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Dieses Internetportal soll allen Betroffenen, die an einer der drei Chlamydien-Erkrankung C.
Bedenken Sie bitte: Ein Forum lebt vor allen Dingen davon, dass moglichst viele User sich austauschen und Wissenswertes beitragen.
JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. I have been prescribed antibiotics fromilid (Clarithromycinum), and I should be taking them for 3 weeks.
Make sure you get re-checked by a physician (especially if you don't improve) after taking the meds. If it's not dormant (Which obviously it's not because you're sick) you can always try ElectroMagnetic pulse. The EB is not biologically active, but is resistant to environmental stresses and can survive outside a host for a limited time. The EB travels from an infected person to the lungs of an uninfected person in small droplets and is responsible for infection. However, the EB is not destroyed by fusion with lysosomes, as is typical for phagocytosed material. The reticulate bodies must use some of the host's cellular metabolism to complete its replication.
The reticulate bodies then convert back to elementary bodies and are released back into the lung, often after causing the death of the host cell.
The EBs are thereafter able to infect new cells, either in the same organism or in a new host. This was a good read, it explains alot about the process and where it can lead if you do not get treated properly, BOOST your immune system etc. I have had great success with the pulsing and like I said my liver AST and ALT have gone down along with my enzymes.

Thanks, what I have is not sexually transmitted disease, it is kind pneumonia, which infects lungs. And how does one use and prepare colloidal silver btw?how much does it cost and where can it be bought? I found one testimonial (just one), where a 50 yr old guy was taking it, once he stopped, it started coming back (he got a relapse). I would check the Colloidal Gold Colloidal Silver forum on how to make it perfect so you dont get the blues. Good luck and if you need help message me because apparently we promote pharma on this forum when in fact it's probably the worse stuff to use.
The Above Top Secret Web site is a wholly owned social content community of The Above Network, LLC. Deshalb ware es schon, wenn sich moglichst viele Betroffene auch aktiv am Chlamydien-Forum beteiligen und nicht nur lesen! I would try the colloidal silver, but I am still very afraid of what it could possibly cause.
The reason why is because you can use an adapter (It's 9volt battery powered) and make Colloidal silver from this. Chlamydia, Herpes, Aids (Not saying you do) the cleansing will help you to remove the toxins.
If you completely cure something and it's not dormant it could come back if you reinfect yourself. The opinions of our members are not those of site ownership who maintains strict editorial agnosticism and simply provides a collaborative venue for free expression. M., 2000, Genome sequences of Chlamydia trachomatis MoPn and Chlamydia pneumoniae AR-39, Nucleic Acid Res. N., 1991, Nucleotide sequence and taxonomic value of the major outer membrane protein gene of Chlamydia pneumoniae IOL-207, J.

B., 1990, Muramic acid is not detectable in Chlamydia psittaci or Chlamydia trachomatis by gas chromatography mass spectrometry, Infect. P., 1966, Structure of purified cell walls of dense forms of meningopneumonitis organisms, J. P., 1967, Preparation and chemical composition of the cell membranes of developmental reticulate forms of meningopneumonitis organisms, J.
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A., 1995, Inhibition of Chlamydia pneumoniae growth in HEp-2 cells pretreated with gamma interferon and tumor necrosis factor alpha, Infect. P., 1970, Electron microscopic observations on the effects of penicillin on the morphology of Chlamydia psittaci, J. H., 2000, Chlamydial development is adversely affected by minor changes in amino acid supply, blood plasma amino acid levels, and glucose deprivation, Infect. T., 2001, Characterization of Chlamydia pneumoniae persistence in HEp-2 cells treated with gamma interferon, Infect.
P., 1994, Repeated and persistent infection with Chlamydia and the development of chronic inflammation and disease, Trends Microbiol.

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