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The cold sores should never be touched without washing the hands properly with an anti bacterial soap. To get relief from the burning sensation and redness some ice cubes can be applied directly on the sores.
Tea tree oil has got analgesic properties which helps to provide relief from the pain associated with cold sores. Foods rich in Vitamin B12 like yogurt, salmon, eggs, milk, cheese and mussels should be consumed. Natural home remedies - fat free recipes, Home remedies for diseases are natural and homemade, so generally these are cheaper, milder, cleaner and have fewer side effects than medical treatments.. Home remedies mouth ulcers – natural herbal treatments, A mouth ulcer is a painful sore in the mouth.

15 effective home remedies curing mouth ulcers, Are finding difficulty eating drinking due painful mouth ulcers??
Home remedies mouth sores home remedies , Besides, follow natural home remedies mouth sores, maintain proper oral hygiene honey, tomato juice, banana, melon, cucumber, spring onions. They are also known as fever blisters as they are small blister like substances and are accompanied by cold and fever in most of the cases.
However the blisters should not be touched frequently as it will lead to infections and worsen the condition. To treat the red and inflamed sores some pieces of garlic have to be rubbed gently on the cold sores. It is therefore effective in dealing with Herpes Simplex Virus which is the root cause of cold sores.

Ointments having lemon balm as an active ingredient are particularly useful for treating such sores.
But to get relief from the swelling and pain one can use some simple natural remedies that help to heal the sores quickly.

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