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This is Steven Salzberg's blog on genomics, pseudoscience, medical breakthroughs, higher education, and other topics, including skepticism about unscientific medical practices. Being homeopathic, these ingredients are highly dilute, but I think I’ll pass on Coldcalm. When my daughter told her friends she had a cold, they wanted to know why she didn’t go to the doctor. UnknownNovember 21, 2014 at 1:59 AMIf we have fever and not visit the doctor thinking it is a common cold viral infection, then if it turns out to be something else, we would be labelled as fools. Here's where I can say what I really think about abuses and distortions of science, wherever I see them. Unlike real drugs, though, Zicam has not been evaluated by the FDA for effectiveness or safety. Interestingly, there have been a few experiments on this extract, some of which showed a small positive effect. Taking antibiotics unnecessarily can be bad for you: besides wiping out your gut flora, it increases the risk that bacteria will develop drug resistance.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of the doctor alone to diagnose the malady and treat appropriately.
But to judge from the products offered at our pharmacies, you’d think there were dozens of options to treat a cold.
Zinc is tricky, because there is some evidence to suggest that taking zinc right at the onset of a cold might shorten its duration a little bit, from 7 days to 6. You can find this in the cold remedy section many pharmacies (I did), but Airborne doesn’t cure anything.
Okay, these are real medicine, and you can’t buy them over the counter at your pharmacy. Perhaps if we changed the name to "antibacterials," doctors would stop prescribing them for viruses. Our family doctor recently asked my wife to finish a course of antibiotics for her cough after a few days of flu accompanied by fever. It’s a cleverly marketed vitamin supplement with no scientific support for any health benefits.

And remember: homeopathic preparations are so dilute that they contain little, and sometimes none, of the active ingredient.
He had earlier diagnosed me with stomach infection and had put me on an antibiotics course when my symptoms were similar to cold. Terence Davidson from UC San Diego explained, if you look at the more rigorous studies, the effect vanishes. Actually, Airborne paid $23 million back in 2008 to settle a class-action lawsuit over its advertising.
Zicam's nasal spray and gel versions were linked to a serious loss of the sense of smell (anosmia), which led the FDA to issue a warning letter in 2009.

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