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We believe an adjustment should never be forced and should be delivered with just enough effort to make the necessary correction.
Our doctors integrate soft tissue manipulation techniques into their treatments, as they feel appropriate for patient recovery. Thorsen Chiropractic has many physiotherapy modalities to properly fit the needs of each individual patient. We truly believe that exercise and movement correction is no different that brushing your teeth or showering.
Our philosophy with nutrition is much in line with our beliefs behind exercise and activity modification. Whether you're a competitive athlete, or just looking to improve your overall general health, dietary intake plays an integral part in achieving an optimal health status. The Eleatic philosopher Zeno, writing almost 2500 years ago, famously propounded several paradoxes purportedly proving that various conceptions of the physical universe were false. At various times, all of us are occupied to a greater or lesser extent with activities of daily living that require physical exertion. The ultra, high-tech world depicted in the popular television series “Star Trek,” is what many may envision when thinking of the future. Long ago, in the American West, settlers from the eastern seaboard would describe having yearned for the "far country".
Being able to distinguish between a good pain and a not-so-good pain is critically important for all of us who engage in regular vigorous exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle. We're all familiar with the highway driving experience of being behind a person who is continually braking for no apparent reason. The musculoskeletal system and the viscera or internal organs can in a sense be thought of as two sides of the same coin. The traditional chiropractic view is that biological function is a manifestation of living structure.
Professional chiropractors at Chicago and Oak Park clinics of Advanced Physical Medicine are looking forward to helping you regain or maintain optimum health. Like other health practitioners, chiropractors follow a standard routine to secure the information we need for diagnosis and treatment.
We also conduct a postural and spinal analysis, because vertebral dysfunction may alter many important body functions by affecting the nervous system and causing a skeletal imbalance, which in turn, can cause pain or lower resistance to disease. The Chiropractic Doctors of Advanced Physical Medicine are Chicago's experts at locating and analyzing improper placement of the vertebrae and correcting subluxations, enabling the body to return to its proper alignment.

Whether you have experienced a small or serious accident, have suffered whiplash, suffer from ongoing lower back pain, neck pain, headache, or have signs of carpal tunnel syndrome, you need to schedule a consultation with one of our doctors today. Also, if you live around Oak Park, learn more about our West Suburban Chiropractic and Acupuncture services.
Schedule a Consultation With One of Our Doctors and Get Started on Your Way to Pain-Free Life. Chiropractic treatment for neck pain along with spinal adjustments, spinal manipulations and ultrasound is non-invasive and drug-free therapy. When you visit a chiropractor, the first thing he wants to know is the duration and intensity of the pain. Usually, mild to moderate pain is short-term result of improper posture or inattention while performing the daily activities, whereas, severe pain is the result of congenital defect such as scoliosis, an injury from a recent accident or progressive age-related deterioration. Chiropractic treatment for neck pain mainly consists of spinal manipulations and spinal adjustments. Spinal adjustments and spinal manipulations can fix subluxations, increase circulation, relieve pain in your soft tissues, and stimulate your body’s nervous system. Chiropractors use same diagnostic indicators as medical practitioners to differentiate types of neck problems. If you cannot get any relief with spinal manipulations, spinal adjustments or ultrasound, then your therapist recommends using an ice pack on your neck to further control the inflammation. Once you get relief from neck pain with chiropractic treatment, then your therapist can recommend you diet, exercise, or changes in your lifestyle to increase your range of motion, prevent painful relapses and strengthen muscles. Some chiropractors even suggest sitting on an exercise ball chair when working to help with the posture.
We also have massage therapists on staff for those cases requiring more extensive soft tissue therapy.
Our physicians and rehabilitative specialists are certified and trained to give you a proper functional evaluation, create an effective and efficient individual exercise prescription, and help guide you, as it becomes a part of your lifestyle. Our goal is to help every patient achieve a fulfilling and happy lifestyle full of the activities they enjoy most. Chiropractic approach stresses your overall wellness, recognizing the many factors that affect it, including exercise, diet, rest, environment, and heredity. On your first visit, we'll take your medical history, conduct physical, neurological, and orthopedic examinations, and may order laboratory tests. This is key in correcting the "vertebral subluxation complex," which can interfere with your body's normal functioning and long-term health.

Sometimes, pain is merely a mild nuisance, but severe pain can lead to serious impairment of your everyday activities. The usage of indicators and what happens during a cervical adjustment helps to increase knowledge of the indications and restrictions of chiropractic care for neck conditions. It works by helping to increase blood circulation, which again reduces stiffness, swelling, and painful muscle spasms. You can get this cold therapy at your home and it acts as a wonderful supplement to chiropractic treatment for neck pain. Eliminating pain and discomfort will often times set the stage that allows our skilled clinicians to further evaluate musculoskeletal function and its contributory role to the generation of injury.
We recognize that each of our patient is a whole person, and helping them reach true health and wellness is a collaborate effort between themselves and our professionals.
Chiropractors provide natural, drugless, non-surgical health treatments and rely on the body's inherent recuperative abilities. We have found that X-rays and other diagnostic images are important tools because of our emphasis on the spine and its proper functioning. Ultrasound machine produces sound waves and are released deep into the muscle tissues and they create a gentle therapeutic heat. As Chiropractic Physicians, we typically diagnose and treat patients whose health problems are associated with the body's muscular, nervous, and skeletal systems. In addition we counsel you about nutrition, exercise, stress management, and other wellness concepts.
The first thing that most people consider in neck pain is pain medications, but they pose various side effects. In your treatment protocol, we may recommend changes in your lifestyle and, on occasion, consult with and refer you to other health practitioners we have on staff. Baker are both former athletes and coaches, having given evidence-based nutritional recommendations to athletes, children, adolescents, adults and elderly individuals. Baker are both licensed as primary-care physicians in the State of Oregon, allowing them to provide accurate dietary recommendations to assist in recovery from injury, as well as performance enhancement.
Our other rehabilitative and performance enhancement specialists can provide equally as valuable information in regards to performance and wellness.

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