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To prove and improve the efficiency of these medicines, Chinese government is spending huge amount of money to conduct further research. The Chinese traditional medicine practitioners use variety of Chinese herbs to treat diseases.
According to recent finding, these medicines are performing well to treat disease like leukemia from which many people suffer every year. Another traditional Chinese ingredient named “artemisinin” finds an effective way to treat malaria.
Apart from herbal formulations, other types of alternative medicines are available to treat chronic diseases. The Chinese traditional medicines are sources to formulation of new drugs, a news report confirmed recently. The traditional Chinese medicines help in circulating energy along with building internal power in the body.
The therapies of Chinese traditional medicine are not confined to China only, but its importance is rapidly spreading all across the world.
Guiding travel to India, China, Turkey, Bali, Egypt, Tibet, Nepal, Uzbekistan and the Holy Land since 1980. This 3-week internship is available for acupuncture physicians and students of Chinese Medicine, as well as others interested in this program. Friends and family members who do not have an interest in studying TCM are welcome to join our group. Gardens, the Dragon Well Park, The Tiger Spring, West Lake, The Flower Arbor, Baochu Pagoda, Ge Ling Taoist Monastery, the silk museum and market, and various tea gardens.We will also travel to the Yellow Mountains (Huang Shan) where generations of artists, monks and poets have immersed themselves in the splendor of some of ChinaOs most spectacular scenery. The government has introduced a series of policies to uplift the improvement and intensifying the education and promotion of traditional medicines.

The medicines use mixture of different parts of plants like leaves, roots, stems, flowers and seeds.
Another study confirmed that a traditional medicinal plant called thunder god vine has anti-cancer properties. For example, Arsenic trioxide shows effective results on cancer patients compared to those treated with normal chemotherapy. A new drug is under clinical trial at University of Minnesota, where the researchers are studying the effects of “triptolide” on pancreatic cancer. The internship is hosted by the Zhejiang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ZCTCM) in Hangzhou, China, one of the top three TCM colleges in the world. The cost is $ 4450 USD,* which includes pre- trip and arrival orientation, double occupancy accommodations (single rooms are available for an additional charge), breakfasts, 11 scheduled dinners, medical translators, full tuition and certification from the Zhejiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, graduation ceremony and banquet, and guided sightseeing in Hangzhou, Huangshan and Shanghai. Intern hours will be supervised and monitored during the trip and interns will only receive credit for the hours they participate in.
Many medical institutes of top universities have improved the research ability in this area.
These medicines are also combined in formulas to administer as capsules, teas, liquid extracts, powders and granules. It also cleans and supports kidney function, which is a source of reproductive energy in oriental medicine. The combination of herbs promotes healthy blood circulation while acting on stomach, spleen and liver energy. ZCTCM has three affiliated hospitals and four outpatient clinics that see thousands of patients each day.
Not included are the international air flight (we can help you find cheap air tickets), visa, taxis, lunches, some dinners, beverages and personal items.

However, the trip offers the opportunity to intern for 65 hours and therefore there is some flexibility built into the program for the interns. There is natural balance between two forces namely yang and yin helping a person to stay fit. Every year the government will conduct seminar with doctors and experts to facilitate its development and settle the problems together. The internship provides an intensive training, working in small groups of 2 to 3 interns, and participants will receive a certificate from ZCTCM commemorating their achievement.Participants may choose to focus their internship from a list of specialties such as gynecology, fertility, weight loss, dermatology, digestive disorders, muscular skeletal problems, rheumatology, migraine, facial rejuvenation, point injection, needling technique and others. Please inquire about discounted rates for friends and family members not participating in the internship program. The imbalance caused by any external or internal source will result a person suffering from a disease. The theory also laid emphasis on functioning of human body in context of five elements of nature like fire, earth, wood, water and metal, when a person is suffering from any disease.
In China, dong quai is use to relief menopausal symptoms, like dryness, low libido and night’s sweats.
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