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You can order a chlamydia test kit online (it'll arrive in discrete packaging) from here really easily. This could be from a recent or previous sexual partner, and even if you have been in a relationship for sometime, how do you know that neither of you had been in contact with Chlamydia prior to getting together? You may not want a Chlamydia test at this time, but it is always useful to know where and how you can obtain a test if your views change. After reading this information we think it is likely most people in the screening age group will opt to have a test, as it is easy, free, confidential and all we need is a wee sample. If you are put off having a test because you do not want to attend a clinic or health setting – you can ring for a postal testing pack and do the test yourself from home in privacy.

This NHS programme invites all men and women aged 24 and under to regular Chlamydia Testing. University of Bath spin-out biotechnology company Atlas Genetics has won approval from the EU to sell a device that detects the sexually transmitted disease chlamydia.
The Atlas io system allows infectious diseases to be detected and identified in less than 30 minutes, meaning patients can be tested and treated within a single brief visit to the clinic. The World Health Organization estimates that 499 million new sexually transmitted infections (STIs) occur each year -- this new diagnostic tool, could soon be helping to win the fight against the spread of these diseases.
The technology for the test is based on chemistry research led by Professor Chris Frost and Dr Toby Jenkins in the University's Department of Chemistry.

The system uses DNA probes with bespoke electrochemical tags attached to accurately detect for infectious diseases.
This system has significant benefits over existing diagnostic tests, allowing for faster results.

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