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KC10Tanker posted 16 June 2010 01:13 PMHide PostJust an update, last night after I brushed my teeth, the white thing fell out, it was very hard not squishy at all. Abreva Conceal is a clear, non-medicated, side effect free patch with MicroAir technology that allows air in, but keeps contaminants out. The patch actually feels pretty comfortable, which is surprising for a sticker on your face!
About: Abreva Conceal is a clean, non-medicated patch for cold sores that allows air in, yet protective enough to keep contaminants out. DRTVrMoi { As another Philly girl of a certain age, I've pondered whether injectables would be part of my future.
Salivary gland stones are most common in the ductal system of submandibular glands and are calcified. I was so scared there yesterday when all I knew was I had a lump on my neck and a bump in my mouth!!!Everything has returned to normal rather quickly, It feels a tiny bit tender when I push on my lymph node area but it is all in all gone, no discomfort felt at all today. You took a bad time to feel lumps, given the holidays and everyone not at their normal routines. Especially considering that it’s estimated that six in ten people carry the virus that causes them.

Makeup would irritate them, and as anyone who has picked a pimple knows, it’s very hard to hide the dry, bumpy surface of a scab.
Meaning, your cold sore is protected and you’ve got a smooth surface that you can apply makeup on to hide it.
Following the instructions (peel area 1, then 2, to reveal the small adhesive-tabbed patch) center the Abreva Conceal over your cold sore and press for 15 to 20 seconds to assure it stays in place.
As mentioned above, it wore for a longer period when the patch had clean contact with my skin.
It seems cold sores (and pimples) always seem to pop up for the big events; at the exact time you least want to see them!
And I’m wondering if these brilliant little cover ups could be used over them as well? I'd make a dentist appt first thing in the morning, advising the scheduler that you think it's an emergency. Since they’re non-medicated, I think they could be a god-send for times you just want to cover that sucker up!
More at: Sialolithiasis (Salivary Duct Stones) Now that the stone has discharged, things should get better.

Dentists usually fit you in, no matter how they're booked.I haven't had your problem so I can't give you any meaningful answers, but am sure someone will come along with some info for you. She was so horribly embarrassed by them that it wasn’t uncommon for her to avoid social situations when one popped up.
Concealer worked like a spackle that allowed me to build a thin base that took down the shine of the patch, where as foundation was too slippery. If your cold sore is in the center of it, you won’t need to conceal anything there anyway.
My personal experience was about four, which included a meal and a couple of pecks from the hubby in the name of testing science.

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