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Academic Director, Senior Chinese Medicine Practitioner specializes on infertility and gynaecological conditions. Dr Michael Hammer is a Chinese medicine practitioner; registered in Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine since 2008.
In 2005 he started studying Chinese internal martial arts (such as Tai Chi), qi gong and meditation; developing a deeper understanding and familiarity with how the body and mind function. Dr Hammer is particularly interested in treating musculoskeletal problems and pain management, digestive disorders, respiratory and emotional conditions. Having competed in National Level Netball and a keen interest in all sports and fitness it was inevitable that Karina would work in Health and Well Being. Dr Karina Spicer joins the team in Oakleigh after working extensively in the United States of America. Traditional Chinese Medicine is a wholistic treatment that realigns the body by working with Qi (body’s energy, vital force) with the insertion of sterile needles that are as fine as your hair. Dr Karina has completed an internship in the South of China under guidance of famous professors and understands each patient is individual and we need to ascertain the root cause of the concern.
I have diplomas in Remedial Massage and Reflexology, finding that massage and reflexology complement each other perfectly. Volunteering at the Peter MacCallum Institute since 2004 raised my interest in treating cancer patients, who have become a fundamental part of my client base.

Fiona has been involved in the field of Medical Biotechnology and Health for more than five years, having been with our clinic since early 2013. Cilia completed bachelor of nursing at Australian Catholic University in 2013, worked as agency nurse at various rehabilitation centres and aged care facilities.
He completed a double degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine at SSNT in 2007; and a diploma of Chinese remedial massage (Tui Na) in 2011. Treating different and complex conditions she now returns to Australia with a great passion for treating many conditions such as mental Illness, muscle-skeletal conditions, sleeping disorders and infertility. For many years I pursued other interests, until I found my calling – to be a healer as well! After graduated, she worked as a nurse in a Chinese Medicine Hospital in ShangHai for six years.
She completed her Master of Biotechnology at RMIT University and went on to complete a research project in a university laboratory. She is persistence, caring and incredible repectful for anyone she meets.She now is working as our clinical assistance.
She has well developed organization skill that she schedules our medical appointments with our healthcare professionals. Gu is a registered acupuncture and practitioner with the Chinese Medicine Registration Board of Australia (AHPRA) and has over 20 years of experience.

As Traditional Chinese Medicine encompasses the whole body, many patients come in for one condition and find better health in general. Providing a comprehensive clinical needs and Maintaining a hygienic environment for both our healthcare professionals and our clients.
Since she has strong knowledge of the roles for our practitioners, she is completely able to advise you for the suitable plan for your health and wellness needs. He is a member of Fertility Society of Australia and has experience from the most prestigious hospital in Beijing. Always seek the advice of your qualified health professional if you have any concern about your health. She is patient and caring, and she will always be there to answer any questions that you may be concerning of. He is a lecturer and author, with three books on TCM and acupuncture, and has published articles on fertility in peer reviewed journals. She is extremely knowledgeable in all clinic matters and she is always able to answer any question you may have.

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