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Figure 2 : Chlamydia pneumoniae [mdash] an infectious risk factor for atherosclerosis? Figure 1 : Chlamydia pneumoniae [mdash] an infectious risk factor for atherosclerosis? Figure 3 : Chlamydia pneumoniae [mdash] an infectious risk factor for atherosclerosis? Chlamydia pneumoniae is a species of Chlamydophilia bacteria that infects humans and is a main cause of pneumonia.
Evidence was collected by polymerase chain reaction (PCR), immunocytochemical (ICC) staining, and electron microscopy, which have detected C.

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Instead the EB differentiates to form a reticulate body (RB) (2), which then replicates by binary fission (3) to form a mature inclusion.
Persistence might occur at this stage in cases of immune stress when RB cells adopt a non-replicating, non-infectious persistent form, shown as an orange cell (4). Otherwise the RBs re-differentiate into EBs (5), and are released by lysis of the host cell, after which other cell types can be infected.

The organism was found in tissues of male and female study participants of different ages and ethnic groups. The table shows the source of specimens, the artery in which the bacteria infected, the type of specimen that was observed, and the percent of atherosclerotic tissue(tissue infected).

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