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It's hard to tell, the easiest way to idenify cold sores is if they form mulitple white heads in the same area. Please help spread the word about The Regimen by making a YouTube video, Facebooking or Tweeting. Can allergies, trauma, canker sores, sunburn, cold sores, insect bites, angioedema, ingrown hair or pimple make your lips to swell?
A couple of days ago I noticed a two small lumps on my upper lip line and I believed they were pimples. What about the case of sudden unexplained lip swelling overnight or when you wake up in the morning? However, I'm not so sure anymore and I think it might be a cold sore, but I have no idea how I could have ended up with one because I've never had one before and never kissed anyone with one.
The most I've done is drink out of the same bottle as someone with a closed, healing one, but I don't think that could be the origin. Do you think Accutane may have contributed to this and do you think it's a cold sore or a pimple? I use aquaphor liberally every night and numerous other chapsticks during the day since if I don't my lips will bleed but I have no idea if that did anything. Today, we are focusing on what can cause a swollen lip (on one spot, upper, lower or both). Swollen lower lipSymptoms and signs of a swollen lipThe most common symptom of a swollen lip is the distention (fattening or enlargement) which might be painful (hurts) or itchy at times.

In extreme cases, this enlargement might make drinking, talking, eating or mouth opening difficult.Other symptoms  that might accompany a swollen lip include blistering, chapping, pain, redness, numbness, headache, chills, pus (yellow or with dark pus), watery eyes, itchy eyes, runny nose, a discolored lip, and fatigue among many others that will be tied to the specific cause of lip swelling.What are the swollen lip causes or why is my lip swollenWhen you suddenly have a lip swelling, it is normal to wonder why your lip is swollen and what could have caused it? It is good to ensure you know the root cause and get proper treatment.So, what are some of the common reasons for lip swelling or what could be behind that swollen lip you have?Swollen lip allergic reactionA swollen lip is a common symptom for a number of allergic reactions to various allergens that include certain foods, pet dander, pollen grains, some lip care products and other allergens.
Allergic reaction swollen lip pictureWhen caused by allergy, you are likely to have a sudden lip swelling that can be mild or severe after you come in contact with the allergen. Furthermore, some of the allergic reaction symptoms might affect other parts of your body especially the eyes, cheeks, mouth, tongue, face and nose areas. Food allergiesSome common foods that might cause allergic reactions that will culminate to a lip that is swollen among other symptoms include nuts, strawberries, mushrooms, egg whites, fish, sesame seeds, shellfish, and dairy products.2. LatexDirect latex contact can cause skin irritation and consequently an allergic reactions. Therefore, if your lips touch latex, it is common to expect swollen and itchy lips that can at times have rashes. Letting balloons, children toys, gloves and other products made from latex come in contact with your lips can is one way you can end up with swollen lip.3. Penicillin allergyThis will cause a swollen lip that is accompanied by a rash, itching and hives. Lip care products allergiesThe various lip care products such as lipsticks, lib balms, chap sticks, lip glosses might contain ingredients you are allergic to.
The problem has a prevalence between 5% and 8% in children, while in adults it is much lower, standing at about 1-2%.

Furthermore, too much stress and infection can cause angioedema.Stomatitis and lip infectionsStomatitis is a general terminology that refers to a sore and inflamed mouth and lips that often affect someone’s ability to talk, eat or sleep well. A number of viral, fungi, bacterial infections and other conditions is what causes stomatitis with common causes being canker sores, cold sores, angular cheilitis, as well as general lip irritations.1.
Herpes simplex virus or cold Sores cold soresHerpes simplex, specifically the herpes type 1 also known as oral herpes or cold sores is known to cause sores and blistered lip swelling around your mouth and lips. They often results to a swollen lip when they are is on your inner or outer lip.Canker sores are also painful, have a tingling feeling, and last between 5-10 days.
Furthermore, they do not come with fever but you might have other symptoms such as swollen lymph nodes, fever, physical sluggishness, etc.3.
Angular Cheilitis or angular stomatitisAngular cheilitis also known as angular stomatitis refers to an inflammation on typically both the corners your mouth but can at times affect one mouth corner.
CellulitisThis is a bacterial skin infection which when it affects the skin around your lips, the infection can cause swelling.Lip and mouth traumaThe other common cause is trauma on your mouth and lips. Besides UV sunlight, a dry, windy and arid weather condition conditions can cause lip licking, peeling and swelling.
This often affects lip corners.Lip swelling from a pimple Caused by a huge pimple on lipSevere lip pimple or bump can cause a random lip swelling especially on the spots where the pimple is or one side of the lip where the pimple is.

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