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Providing professional healthcare in Traditional Chinese Herbal MedicineChinese Herbal MedicineTraditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) was developed in China over 4 thousand years ago.
If time does not allow you to go through the raw herb process, Chinese herbs can also be taken in a granule form. Traditional herbs have also been formulated into patent pills (capsules) for convenient and easy consumption.
All three methods of herbal medicine are effective, we typically recommend the granule form as it offers good results within a reasonably short period of time and isn't as time consuming as preparing the raw herbs.
With each session, we build upon the last one, working from superficial to deep muscle tissue layers to provide you with the freedom of movement you deserve. Find out more about our therapists and services by giving us a a call or coming into our office. The moment you step into Lotus Health & Wellbeing Centre you will feel a sense of calm, a sense of peace. If you know what you're looking for, terrific - give us a call or book online, it's that easy. Ideal for experienced family, husband and wife to takeover and start to make money from day one! Providing holistic healing with acupuncture, cupping, herbal therapy and general wellness coaching. Tony Bennett of Armidale Acupuncture practices Japanese Acupuncture - a gentle, subtle technique also known as Meridian Therapy. Revolutionary multiple high frequencies for lymph drainage, cellulite and body regeneration.
Patient orient I review the unique aspects of your condition whether physical,mental or emotional and will apply the modalities that will remove the pain and put more energy and happiness into your life.
Email or call Morris to-day on (02) 4322-5373 for a FREE consultation or an initial half price treatment. You will be able to experience a rejuvenating and healing experience following an initial 30 min. In the 1980's scientists thought to imagine if we could speak to cells, instructing them to grow more quickly or slowly, to change their function by secreting or receiving key molecules like hormones, to replace damaged cells, then no scalpel would have to be lifted, no drug injected into the blood stream. Each signal is sent out when a change in response to the previous signal is recorded in the electrical properties of the skin. The C-fibers, which comprise 85% of all nerves in the body, react most readily to electronic stimulation, are responsible for the production of neuro and other regulatory peptides. Two German scientists Dr.'s Sackmann and Nehrer in 1991 won the Nobel Prize for their research on channel ion theory. Doctors and physical therapists all over the world have been using microcurrent to heal injured muscle, tendons, wounds and a myriad of injuries and ailments for the past fifteen years. Double-Blind studies Lerner and Kirsch on chronic and acute back pain show the overwhelming effects of MENS over other modalities.
Microcurent therapy augments the body's own healing ability with no discomfort to the patient. 1916-1950 Harold Gaxton Burr PhD showed that the exact time of ovulation could be determined by measuring the voltage of the cervix. 1983 Bjorn Nordernstrom MD – chairman of Nobel Committee, Stockholm, invented deep biopsy needles to biopsy lung tumors. 1937 Sir Thomas Lewis describing a hitherto unknown network of cutaneous nerves.' He called it the 'nocifensor system' and deduced, from his experiments, that it was an independent cutaneous nerve system, unrelated to known pathways and unconnected to the autonomic nervous system.
1985 Pierre de Vernejoul at the University of Paris carried out a definitive and much-quoted experiment. 1991 Two German scientists Dr.'s Sackmann and Nehrer in 1991 won the Nobel Prize for their research on channel ion theory. More than 20 years in business, since 1986, JADE micro-currents is now considered an industry leader in facial toning, body restructuring, lymphatic drainage and the treatment of neuro-muscular aches and pains. Annoyed, anxious, ashamed, betrayed, bitter, bored, concerned, crushed, depressed, desperate, destructive, despondent, disappointed, foolish, nervous, resentful, skeptic, stupid, weepy and worried. Awed, calm, capable, cheerful, clever, electrified, energetic, fascinated, settled, vitalized, rejuvenated, looking and feeling 5 and often 10 years younger.

Originating in US hospitals in the treatment of burnt skin, the procedure has been adapted to cosmetology. We found an improved nebuliser used by the medical profession for deep tissue penetration with 140% more product delivery than the previous model and 180% more than a conventional nebuliser .
The five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water, encompass all the phenomena of nature. Osteoarthrites, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, periodontal disease, coronary heart syndrome diabetes and urinay malfunctions even cancer, all of which sound like very different diseases that are treated by a variety of medical specialists.
A new paradigm in health care is evolving, and with it a validation of complementary medicine ‘s approach to chronic disease that integrates lifestyle, environment, physical, structural, energy medicine, diet and personal growth. I will review with you the type of equipment that will best help you achieve your immediate as well as your long range goals. Energy medicine or subtle matter is used as a general term to refer to types of matter associated with our unseen higher energies. It views the body systems as interconnected and interdependent and treats them accordingly.
Macrobiotics, originating from Japan and introduced in the US by Mishio Kushi, is rich in Yin Yang ingredients and cooking recipees intended to treat the body and restore health by nutrition.
I have incorporated my mother Camilla's Mediterranean recipees such as stuffed grape leaves, meat or meat-less with rice-onion-garlic-oil-lemon-salt-parseley and tomato. THE TOMATO: The key to all protective carotenoid activity depends on carotenes and is underpinned by LYCOPENE (from Tomato). THE GRAPE: Anthocyanadins the flavonoids found in dark-skinned fruits - are potent antioxidants. THE OLIVE: Olive Oil - provides the most viable emulsifiers for Lycopene, without which it cannot be efficiently absorbed.
Five Element Cooking incorporates the flavors of : Bitter, sweet, pungeant, salt and sour. Stimulates circulation, increases glandular activity, promotes pore elimination, oxygenates skin tissue, stimulates hair growth, relieves itchy tight scalp, enhances professional preparations. A couple of minutes brushing with hand-held scenar device voids the bladder by an additional 40% and treats incontinence, as indicated by ultrasound measurements. Using the principles of the renowned Wilhelm Reich, scientists have developed a blanket that prevents the body's emissions from dissipating outwards. This hand-held tool comes with a set of 7 glass rods, each infused with natural dyes of different spectral colors (red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue and violet). Emotional trauma is stored in the body as cellular memory, often in early years of life where there are not even words to access it. Over the last few decades the practice of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine has rapidly gained recognition in the West.
Finely crushed herbs are stirred in with approximately 200ml of boiled water, much like instant coffee. End of the day, it’s up to you to decide which treatment form suits your needs and lifestyle best. Since 2003, we've focused on the true source of your symptoms in order to create fundamental changes in your total well-being. Just call us (02086 488 388) to find out whether we can help on your particular problem(s). Treat aches and pains neck, shoulder, lower back, headaches, neurological, urological, muscular, respiratory and emotional problems.
A team of Russian scientists took to task to understand the language of cells which is now the basis of Scenar technology. Visible responses include reddening of the skin, numbness, stickiness, and an increase in the electronic clattering of the device.
Their findings showed conclusively that the cell membrane uses (calcium) channels which control nutrition intake and waste output, responds to microcurrent stimulation. It eliminates overdoses, overstimulation, misuse and side effects, as it is compatible with the body's biological electric current. Reinhold Voll identifies specific spots on the skin that measure specific parts of the organism.

He showed that chronic disease is always accompanied by low voltage and reversal of polarity.
Karasev, Russia, refined the TENS technique by sending electric signals to the brains, and the first Scenar devices.
He used a radioactive marker, technetium 99m, which he injected into subjects at classic acupuncture points. He was able to show that the tracer migrated along the classic meridian lines, travelling quite quickly: a distance of 30 cm in 4-6 minutes. Their findings showed conclusively that the cell membrane, using (calcium) channels which control nutrition intake and waste output, responds to micro current stimulation. It places millions of molecules of oxygen onto the skin every minute, which together with anti-oxidants, is designed to retard, prevent and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, the complicated effects of aging, cellulite and post surgical wounds. The question of our age however is whether as a group their aetiologies have anything in common, and whether there is a connection of this shared aetiology to the philosophy and practice of complementary medicine.
It integrates body, mind, and spirit, leading to healing, wellbeing, expansion of consciousness and a passion for life. Mishio has led numerous macrobiotic workshops at my Awosting Retreat in the New York Catskills, and his macrobiotic students were always hired as Chefs and put in charge of the kitchen. They are the flavors of thecorresponding organs of heart, spleen, lungs, kidneys and liver.
Eberhart, called it "cellular massage and is one of the reasons why high frequency currents produce such a marked benefit on nutrition and metabolism." At these high frequencies and yet of such low current that they are scarcely felt and muscle contractions are not produced. Despite the advances in Western medicine, in China and many other Eastern countries TCM continues to be the favoured option for medical treatment. Methodically, a selection of herbs are chosen to suit your pattern of disharmony to help improve your condition and limit the chances of any side effects.
A process known as electroporation, rapid departure (detoxification) is stimulated, enhancing nutrition uptake.
Micro current therapy augments the body's own healing ability with no discomfort to the patient. Give Morris a call on (02) 4342-6639 for a FREE demonstration or a half price initial treatment. I often diagnose a patient's constitution and use food recipees to restore balance, health and well being. These waves easily penetrate superficial tissues, have a warming effect, reaching sluggish cells, helping them burn off toxins and cellulite.
In just 20 minutes the body can correct itself within the perfect micro-environment created by the blanket. It eliminates overdoses, over stimulation, misuse and side effects, as it is compatible with the body's energy systems . What this simple but helpful study proved beyond doubt is that meridians are definitely real 'vessels' but they conform to no macroscopic anatomical structures whatever.
Simplicity in application, absence of known complications, use it at home or in the work place for a daily stress relief, relaxation, sleep improvement, prevention of diseases and support in their treatment.
Once again, scientific testing has validated ancient wisdom and shown that the acupuncture meridians flow in one direction only - that which was described by the original Nei Ching text. Doctors have been using it to heal injured muscles, tendons, wounds and a myriad of injuries and ailments for the past fifteen years. The laws of five elements enable us to balance the body's energy system, helping the body to heal itself. Internal exchanges within the body have long been understood by medical practitioners, applying that knowledge has been slow in developing.
Take it with you when you travel, or to hospital, for pre and post surgery's accelerated healing and reduction of dependence on drugs.

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