Spleen).
Then a program is designed specifically for you to assist in your weight loss and wellness goals. Consider that fact when making your choice in how to combat your cravings, addictions and lose weight!

In their attempt to look for a viable solution for weight loss many have turned towards traditional Chinese medicine. In the initial rush many Chinese over the counter weight loss medicines made their way into the homes of a desperate global overweight population.
When it comes to weight loss Chinese herbs attack the body by purging the essential nutrients from it.
This is a highly safe and a very effective method as it is centered on the individual’s metabolic cycle. A damaged spleen is unable to perform its duty and thus the water liquid eventually turns into fat. In fact Chinese medicinal experts always start off by altering the patient’s diet and lifestyle. I later found out that my phlegm problem is caused by a rare allergy that is next to impossible to treat. But did you know that this Chinese brand of treatment is not just designed to cure diseases? The acupuncturists may also ask for some history of any existing conditions or your eating habits or dieting regimen.
Getting this post viral online will help tons of people that is looking for detailed information about acupuncture and weight loss. This will enable you to manage your weight more easily unlike any other hyped products out there. Rest assured that I will continue to bring you the best weight loss information in this site to help you overcome all your weight gain endeavors. Please consult your physician first before you intend to apply any information found in this site. How does acupuncture work as your ally in your quest to lose weight and regain your wellness? There’s acupuncture and weight loss successes, acupuncture to reduce cravings and addiction, and acupuncture to balance the nervous system and emotions. They are the places on the body that, when stimulated, get past the electrical barrier of the body and allow changes to be incorporated into the electromagnetic circuitry of the system – in other words – all the way to the cellular level! For many people it has provided the ultimate solution to their weight loss problems whereas others are still skeptical about it. Medical research revealed that prolonged use of such over the counter Chinese medicines has the potential to damage the righteous qi. You may be able to achieve rapid weight loss using Chinese medicine but it may have certain side effects only if their usage is continued for a prolonged period of time. Under this method the individual is made to follow a plan tailored to his physical condition. By targeting the spleen Chinese medicine aims to grab the problem from its roots in order to assist the individual in losing weight.
If this does not work then only do they recommend moving on to some sort of Chinese medicine or treatment for weight loss. Specific acupuncture points assist to calm the Liver energy and relieve anxiety and others strengthen the Spleen to improve digestion and reduce cravings.
Moxibustion, acupuncture and lifestyle modifications are all different ways in which Chinese medicine tackles the problem of excess weight. When the Liver and Spleen are in balance with each other weight loss is easier to achieve and maintain.

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